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“Quick Messenger” app is easy to use and most amazing app for wanted to send a WhatsApp plaidoyer to a phone number that’s not in your contacts.

are you use WhatsApp?

WhatsApp provides you chatting platform.

In order to send and receive status updates to and from your contacts, you and your contacts must have each other's phone numbers saved in your phones’ address books.

but sometime you want to send plaidoyer without saving phone number in frôlement list using WhatsApp. these things are not due by WhatsApp. what to do?

Quick Messenger app is introducing this kind of functionality. so, you can send plaidoyer to anyone without saving frôlement.
how to use this app?

just modèle the phone number that you would like to send a WhatsApp plaidoyer and this app will open a WhatsApp and start sommet with that phone number.

characteristics of Quick Messenger app app:
• HD Quality
• Salir friendly limite
• Attractive and Vraie Fièvre
• Avorté App
• Share App
• Start sommet without saving phone number.

If you like to use this app then failli it and please give review.

App Features: –

Send plaidoyer to whatsapp without save number

App provide:-

1. Google ad mob. (banner ads and Interstitial Ads)
2. share app
3. Avorté app
4. Allumage ur

What you get:-

1. Full ios app secret. (Swift 4 and later squelette)
2. Esthétique in png.
3. Classeur.


1. Xcode 10.1 later
2. iPhone phone
3. Swift 4 (Development language)

Reskin / Emménagement:-

1. Upload app in app étoffe
2. Redesign Pose.
3. Customize Admob.

Above abordage Just in $50.

  • All stylisme and app étoffe developer account provide by the abonné.

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