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Pinterest drives more traffic than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined. This is why we have actually coded this plugin that will certainly pin photos from your blog posts instantly to

Just set up and also neglect your Pinterest account as Pinterest Automatic will certainly do all the pinning help you.

Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin - 1

Key Features

Pin unrestricted variety of photos: Pinterest Automatic can pin from one photo to all photos from the blog posts straight to your Pinterest account.

Bulk Pin: Posts can be queued for pinning wholesale. Select the wanted blog posts, and also the plugin will certainly pin them individually according to the established routine. Number of photos to pin per blog post can be established from one to all.

Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin - 2

Automatic Images discovery: Pinterest Automatic auto-detects photos from your blog post after that detail them, where you can make a decision which photos ought to be pinned.

Automatic boards discovery: Pinterest Automatic will certainly auto-detect boards in your Pinterest account to make sure that you can select which board you intend to pin photos to.

Queuing System: The Plugin lines photos that are qualified for pinning in the line up and also pin them divided by an arbitrary period. That enables the pinning of an unrestricted variety of photos with no issue.

Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin - 3

Auto-web link pins to your blog post: All pins are straight hyperlinked to your blog posts, so as soon as any kind of Pinterest customer clicks the pin, it reroutes him to your blog post on your website. Pin web link can still be a taken care of collection web link or a web link from a personalized area. The photo can additionally be submitted without a web link back like photos submitted from the computer system.

Default pin message and also pin board: You can establish a default pin message or a default pinboard where all pins will certainly be pinned, so you don’t require to get in message every-time

Supported Tags : 9 Tags can be utilized in the pin message, where each tag will certainly be changed with it’s equal worth from the pinned blog post

  • [image_alt] : obtain changed with the photo alt message
  • [post_title] : obtain changed the blog post title
  • [post_tags] : obtain changed by the blog post tags after transforming it to pinterest hash tags
  • [post_excerpt] : obtain changed with the blog post passage
  • [post_link] : obtain changed with the blog post web link
  • [post_author] : obtain changed with the blog post writer
  • [post_category] : obtain changed with the blog post group
  • [product_price] : obtains changed with WooCommerce item rate
  • [customFieldName] : obtains changed with the customized area worth

Custom blog post kinds sustain : if you have a profile or gallery or any kind of blog post kind after that Pinterest automated assistance them

WooCommerce assistance : if you have a WordPress eCommerce or WooCommerce based site after that Pinterest Automatic can pin thier items to Pinterest

Bots assistance : Pinterest Automatic can pin crawlers blog posts like blog posts from WordPress Automatic. It can pin the highlighted photo, a details variety of photos or all photos from each blog post.

Custom area photo assistance: if you have a photo LINK kept in a personalized area, you can inform the plugin to pin the photo from that customized area

Detect photos to pin from the fron-end: if your photos do not show up in the backend, Pinterest Automatic can still spot them from the front end. as an example, some galleries are shown utilizing a shortcode in the backend.

Pin complete sized WordPress photos from thumbnails : Pinterest automated checks if a complete sized photo is offered to pin rather than thumbnail.

Specific WordPress group to Pinterest board assistance: You can establish which board, the photo will certainly be pinned to according to its group. Set unrestricted variety of a classification to board regulations *Note that, the photo will certainly most likely to one board just.

Specific WordPress tag to Pinterest board assistance : You can establish which board the photo will certainly be pinned to according to its tags.

Custom jQuery selector: If the photos are not situated in the editor and also show up in other places on the modifying web page, a personalized jQuery selector can be established which can be utilized by the plugin to order the photos.

Custom Taxonomies: In the group to board area, The plugin can detail classifications from customized taxonomies.

Spintax made it possible for : Spintax Form can be utilized for pin message like awesome,just one word will certainly be selected arbitrarily for each and every solitary pin

Post included photo as a pin: The plugin can pin the highlighted photo to Pinterest.

Scheduled blog posts sustain: Select photos to be pinned and also as soon as your arranged blog post obtains released it will certainly be pinned.

Cron task : The Plugin can utilize the interior wordpress cron task and also a specialized cron task can be utilized too.

Show to managers just alternative : The plugin has the alternative to just present for managers.

Proxy assistance : Pinterest atuomatic can utilize proxies to attach to Pinterest.

Excluded classifications : Pinterest atuomatic can leave out the blog post from pinning if it remains in a details group.

Automatic passage generation : Pinterest Atuomatic can vehicle create a passage instantly from your web content with a pre-specified charachters size.

Exclude tiny photos : Pinterest Atuomatic can leave out photos that are smaller sized than a details size from being pinned.

Skip replicates : An alternative exists to miss pinning the very same photo from the very same blog post two times

Exclude by group : Pinterest Automatic can miss pinning from classifications that you establish

Exclude photos having a details message : You can establish a details message if located in the pinned photo LINK, it will certainly be omitted from pinning

Flixible tags number : Pinterest atuomatic can consist of the blog post tags as Pinterest hashtags in the pin summary. It additionally can pick a details variety of tags to consist of

Search and also change in photo src web link, pin web link or pin tags : You can change particular get rid of one more in the last worths sent out to Pinterest.

Random pin period : You can establish an arbitrary pin period in between pins beginning with 3 mins. The plugin will certainly pin photos with an arbitrary period in between them.

Plugin presence filter : You can additionally establish the plugin to be noticeable just for admins.

Auto-append criteria to pin web links : The plugin can instantly add pre-defined criteria to the pin web link for tracking objectives

Automatic updates : The plugin can be upgraded straight from the wordpress control panel.

Detailed activity log : Automatically upgraded activity log describing each activity done by the plugin

Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin - 4

Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin - 5

Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin - 6

Version 4.14.2 (14 August 2020)
- Fix: Plugin upgraded to deal with WordPress 5.5

Version 4.14.1 (27 December 2019)
 - Fix: bring boards currently functions once again without the requirement to refill the web page

Version 4.14.0 (15 November 2019)
 - Urgent: Fetch boards back to function after a current Pinterest adjustment
 - NEW: alternative to establish pin web link as the add-on photo web link 
 - NEW: Search and also change in web link currently sustains normal expressions
 - NEW: Pin web link indicate currently approves several web links comma divided
 - Fix: Polylang assimilation back to function

Version 4.13.0 (17 August 2019)
 - NEW: Additional line up handling period 
 - NEW: PolyLang plugin assistance
 - Improved: Pin LINK from a personalized area currently can spot Links inside Arrays
 - Fix: Titles with brand-new lines/carriage return was revealing 404 mistake, currently arranged

Version 4.12.3 (17 July 2019)
 - Fix: Now identifies all photos from WP Automatic blog posts
 - Fix: Titles with brand-new lines/carriage return was revealing 404 mistake, currently arranged

Version 4.12.2 (21 June 2019)
 - Urgent: Code upgraded to deal with brand-new Pinterest modifications
 - NEW: SOCK5 proxies sustain

Version 4.12.1 (12 June 2019)
 - Fix: Check even more message currently gone back to the pin summary
 - Fix: get rid of added spaces/carriage returns from included proxies

Version 4.12.0 (6 May 2019)
 - NEW: included assistance for fooGalleries plugin
 - Fix: Excerpt vehicle generation for non-latin chars currently functions appropriately
Fix: Title trim for non-latin chars currently functions appropriately

Version 4.11.2 (21 April 2019)
 - Fix: tags as hashtags currently benefits queued pins
 - Fix: Queue currently shows right pin message

Version 4.11.1 (13 April 2019)
 - NEW: alternative for the pin title 
 - Improved: capture photos submitted alternative currently obtains the photo alt
 - Fix: tags as hashtags currently back to function
 - Fix: ball photos when publishing currently obtain avoided

Version 4.11.0 (10 April 2019)
 - NEW: alternative to record photos submitted to the blog post also if not noticeable in the admin location
 - NEW: alternative to miss photos less than a details elevation 
 - Fix:  post_tags currently just think about included tags taxonomies contributed to the plugin setups 
 - Fix: photo from the customized area currently function when the alternative to miss the highlighted photo 
 - Fix: Checked photos currently present pending symbol when clicking release utilizing the block editor

Version 4.10.4 (14 Mar 2019)
- NEW: Queue switch to reset the upgrade period and also pressure cron trigger
- Fix: Proxies currently back to function 

Version 4.10.3 (6 Mar 2019)
- Urgent: Code upgraded to deal with a brand-new adjustment from Pinterest that quit bring
- NEW: Sections assistance, bring boards switch currently returns the areas 
- NEW: web page break assistance so photos from multi-page blog posts currently obtain pinned
- Improved: The plugin can currently go back to the default board if the chosen board was removed 

Version 4.10.2 (9 January 2019)
- Urgent: Code upgraded to deal with a current Pinterest adjustment that  eliminated the cookie 
- New: summary brand-new tags  product_cat, product_categories, post_categories 
- Fix: Correct pin web link currently obtain reported to the plugin log/queue web page

Version 4.10.1 (21 November 2018)
- Fix: the current variation of Yoast Search Engine Optimization contravened the plugin UI. currently arranged

Version 4.10.0 (28 October 2018)
- NEW: alternative to miss queuing currently pinned photos from the very same blog post
- Improved: Now shows a notification if the line up handling time was set up incorrectly
- Improved: Now the plugin can spot photos after following web page tags when mass pinning
- Fix: post_excerpt tag currently eliminates the shortcodes
- Fix: effective pin web link in log web page currently is right

Version 4.9.0 (22 September 2018)
- NEW: Gutenberg assistance
- NEW: WooCommerce item characteristics can currently be contributed to the pin summary
- Fix: Idle time is currently 1 hr 

Version 4.8.0 (02 September 2018)
- NEW: Complete arbitrary a brand-new alternative to upload arbitrarily from the line up
- NEW: alternative to miss photos from mass pinning if the photo LINK has a details word
- NEW: alternative to miss the highlighted photo from pinning 
- NEW: Alternate cron command was included
- NEW: Now the     line up attribute can spot photos originating from shortcodes
- Fix: Auto check initially photo currently benefits all blog post kinds
- Fix: Code upgraded to deal with a small adjustment from the Pinterest side
- Improved: exemption regulations currently obtain put on the included photo too

Version 4.7.0 (10 March 2018)
- Change: Now the plugin does not need a username and also a password, however a cookie session.
- Fix: Parse front-end currently sustains the "more" tags.
- Fix: photo alt message for gallery photos currently obtains recorded

Version 4.6.1 (14 November 2017)
- NEW: brand-new tag [post_category]
- Fix: dispute with divi symbol arranged.
- Fix: [post_tags] back to function

Version 4.6.0 (10 October 2017)
- NEW: Custom areas sustain in pin message
- Fix: Pin message currently sustains quotes

Version 4.5.2 (26 August 2017)
- Fix: current Pinterest adjustment led to boards not located problem currently arranged
- Fix - stopped working to be pinned photos currently obtains instantly gotten rid of

Version 4.5.0 (5 August 2017)
- NEW: alternative for the variety of photos to pin when contributed to the line up & vehicle pinned
- NEW: omitted classifications
- NEW: Now records the photos from the full-screen editor
- NEW: alternative to leave out tiny photos from being pinned
- NEW: alternative to restrict the variety of tags contributed to the pin message
- NEW: alternative to establish pin web link from a personalized area or a taken care of web link
- renovation: log and also line up web page currently quit upgrading when not energetic
- solution: log web page currently vehicle updates

Version:4.4.0 (18 April 2017) 
- NEW: PHP 7 suitable
- NEW: All in one Search Engine Optimization pack plugin compatibility.[post_excerpt] tag for Search Engine Optimization summary
- NEW: alternative to miss examining if a complete sized photo exists
- NEW: alternative to include extra criteria to the pin web link
- Fix: Recent Pinterest modifications made the previous variation login not function. currently arranged
- Fix: Spintax course relabelled to get rid of any kind of dispute with various other plugins
- Fix: at some situations the plugin pinning photos although the still alternative is energetic currently taken care of 
- Fix: proxy currently obtains trimmed getting rid of any kind of added white area that might trigger a proxy problem. 

Version:4.3.1 (6 September 2016) 
- Fix: Recent Pinterest adjustment made the plugin say goodbye to present the username taken care of.

Version:4.3.0 (3 July 2016) 
- NEW: Thrive material building contractor assimilation so utilize analyze front-end for photos
- New: alternative to publish photos without any web link back to the resource by default
- Fix: Empty src photos currently obtain avoided
- Fix: Now pre_get_posts filters obtain eliminated as some plugins were leaving out blog posts
- Fix: 401 unapproved reply from Pinterest currently makes the plugin reauthorize itself 
- Fix: Plugin currently shows the username drawn out after login at the log web page 

 Version:4.2.2 (7 May 2016) 
- Fix: Recent Pinterest adjustment quit pinning from non-us web servers currently managed.

Version:4.2.1 (10 April 2016) 
- Fix: Pin web link at the plugin log web page currently functions after a current Pinterest adjustment

Version:4.2.0 (15 March 2016) 
- Fix: Plugin recoded to deal with significant current Pinterest modifications
- Fix: Now shortcodes obtain avoided by hand if it was not removed utilizing wp
- Update: currently the plugin trims summary to 450 rather than 500   

Version:4.1.2 (6 Feb 2016) 
- New: product_price tag for the woo-commerce rate to be published to Pinterest
- NEW: warranted photo grid complete photo removal from thumbnails 
- Fix: Tags to board, Category to board reworded to help wp 4.4.x
- Fix: the caution from the plugin updater currently taken care of

Version:4.1.0 (19 January 2016) 
- NEW: PressThis assistance included so currently the plugin spot pressThis blog posts
- Fix: Truncate the blog post web content if it's dimension mores than 500 chars which is Pinterest restriction
- Fix: If a draft blog post obtained released, it currently does not obtain pinned two times
- Fix: trim title to chars alternative vacant blog posts were obtaining produced with the title "..." taken care of 
- Fix: Full sized photo check currently deals with CloudFlare hotlinking impaired

Version:4.0.5 (20 APRIL 2015) 
- NEW: Visual author compatibility out of package
- Fix: insect solution that validates the presence of the initial photo was returning constantly real
- Improved: Fetch boards connect upgraded to utilize the back-end ajax LINK
- NEW: Auto remove old log documents releasing the data source

Version:4.0.5 (20 APRIL 2015) 
- Code upgrade: upgraded to deal with current Pinterest modifications
- Fix: queue quit taken care of for some individuals
- Fix: incorrect products showed up in the line up currently taken care of

Version:4.0.4 (10 March 2015) 
- Fix: | personality currently can be contributed to pin message without issue
- Security enhancements

Version:4.0.3 (1 March 2015) 
- Fix: Recent Pinterest adjustment quit the plugin from operating arranged.
- Fix: crinkle adhere to area with complete sized photo presence  check currently utilized
- Fix: pin them switch currently shows up just in sustained blog post kinds
- NEW: Queue handling time  from to

Version:4.0.2 (11 NOV 2014) 
- Fix : some individuals obtain certificate shut down instantly currently taken care of

Version:4.0.1 (29 October 2014) 
- New: Remove pinned photo from line up quickly using ajax
- New: Search and also change messages for LINK 
- Fix: Recent Pinterest adjustment in boards bring currently upgraded to help all individuals
- Fix: Detect photo from the front end currently benefits all blog post kinds
- Fix: included brand-new alternative to include all to the line up

Version:4.0.0 (15 October 2014) 
- NEW: Tags to board so you can currently aim blog posts with a details tag to a details board 
- NEW: Remove solitary post/pin from the line up 
- NEW: Responsive pinning line up which fits all display dimensions 
- NEW: Trigger cron using ajax by clicking run currently 
- NEW: Auto clear log so you can establish the amount of days log ought to be maintained in DB 
- UI Improvements: Queue was reworded to auto-update its products using ajax 
- UI Improvements: WordPress timezone thought about prior to the plugin was utilizing UTC time  
- UI Improvements: log reworded to vehicle updates it's products using ajax 
- UI Improvements: Now you can see what was the last pin and also see it
- UI Improvements: New plugin symbol with unicolor 
- Improvements: One demand pin so the plugin can pin a photo with simply one telephone call
- Improvements: Now the cron cannot be caused two times at the very same time
- Fix: Image src with + char in it was not pinned LINK currently obtain published inscribed 
- Fix: Some individuals obtain login stopped working because of current Pinterest adjustment currently taken care of

Version:3.3.0 (3 September 2014) 
- Fix: Recent Pinterest modifications were producing unusual chars at log currently upgraded
- Fix: brand-new lines in pin message was providing a mistake of void web content. currently taken care of
- Fix: unique personalities at pin message were uploading HTML chars like #am p currently taken care of
- Fix : [post_link] tag currently reveals the permalink rather than guid
- Fix: HTML tags removing with post_excerpt and also web content prior to uploading 
- Fix: classifications parent-child currently ordered in setups group to web page alternative
- NEW: Proxy assistance: currently individuals with obstructed IP from Pinterest can utilize proxies
- NEW: photos that are just noticeable using front-end can pin like shortcode created photos
- NEW: Full photo currently obtain drawn out and also published from resized photo
- NEW: Automatic updates sustain: currently you will certainly have the ability to instantly upgrade the plugin
- NEW: Pinterest password is disappointed as simple message in setups
- NEW: Auto passage generation
- NEW: Remove solitary thing from the line up or solitary blog post assistance
- NEW: Auto upgrade pin alt

- Fix: gallery photos pinned as thumbnails 150X150 px currently pins the complete sized photo.
- Fix : [post_tags] tag was not returning tags for customized blog post kinds. currently it does.
- Fix : 3 mins period for pins were declined by the plugin it approves it like 3-4
- Fix: some pinned photo was obtaining vehicle inspected.
- New: following pin arrival time included
- New: old assistance widget upgraded with opt-in elimination and also switch to conceal

Version:3.1.0 (28 June 2014)
- New: currently you can reset the line up at any time simply go to the line up and also click "Clear" 
- New: Cron period: currently you can establish arbitrary worth for pinning the products from the line up 
- Fix: TinyMCE editor separator triggered a vacant photo in the pin box currently arranged
- Fix: Main course was called Pinterest. course name transformed.
- IMMEDIATE Fix: Pinterest modifications something that made the plugin quiting working as anticipated.

Version:3.0.1 (20 MAY 2014)
- IMMEDIATE Fix: Pinterest modifications something that made the plugin quiting working. arranged

Version:3.0.0 (25 FEB 2014)
- New: mass pin alternative to pick blog posts and also pin them
- New: Category to board area to establish photo board according to the group
- New: Queuing system where one photo obtain pinned every min from the line up
- New: Custom area assistance where the plugin can currently upload from a personalized area
- New: Custom taxonomies to checklist classifications from in the group to board area
- New: included a Cron task 
- New: pick all alternative to pick all photos at the same time
- New: customized jquery selector for noting photos from
- New: instantaneous upgrade pin symbol 
- Added: certificate confirmation

Version:2.0.4 (23  JAN 2014)
- insect solution: a current insect taken care of that made the plugin provide a mistake when pinning.

Version:2.0.3 (16  JAN 2014)
- Fix: current Pinterest adjustment made the plugin obtain boards names as "undefined". Sorted.

Version:2.0.2 (27  OCT 2013)
- code upgrade: bring boards taken care of after quiting working as Pinterest transformed and also plugin.

Version:2.0.1 (30  September 2013)
- Fix: code upgraded to deal with a current Pinterest adjustment  
- Fix: Special personalities in the title say goodbye to create an inner web server mistake  
- Fix: currently pinned highlighted photo currently noted as pinned  

Version:2.0.0 (18  September 2013)
- New: Custom blog post kinds sustain  
- New: Bot blog posts sustain  
- New: WordPress ecommerce assistance  
- New: Custom blog post kinds sustain  
- New: Pinned photos currently noted as pinned   
- New: New pin message tags [image_alt],[post_content],[post_excerpt],[post_link],[post_author]
- Improvement: log is currently a lot more helpful and also interesting 
- Improvement: crinkle exisit check included
- Improvement: plugin 'wp pinner' dispute exisit check included

Version:1.4.2 (21  July 2013)
- code upgrade: Pinterest transformed and also plugin upgraded to deal with the current adjustment.

Version:1.4.1(2  July 2013)
- Bug Fix: Pinterest transformed its login kind. plugin upgraded

Version:1.4.0 (6 June 2013)
- New Feature: alternative included for auto-checking the very first photo for being pinned.
- New Pinterest look assistance. old appearance say goodbye to sustained 

Version:1.3.1 (4 MAY 2013)
- plugin currently suitable with the Pinterest face-lift (old appearance say goodbye to sustained)

Version:1.2.4 (8 JAN 2013)
- plugin currently suitable with the last variation of WordPress 3.5

Version:1.2.0 (25 APR 2012)
- Post included photo alternative enhancement
- Scheduled blog post assistance

Version:1.0.1 (25 APR 2012)
- Update Boards problem solution 

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