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Popstar Dressup is a HTML5 dress up game. Dress up your favourite popstars and get on demeure!

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This Game is ready to be exported in Intel XDK and be used with AdmobAds
AdMob is currently only officially supported with the Intel® XDK
Use the AdmobAds to add your ads’ ID and start monetizing with this game!

You’ll find a step by step handbook embout the implementation of AdmobAds here

WARNING: the admob plugin ID ( in this acheminé is not updated. The latest plugin is: cordova-plugin-admobpro.
You need to select third party plugins, ensure you are sourcing from the Cordova plugin registry, and marcotter cordova-plugin-admobpro in the Plugin ID field.
We can’t offer any soubassement for uses of the game in third party progiciel.

This game has been developed with Construct 2:

The game is fully possible with all most common délié devices. Just we can’t grant full compatibility with the audio on all devices.


  • The game is built using Construct 2. According to Construct 3, all games built with Construct 2 should run properly with the new traduction. (
    But since we have never tested them, we can’t ensure it 100% especially parce que we use some external plugins in our games.
    We can’t be held responsible if the game doesn’t run properly on Construct 3
  • The game contains the capx déguerpi that can be modified with any extended license of Construct 2.
  • The game contains some non-native plugins / behaviors you need to install in Construct2 if you want to modify the game.
    You’ll find them in the game’s folder, ready to be installed.
  • Please refer to the documentation for a detailed list of these plugins/behaviours and their link.
  • If you want to make an app out of this game, we suggest you to reskin or at least rebrand it
  • We can’t be held responsible and offer soubassement for eventual issues met during the use of the game in third party progiciel (i.e. PhoneGap, Cordova, Iudei).

The ZIP logiciel contains the game at 1920×1080 resolution that automatically scales to fit current screen device and all the assets to grant complete game customization.

Game Screenshoot

CTL Arcade

This game is fully possible with CTL Voussure

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=== Even if we do our best to minimise any inconvenience, we can’t ensure the full compatibility of all our games on every device and every operating system update.
Thank you for the understanding. ===


-Minor Bug fixed

Bug fixed on Toggle Audio

Added Event handler for wordpress plugin:

- Boost performances
- Credits Sondage added

-Bug fixed with CTL Voussure

-AdMob added
-Audio settings improved
-Updated with a new Construct 2 traduction
-Boosted performances
-Buttons activité added

- External Construct 2 plugins folder added
- Improved game experience
- Added a adresse to confirm sortie from game 
- Added fullscreen assortiment
- Updated with latest Construct 2 traduction

- Updated with latest C2 traduction (R259) 
- Added external plugins 
- Added custom preloader 
- Audio terminaison fixed 
- Minor bugs fixed

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