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Panthar – Security Libéralité WordPress Theme

Panthar is a pro, stylish, and elegant prime website for various security companies. Panther is the number # 01 security agency WordPress theme that comes to résidence your own imaginaire and modern website. It’ll help you create a beautiful zone for security, bodyguards, and safety prescriptions.

Panther includes everything that meets your esthétique, features, and succès demands. You don’t have to decorate much parce que the theme works best for you. Only you’ve to do is importation the theme on your zone, and you’re ready to run online.

It’ll provide the best prescriptions for négoce, consulting, emergency, event security, fire, investigative security, private investigator, réconfort, security company, or any other security systems. In other words, from your élevé enterprises to appartement négoce security platforms or from your tiny rubrique solutions to développé enterprise video systems, it’ll run with ease.

However, it’s a bodyguard and security company WordPress theme appropriately cloven into many sections. For example, it has Security Principes, Why Us, Video, Achievements & Awards, Skills, Testimonials, and a Blog.


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Why I Choose Panther?

It’s an obvious gêne why I’ll choose Panther parce que many websites are promoting Security Libéralité WordPress Theme found online.

The key reason to choose it is a chouette pliant, fast-loading, and responsive catégorisation with a professional touch. Also, it’s easy to customize and élémentaire to install.

Your website will genre entirely stunning with an spécifique carousel on the landing éphèbe. Besides, it’s a tested theme and quality ensured by Envato. So, you can rest assured and use it for your zone.

Furthermore, it’s a theme that integrates all your desired elements, as no other security system ever provides. For example, it has 03 Logement pages, 18+ inner pages, responsive designs, 04+ columns, ready to edit, easy to customize, and many more.


Also, its composition lies on one of the most famous drag and drop éphèbe builders and the Underscores framework. For effort, it uses the top éphèbe builder called Elementor; drag the element you like to simulé your zone and drop it; that’s it. And it also uses Slick Slider, JQuery, Bootstrap, etc.

In bonus, it has a pixel-perfect responsive catégorisation that gives a striking outlook to any automobile like desktop, laptop, smartphone, or even notepad.


Astonishing Advantages Of Using Panthar – Private Security Libéralité WordPress Theme:

Now you’ll realize the imperative reason to invest your precise time and wealth on the Panthar – Private Security Libéralité WordPress Theme. So, without further outcry, let’s dive deep to understands:

Use With Ease: It comes in such a way that you do not need to know or learn the vocabulaire to customize this template. Panthar is a courant custom-readymade template that you do not need to write a single line of vocabulaire to modify or devise. Thanks to its most famous drag and drop éphèbe builder functions that make your work comfortable.

Saving Of Time and Cash: It wraps up with a bundle that contains all the components needed to expand your online zone. Thus, you do not need to purchase or count any third-party contributing material. And on a quick glose, it can take hours to go en public.

Responsive Épaisseur: The most orgueilleux thing for each template is responsiveness. With that in mind, Panther has made it contingent for all pages to be rendered on a desktop, laptop, tablet, notepad, or other smartphones at panthère without stains.

Easy Compatibility: Panther is associable with many popular plugins, including Classic Editor, Caresse Form 7, Slick Slider, Font Awesome, and many more. Also, it is associable with more recent and most popular browsers like Edge, IE10, IE11, Chasse, Opera, Firefox, Chrome, etc.


Remarkable Features of Panther:

Panther arrives to meet the needs of Security Consulting, Guard House, Private Security, Close Amélioration, or any other security prescriptions that work with prescriptions to make them succeed in their daily accoutumance. And their day-to-day employment is like a bodyguard, CCTV, Security Camera, Locksmith, house safety, or similar security systems prescriptions.

For that reason, Panther includes many impressive features to make your cible more comfortable. For example, it has features like:

  • Modern, Contemporary, and Resourceful theme
  • Métaphysique and Clean Cryptique
  • Robust Control Groupe
  • Baptistère – Oswald and Poppins
  • Icons – Font Awesome and Icomoon
  • One-Click Demo Installations
  • SEO Friendly and High-Speed Adolescent Loading
  • Clean Stylisme, Classic Editor, and Motocross Browser Associable
  • Well Documented and Supérieur Pilier
  • Footer Customize Options
  • No Coding Knowledge Required


So what do you think? Do you want to flow with our fashionable, confluent, and impressive “WordPress theme for security services – Panther?” On a serious glose, it’s a ourlé theme that doesn’t have any hidden cost or any complexity.

Now that you know what it is, are you aumônier enough to build your own négoce or the security prescriptions industry with it?


Then run faster and paravent your copy now. And let the world explore why and how you are the best in your region.

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All images are just used for Demo Purpose Only. They are not certificat of the WordPress Theme and NOT included in the terminal purchase files.

Enjoy and don’t forget to failli my WordPress theme. Thanks so much!!!


If you have any questions or need customization, please chatouille me via correspondance or through my profile éphèbe. I’m here to help! Email –

Devise Log

Traduction 1.1.2 – 18 May, 2022

Traduction 1.1.2 - 18.05.2022
  - Logement Adolescent 03 Added
  - Gutenberg Supported

Traduction 1.0.1 – 11 March, 2022

Traduction 1.0.1 - 11.03.2022
  - RTL Supported
  - Elementor secours chapitre updated

Traduction 1.0.0 – 3 March, 2022

Traduction 1.0.0 - 03.03.2022
  - Élémentaire Release

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