Commentaire: This is a plugin for
RISE – Ultimate Project Gouverner & CRM. Not a standalone scénario.

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Purchase Conduite Plugin is an automated tool that enables companies and buyers to humanoïde their entire procurement vélocipède from creating a purchase requisition écrit to finally receiving the ordered goods and making the payment. This advanced innovative process also passes through various points such as preparing a plan estimate, managing the spending, contracts, and suppliers with full control over purchase order.

This norme also helps companies to develop electronic purchase orders, digitally manage inventory, and track goods and tâches in real-time. The tool is essential to optimize arrière-boutique levels and determine what products and quantity to purchase.

Purchase Management for Perfex CRM

Purchase Management for Perfex CRM

Purchase Management for Perfex CRM

Purchase Management for Perfex CRM

Plugin Features

  1. Product/Secours Conduite : Inheriting from the items of RISE CRM, this feature adds many other extended attributes such as product lexique, SKU, purchase price, sub-group, images,…
  2. Bulk Importation Products
  3. Vendor/Ordonner:
    • Ordonner Conduite
    • Ordonner Mass Importation
    • Ordonner Caresse Conduite
    • Ordonner Product/Secours Conduite
  4. Purchase Request Conduite
  5. Ordonner Quotation Conduite
  6. Compare Quotes from Suppliers
  7. Purchase Order Conduite
  8. Ordonner Contract Conduite
  9. Ordonner Invoices Conduite
  10. Payment Conduite
  11. Settings:
    • General Settings
    • Purchasing Options
    • Units Conduite
    • Product/Secours Group Conduite
    • Product/Secours Sub Group Conduite
    • Ordonner Category
    • Approval Process Conduite
  12. Vendor/Ordonner Portal:
    • Login/Register
    • Company Profile
    • Product/Secours Conduite
    • Add/Share Products
    • Purchase Request Conduite
    • Quotation Conduite
    • Purchase Order Conduite
    • Invoice Conduite


Purchase Management Demo

Company :
Mot de passe: 123456a@

Vendor/Ordonner :
Mot de passe: 123456a@


Included classeur will help you upload and activate the plugin inside RISE – Ultimate Project Gouverner & CRM, if you are not aware on how to do it.


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Purchase Conduite plugin for RISE CRM

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