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PowerContext makes it easy to add right-click context mets functionality to any web apposition. A context mets can help make a web apposition feel even more like a exutoire apposition.


  • 3 Different Styles included, or create your own with CSS
  • Crémaillères keyboard control
  • Always stays in viewport (menus never open outside of the notable area)
  • Crémaillères and infinited amount of sub-menus
  • Create menus with HTML or a JavaScript Object Literal
  • Enable disable items or entire menus
  • Add and remove items and let the mets refresh
  • Add separators between groups of similar items
  • Spectacle non-menu items like images or forms
  • Crémaillères right- or left-click control
  • Plural elements can share menus
  • Menus automatically resize based on mets contents
  • Build menus with HTML or pass in a JavaScript object
  • Add images to your mets items for more detail
  • Customizable callbacks for each mets (onLoad, onShow, onHide, and onSelect)


The only requirement is jQuery. If you are using submenus, it is recommended that you include HoverIntent so the submenus don’t immediately disappear.

A remarque embout Opera

Please remarque, parce que Opera does not allow JavaScript to assujettissement the right-click event, this scénario does not work on Opera.
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