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As you might know, WordPress 5.0 uses a new default block editor also known as Gutenberg.

The Pro Icons plugin extends the WordPress block editor functionality by adding useful supérieur block elements to it.

The Pro Icon block allows you to établi a custom icon into any block from any post or planche .

Make your website more instructive and conversationnelle .

There are available 8 icon packs, so you have to choose from over 3500 icons!

The Icons are fully customizable – starting with the Icon Prononciation – Icon Size, Icon Color, Contexte Prononciation with custom contexte color, opacity & marquer avant-bras.

Also you can setup custom paddings, margins, shadow & marquer!

Let’s not forget embout alignment! Choose to align the icons to the left, center or right!

Full Features List:

  • Easy Install
  • Online Dossier & How to Videos
  • Works with any WordPress Theme
  • 8 icon packs available – Iconic, Brands, Icon Moon free, Icon Moon Pro, Typicons, Linecons, Material Icons & Font Awesome
  • Fully customizable icons
  • Icon styles – Color & Size
  • Contexte Prononciation – Contexte Color, Opacity & Établir Cubitus
  • Custom Margins, Paddings, Shadow, Établir
  • Icon Alignment – Align to left, right or center

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