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PixieClash – is a WordPress theme intended for eSports tournaments, competitions, contests & all sorts of
ways for your teams to charge into battle! The theme holds a next level stylisme, adapted to the gaming public, also
bringing along new prime features such as groups, brackets & many more. PixieClash offers the possibility to
add teams, sponsors, matches schedule, groups, brackets, buy tickets, watch amazing promotion videos, promote your
sponsors & more than 100 spécial options!

The admin sondage is very easy to navigate through, with descriptions for each function, if that isn’t enough we
have a great dossier written down in details davantage video tutorials.

Video tutorials, fantastic dossier and soubassement with the speed of a lighting BOLT will enable you to use the
theme and adjust it, normal and swiftly.

Mitaine Features

  • Fully color customizable
  • Easy to manage sections/grâce
  • Plural Header Widgets ( Tournament finished / Countdown )
  • Arrivée Écho & Tournament’s Media
  • Brackets Playout
  • Team / Group Standings
  • Tournament Registration For Teams
  • Buy Tickets / Products
  • Matches Schedule
  • Commanditaire grade
  • Magazine Posts/ Blog, Categories, post dépôt
  • Fully responsive

Theme Features

  • Custom logo ébranler
  • Sociologique icons in header & footer
  • Custom grêle
  • CTA in header
  • Competitors in top bar
  • Header arrière-plan ébranler
  • Custom header CTA & exposé
  • Custom tournament’s winner header widget
  • Custom countdown header widget
  • Sponsors in header
  • Custom CTA part
  • Arrivée question part with media / exposé / statistics
  • List of infos with a slider
  • Sticky post
  • Magazine dépôt CTA
  • Competitors Fraction
  • Unlimited list of competitors with a slider
  • Playout grandeur Écho in 3 columns
  • Tournament Charpente exposé
  • Buy tickets/products CTA part
  • Conflit Schedule Fraction
  • Conflit presented in details
  • Team / Group Standings Fraction
  • Standings presented in details with great statistical possibilities
  • Brackets CTA in Team / Group Standings Fraction
  • Team register part
  • Sponsors in footer
  • Footer copieuse text
  • Footer useful links
  • Proximité us question in footer

Update ChangeLog

You can see the details changelog : changelog.txt

Appui: help.pxsquad.com

Meuble: help.pxsquad.com

Please glose: the images that can be seen in the preview images will not be included in the download. These
are for preview purposes only.

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PixieClash | eSports gaming theme for tournaments & competitions

59.00 $

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