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This addon extends Real3D Flipbook for WordPress by adding new options for flipbook Edit cadet. It requires Real3D Flipbook WordPress plugin état 3.23 or greater installed and activated.

Page Editor for Real3D Flipbook - 1

With this addon you can add links, videos, sounds and embed codes to flipbook cadet. Each element is draggable and resizable so you can easily appréciation the elements. This addon also enables en direct preview of cadet HTML béat.

Available elements

  • Links to external URL or internal cadet
  • Audio mp3 with controls
  • Video mp4 with controls
  • Embed iframe URL or embed chiffre for Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud etc

Addon Bundle

Real3D FlipBook Addon Bundle is a paquet that contains all 6 addons

  • PDF Tools Addon
  • Feuillet Editor Addon
  • Book Shelf Addon
  • Elementor Addon
  • WPBakery Addon
  • WooCommerce addon

for only $39

Real3D Flipbook for WordPress

The most powerful PDF & portrait viewer for your website!

Real3D Flipbook displays your PDF-s or images as ultra realistic 3D flipbooks inside your website. No éclair needed, 100% HTML5. Easy to use. Customizable UI. Customizable flipbooks.. Fully responsive, optimized for prompt. Single cadet view, deep linking, conversationnelle pages, PDF text search, PDF hyperlinks, unlimited books and pages, lightbox and much more


What Buyers Say

[five stars]
Amazing: fast, good esthétique, functional, friendly étai!
– luisbalboa-creativeworks

[five stars]
After trying around 5 other plugins, Real 3D Flipbook stands out as the best one for many reasons. Among them: the quality of the plugin esthétique, the variety of options available, and above all, the wonderful technical étai from the developer, who helped me a lot to achieve the best results for my website.
– atef_wagih

[five stars]
Easy to use – and it`s looking absolute fascinating …

Well done – good job !!!
– 4XSetUps

[five stars]

This really is an amazing plugin. But the best thing emboîture it is that the author continues to improve it, étai it and generally make it better and better and better. Thank you!
– anneboleynfiles

[five stars]
An extraordinaire plugin, modulable, with the added guelte of having great étai.
Easily the best dénouement for flipbooks for wordpress !
– JaimBateman

[five stars]
After purchasing another plugin for flipbooks that was a aliment to work with I was already pretty doubting if I should purchase this. However it turns out to be good, easy and fast in use!! It can work with copieux PDF’s en you not have to buy another seperate plugin for that purpose. Furthermore it has a great overview over the books and last but not least my PDF’s are shown in a great way on the parage.
– Jip1980

Optimized for prompt. Separate options for prompt. Soutien for dynamic HTML béat on pages. Comes with pluriel view modes and automatic fallbacks. It is a précoce product that offers the best reading experience on all platforms and devices. All future updates are free. Naissance files and dossier included.

Easy to use

Creating flipbooks is fast and easy, just upload your PDF or images and insertion the shortcode into your post or cadet.
Many settings can be changed via shortcode parameters. Single shortcode can be used to display pluriel PDF-s. Easy move to another server with export / importation.

Flipbook from PDF

Display PDF-s directly in your website! Râper can view your PDF-s without downloading them, and without leaving your parage. PDF pages are rendered one by one, so ronger can start reading the PDF before écrit is fully loaded. Tasseaux internal and external links. All links inside the PDF will automatically work inside the flipbook. Tasseaux text selection and text search with keyword highlighting

Flipbook from images

You can create flipbook also from images. Images can be landscape or figure, single cadet or inquiétant cadet with cover as single cadet.

Realistic WebGL flipbook

Real3D Flipbook uses Javascript 3D library three.js to create ultra realistic 3D flipbooks with cadet bending, shiny pages, lights and shadows. This allows you to customize the flipbook in great detail. You can brouillé cadet thickness, metalness and roughness, shadow darkness, camera équerre, camera zoom, édulcorant color and appréciation. You can also enable / disable lights, shadows and antialiasing.

CSS 3D & 2D flipbook

Ultra fast and lightweight flipbook made with CSS3, without use of WebGL. If your priority is fast cadet loding and high geste then CSS flipbook is the best premium.

Swipe book

Touch friendly swipe coutume can be used only on prompt or as default viewer. Swipe coutume displays histoires with oblique swipe instead of flip, which is more natural on prompt devices. Swipe coutume detects screen size and intention to display single cadet or inquiétant cadet typage.

Customize UI

Real3D Flipbook fits perfectly in any theme parce que you can customize the ronger liaison completely. You can brouillé grêle colors, button colors, shape, size, localiser, shadows and hide buttons you don’t need.
Each grêle button can be positioned left, right or center, top or bottom. Top and bottom grêle bars can be full width, centered or dentelé. Buttons on dentelé grêle bar can have different esthétique then regular buttons. Order of buttons is customizable. Choose from 3 predefined skins and 4 predefined UI layouts. Choose between Font Awesome and Material icons sets. Use advanced UI options to further customize everything.

Customize flipbooks

Create flipbook that fits your béat perfectly by customizing anything from cadet flip speed, cadet flip sound, papar thickness, camera équerre, lights, cadet shininess, cadet metalness, zoom levels end much more.

Embed modes

Lightbox (fullscreen overlay)

With lightbox coutume you can put a text link or an portrait link anywhere on your parage and by clicking on a link the flipbook will be opened in a lightbox. This way you can have pluriel books / gazettes / brochures on the same cadet.

Responsive (boxed)

Responsive coutume creates a flipbook with optional size that can be put anywhere inside a cadet or post.


With Fullscreen coutume the flipbook will cover the entire cadet, with premium to be below the cadet cabotage.


NEW – Bookshelf


Bookshelf addon enables you to create responsive fully customizable shelves for Real3D Flipbooks. Shelf is highly customizable – you can choose metal, wood or verre shelf or use your own custom shelf portrait. It can also be used to create a grid with flipbook covers (without a shelf). You can also customize cover size, cover shadow, shelf contexte color, cover align, margin and padding.

WPBakery Feuillet Builder

Integrate Real3D Flipbook with Visual marier using Real3D Flipbook for WPBakery Feuillet Builder (formerly Visual Procréer) Addon Addon enables you to add / edit flipbooks as Visual marier elements.

More features

Optimized for prompt

Real3D flipbook works well on all platforms – desktop & prompt. The default WebGL coutume offers realistic 3D cadet flip animations with cadet bending, lights and shadows. This coutume is supported on desktop browsers. There is faculté CSS3D coutume that uses only CSS3 animations. There is also the Single cadet coutume can be used as default or can be used only on prompt devices.

Conversationnelle béat inside flipbook

You can add any HTML béat to flipbook pages. You can create conversationnelle pages with links, buttons, videos, music players, iframes or anything that is admissible with html css and javasctipt. Create video albums, boîte books with conversationnelle pages, gazettes with links, videos and music…

Menu of béat

Create custom multi-level laraire of béat. Tasseaux also PDF outline (laraire of béat embedded in PDF décampé).

Unlimited flipbooks

You can create unlimited number of books that can be placed anywhere on your website.

Managing flipbooks

You can edit, duplicate and delete books from your library. You can also export all books to JSON. Duplicate function allows you to create template flipbooks so you can fast create new flipbooks by duplicating the template.

Shortcode parameters

Shortcode crémaillères number of different parameters for even easier use. Use same shortcode to display different PDF-s.

Single cadet view

Flipbook typage can be changed based on the device original. Besides the normalisé inquiétant cadet view, there is a single cadet view that can be used either on prompt devices or both on desktop and prompt. Single cadet view offers better reading experience on smaller screens but still keeps the 3D flipping effect and shadows.

Right to left coutume

Right to left flipbook for eastern countries. Flipbook starts from the right and pages are in reverse order.

Deep linking

Link to specific cadet from the URL, for example open book at page 2

Free Updates

All future updates are free for all buyers. You just need to redownload the plugin from Codecanyon to get the latest état. When updating to latest état all your current flipbooks will remain saved.


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Feuillet Editor for Real3D Flipbook

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