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Notify every WordPress blog post adjustment!

You wish to be informed when among your factors sent a brand-new blog post for modification or an editor released one? Vice versa you wish to inform your factors when their blog posts obtained released?
This is simply the start of what you can attain with Post Status Notifier (PSN)!

It collaborates with all sort of personalized blog post kinds, sustains all personalized taxonomies like classifications as well as tags of various other plugins. You can get hold of all these taxonomy worths as well as personalized areas affixed to a message as well as utilize them as placeholders in your personalized alert messages. PSN has a effective conditional template syntax including numerous filters as well as features to obtain one of the most out of the placeholders!

Define as numerous alert policies as you require with all sort of setups, like personalized CC, BCC as well as FROM e-mails addresses.
PSN is extensible! Build your custom module to apply a brand-new alert solution.

PSN functions wonderful with plugins like WP Job Manager (check out the blog post), (check out the blog post), Crowdfunding by Astoundify (check out the blog post), WP User Frontend (check out the blog post) or Advanced Custom Fields, simply among others. The opportunities are limitless. Want to automate your posting operations with Buffer? No issue!

And if you are searching for a service to develop personalized e-mail notices for individual sent blog posts, PSN functions wonderful along with Frontend Publishing Pro, additionally readily available on CodeCanyon.

Plugin homepage:

Post Status Notifier - 1


New in version 1.9.0

  • New standing “Not scheduled”
  • New policy problem: Post ID whitelist / blacklist, see documentation page.
  • New policy problem: Exclude receivers by individual ID or e-mail address
  • Custom policy suit problem based upon layout phrase structure, see: Dynamic match condition

New in version 1.8.8

New in version 1.8

Mail Queue

  • New in variation 1.7: Mail Queue
  • Handle big quantities of created alert e-mails by sending them postponed
  • Customize max quantity, mail line up implementation reappearance as well as max tries out mistakes
  • Optionally log effectively sent out e-mails in the mail line up log
  • Uses WordPress’s inner Cron API to activate mail line up implementation

Custom notification rules

  • Define personalized alert policies
  • Categories filter: Include or leave out classifications (also from personalized blog post kinds) from notices
  • Create personalized e-mail messages with assistance for numerous placeholders
  • Supports individual duties (personalized duties as well) as e-mail receivers
  • Import / export of your alert policies
  • Custom sender email. Define the alert sender (FROM) per policy or as a default in the alternatives.

HTML mails

  • Support for HTML mails
  • Create e-mail layouts for reusability

Supports Custom Post Types

  • Support for blog posts, web pages as well as all personalized blog post kinds
  • Support for all blog post standing worths


  • You can pick from a range of placeholders to flawlessly adjust the e-mail messages to your demands
  • Dynamic placeholders: You will certainly have the ability to bring every personalized area or taxonomy affixed to your blog posts
  • Placeholder filters: Completely readjust the material of placeholders to your demands (sustains the filters of the popular PHP layout engine Twig)

Conditional templates

  • Use PSN’s effective conditional layout phrase structure to dynamically develop your alert messages
  • Many filters to transform the placeholder materials
  • Conditions (if, elseif, else) as well as Loops
  • Use unique functions to access any type of sort of information e.g. wp.get_userdata( [post_author] )

Recipients lists

  • Store your receivers email addresses in personalized checklists. No require to develop WordPress individual represent each recipient.


  • Supports SMTP. You discover all required SMTP setups to link your SMTP web server in the alternatives area.
  • WordPress multisite suitable
  • Optional logging: Logs standing adjustments based upon your policies
  • Dashboard widget revealing the most up to date log entrances
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Included translations: english, german
  • Support in english as well as german by means of Zendesk:
  • Tested on Windows, Mac OS as well as Linux
  • Built on our WordPress Plugin Framework


  • PSN prepares to be prolonged by personalized components (see the manual)
  • Implement assistance for your very own alert / messaging solution
  • Add personalized placeholders to flawlessly readjust PSN to your plugin or style
  • Endless opportunities…
  • Please contact me if you have inquiries regarding prolonging PSN

What consumers state

Post Status Notifier - 2

“Great plugin, look through maybe 7 plugins until found this one and it is the best.”
– misolek

“just got the pro version and it?s working great, awesome plugin man and thanks for your excellent support”
– nomadone

“This plugin is very intuitive and works great. Very helpful support. Top notch!”
– Rick

“Thank you for your great support ? the plugin works great now and has accomplished what 5 other commercial and free plugins couldn?t ? to provide simple and configurable email notifications for WP status changes.”
– Jon

Who is utilizing it?

The Gadgeteer

Use instances

Here are some straightforward instances of exactly how you can make use of Post Status Notifier. You can conveniently adjust the alert policies to your very own usage situation.

Case 1: The pending post

You host a blog site / site with numerous writers as well as you wish to be educated when a brand-new blog post awaits testimonial? This policy sends out a notice e-mail to the blog site admin when a brand-new blog post obtained sent for testimonial.

Use case 2: The happy author

This policy sends out an e-mail to the writer of a message when it obtained released.

Use case 3: The pedantic admin

This policy is for blog site admins that wish to be educated regarding each and every single blog post standing adjustment.

Use case 3: Use with Buffer

If you are making use of Buffer for immediately sharing your WordPress blog posts with your social accounts, PSN can do the task for you. See exactly how it operates in this blog post.


  • WordPress >= 3.3
  • PHP >= 5.3


Version 1.9.8 – Release: 2020/10/03

  • Fixed: PHPMailemergency room concern
  • Accidentally avoided variation 1.9.7 ;-)

Version 1.9.6 – Release: 2020/08/10

  • Added: Reply-To assistance for e-mail notices
  • Fixed: PHP 7.4 problems
  • Fixed: Compatibility with WordPress 5.5
  • Fixed: Translation problems
  • Fixed: Minor design problems

Version 1.9.5 – Release: 2019/07/06

  • Changed: Options web page design boosted
  • Fixed: Support for ACF area kind with non scalar worths, like “Select”, “Post Object” as well as others
  • Fixed: Removed PHP Notices
  • Fixed: Issue with send kind of plugin “WP User Frontend”

Version 1.9.4 – Release: 2019/03/04

  • Added: Button to conserve as well as remain on web page for mail layout kind
  • Fixed: Bulk activities did not function any longer
  • Fixed: PHP 7.x enhancements
  • Fixed: Some data source tables were not eliminated when the plugin was erased

Version 1.9.3 – Release: 2018/10/17

  • Fixed: Error on plugin activation

Version 1.9.2 – Release: 14.10.2018

  • Fixed: Some PSN data source tables have actually been developed with kind MyISAM. This has actually been eliminated to develop default kind which will certainly be InnoDB for the most part.
  • Fixed: The initialization treatment of the plugin has actually been boosted.

Version 1.9.1 – Release: 10.01.2018

  • Fixed: Improved mistake message handling (PHP notifications were presented on PSN admin web pages)

Version 1.9.0 – Release: 23.05.2017

  • Added: Support for ACF personalized areas boosted
  • Added: New standing “Not scheduled”
  • Added: New policy problem: Post ID whitelist / blacklist
  • Added: New policy problem: Exclude receivers by individual ID or e-mail address
  • Added: Custom policy suit problem based upon layout phrase structure
  • Fixed: Rule suit dealing with boosted

Version 1.8.9 – Release: 05.05.2016

  • Fixed: Compatibility repair for PHP 7
  • Fixed: Minor solutions

Version 1.8.8 – Release: 13.12.2015

Version 1.8.7 – Release: 28.11.2015

  • Added: New placeholder when running inside TO loophole: [recipient_ID]
  • Added: New placeholder when running inside TO loophole: [recipient_user_email]
  • Changed: Improved SMTP debug setting to not create outcome in AJAX demands
  • Changed: HTML e-mails editor upgrade
  • Fixed: On some hosters it can cause problems with PHP open_basedir setup

Version 1.8.6 – Release: 05.11.2015

  • Bugfix: Whitespace in a manuscript documents created PSN admin web pages to cause a mistake after kind sends
  • Bugfix: Passing e-mails to Mandrill can cause mistakes if personalized FROM was utilized

Version 1.8.5 – Release: 28.10.2015

  • Added: New policy alternative “Exclude current user” with which you can leave out the present individual that conserves / updates the blog post from all receivers
  • Changed: License dealing with on multisite setups. Go to network setups / Post Status Notifier to trigger the permit network broad
  • Changed: License kind transferred to a committed tab area on default (non multisite) setups
  • Bugfix: Placeholders [post_status_before] as well as [post_status_after] can be vacant
  • Bugfix: Custom FROM embeded in the alternative can cause issues if style “Sender Name <[email protected]>” was utilized

Version 1.8.4 – Release: 18.09.2015

  • New placeholders: [post_categories_slugs], [post_categories_slugs_array], [post_tags_slugs], [post_tags_slugs_array] (many thanks to syntax53 for the proposition)
  • Tweak: On multisite upgrade, the PHP optimum implementation timeout will certainly be resetted to the default 30 secs for every single website to not encounter a timeout with large networks
  • Minor solutions

Version 1.8.3 – Release: 26.08.2015

  • Security enhancements.

Version 1.8.2 – Release: 23.07.2015

  • Bugfix: Selftester can create a mistake message regarding not enough authorizations.

Version 1.8.1 – Release: 09.07.2015

  • Tweak: Category dealing with boosted: unique personalities in classification names can not be matched
  • Tweak: Frontend blog post entry boosted: Category filter did not benefit blog posts sent by means of frontend

Version 1.8 – Release: 27.04.2015

Version 1.7 – Release: 09.12.2014

  • New function: Mail Queue (Deferred sending out)
  • Improved logging: Shows thorough e-mail materials currently, consisting of HTML mails
  • Bugfix: Placeholder [post_editlink] can not be changed in situation of individuals without edit civil liberties transformed the blog post standing (e.g. if the consent went beyond in the meanwhile however he still obtains e-mails)
  • Bugfix: Mail layout HTML editor created an JS mistake when opened up in edit setting in Firefox

Version 1.6.3 – Release: 21.10.2014

  • Bugfix: Service area atmosphere details metabox can barge in specific instances
  • Bugfix: FROM was vacant if no personalized FROM was established
  • Improvement: Rule as well as mail layout export can damage when various other plugins conflicted by means of filters
  • Fix: Rule placeholder assistance display revealed “post_featured_image_src” which need to be “post_featured_image_url”

Version 1.6.2 – Release: 15.09.2014

  • Bugfix in personalized tags dealing with

Version 1.6.1 – Release: 14.09.2014

  • Major enhancements for the assistance of Categories as well as Tags.
  • Major enhancements for the assistance of Custom Fields
  • Major enhancements for the assistance of Scheduled Posts.

Version 1.6 – Release: 23.08.2014

  • New function: Support for problems, loopholes, features as well as filters in subject as well as body messages. Enables to access any type of sort of information affixed to a message. Allows to develop vibrant messages.
  • New function: Block notices alternatives in Post send box. Lets you choose to entirely obstruct notices prior to you upgrade / develop a message.
  • New function: One e-mail per TO recipient. Notifications can obtain send out in a loophole with one e-mail per TO recipient ignoring CC as well as BCC receivers. This function is has Beta standing.
  • New placeholder: [post_categories_array] Contains a selection for simple usage with filters
  • New placeholder: [post_tags_array] Contains a selection for simple usage with filters
  • New placeholder: [post_custom_fields_array] Contains a selection for simple usage with filters
  • New placeholder: [post_preview_25] Contains the initial 25 words of the blog post material
  • New placeholder: [post_preview_50] Contains the initial 50 words of the blog post material
  • New placeholder: [post_preview_75] Contains the initial 75 words of the blog post material
  • New placeholder: [post_preview_100] Contains the initial 100 words of the blog post material
  • New placeholder: [post_content_strip_tags] The blog post material without HTML tags
  • New placeholder: [post_featured_image_url] If a message has a highlighted photo, this placeholders has its LINK
  • New placeholder: [post_featured_image_width] The included photo size
  • New placeholder: [post_featured_image_height] The included photo elevation
  • New placeholder: [recipient_first_name] Only operates in “One email per TO recipient” setting. The firstname of the recipient if it is readily available in the individual account.
  • New placeholder: [recipient_last_name] Only operates in “One email per TO recipient” setting. The lastname of the recipient if it is readily available in the individual account.
  • New personalized blog post standing: “Not trash” will certainly match every standing however “Trash”

Version 1.5.2 – Release: 03.06.2014

  • Bugfix: In some instances the solution area created a mistake message (Call to undefined feature apache_get_version())

Version 1.5.1 – Release: 13.05.2014

  • Improvement: Duplicate receivers obtain eliminated
  • Bugfix: Fixed a pest in the Logger component (Sent e-mails haven’t been logged appropriately)

Version 1.5 – Release: 06.05.2014

  • New function: HTML mail assistance as well as e-mail layouts. Prepare your e-mail layouts when as well as pick them for various alert policies.
  • New function: Auto-upgrade by means of WordPress backend. Never need to publish the documents by means of FTP once more. You need to enter your permit code in the plugin’s setups.
  • New function: More versatile To, Cc, Bcc choice. Multiple options are feasible currently.
  • New function: Editor limitation. Select several duties the editor of a message need to be participant of to ensure that the alert will certainly be created.
  • New function: Recipients checklists. Manage e-mail addresses without the demand to develop individual accounts.
  • New personalized blog post standing “Not pending”: Matches all blog post standing worths other than “pending”
  • New personalized blog post standing “Not private”: Matches all blog post standing worths other than “private”
  • New placeholder [post_editlink]: Contains the backend edit LINK
  • Removed blog post kinds “attachement”, “nav_menu_item” from policy setups as they are not dealt with like blog post kinds (have no standing before/after)
  • Support for placeholders in FROM
  • Refactoring for efficiency enhancements

Version 1.4.1 – Release: 11.02.2014

  • Bugfix: Missing translation course (

Version 1.4 – Release: 05.02.2014

  • New personalized placeholders which will particularly match personalized classifications as well as tags signed up with your blog site.
  • New function: Dynamic placeholders: You will certainly have the ability to bring every personalized area affixed to your blog posts.
  • New function: Placeholder filters. This is an extremely effective function. You can make use of all filters of the popular PHP layout engine Twig to adjust the outcome of all placeholders PSN provides you, consisting of the brand-new vibrant placeholders.
  • New function: Import / Export alert policies
  • New function: Copy alert policies
  • New function: New recipient kind “Individual e-mail”. Enter a custom-made e-mail address as primary recipient (TO).
  • New function: Custom sender email. Define the alert sender per policy or as a default in the alternatives.
  • New alert policy standing “Not published”. This will certainly match every blog post standing however “publish”.
  • New placeholder: [post_format]

Version 1.3 – Release: 08.01.2014

  • New function: Notification policies have a groups filter currently
  • New placeholder: [post_permalink] can be utilized for alert messages. Contains the blog post’s permalink (makes use of WP inner get_permalink feature)
  • Bugfix: Fixed a pest which took place when not visited individuals transformed blog post standing in the frontend
  • Bugfix: German language repair
  • Improvement: Backend gotten used to brand-new WordPress 3.8 design

Version 1.2.1 – Release: 28.09.2013

  • Bugfix: Fixed a pest where arranged things did not obtain informed when released by cron

Version 1.2 – Release: 12.09.2013

  • New function: Notification policy recipient assistances individual duties (default as well as personalized duties) as well as unique all individuals
  • Improvement: The plugin currently is entirely multisite suitable
  • Bugfix: Single prices quote in blog site name will certainly be revealed appropriately currently

Version 1.1 – Release: 22.08.2013

  • New function: Bcc area. Set Bcc receivers for your alert policies.
  • New function: SMTP setting. If you wish to send out numerous notices as well as have a SMTP mail web server, PSN currently sustains it. You discover all required SMTP setups in the alternatives area.
  • New function: Plugin selftester. The plugin ships with some selftesting regimens you can activate by hand in the plugin control panel.
  • Minor bugfixing: Now completely suitable with Windows Server 2008 / PHP 5.2

Version 1.0.3 – Release: 07.06.2013

  • Further enhancements: Removed reliance to PDO in all

Version 1.0.2 – Release: 03.06.2013

  • Bugfix: Recipient “Post author” did not benefit alert policies
  • Bugfix: Plugin activation can create mistake with PHP 5.2 (Parse mistake: phrase structure mistake, unforeseen T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM …)

Version 1.0.1 – Release: 31.05.2013

  • Removed reliance to PHP pdo_mysql (structure data source versions currently deal with indigenous wpdb things)
  • Improved in reverse compatibility as much as WP 3.3 (evaluated on 3.3.x / 3.4.x / 3.5.x)
  • Adjusted log timestamp style to blog site date/time setups

Version 1.0.0 – Initial Release: 26.05.2013

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