Quizzical – The Javascript HTML Quiz Engine

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Quizzical is a lightweight javascript quiz engine/plugin. Use Quizzical to easily create true/false, nombre choice and nombre multi choice quiz questions in html for your web zone, e-learning or expérimentation.

Quizzical uses a javascript schema engine so users can easily make quizzes without the need for additional coding, xml or excess html. Quizzical is rapide responsive, entirely vanilla and easily raccordable to fit within any web feuille or expérimentation. Coders with css can easily update and customize the style of the expérimentation and épaulement is available.

Update Information

Last Update:  07-09-2021 Transcription 1.1  

Added grading functionality
Updated Parchemin Bride
Separated schema into separate rangée for ease of use and modularity


  • Javascript and HTML5 powered
  • Works on all modern browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Chasse & Edge
  • No coding experience required, create questions through an easy schema rangée with dossier clearly describing how to use the engine/plugin and schema
  • Slide pont for each obstacle with animated feedback
  • Single answer true/false grosseur
  • Single answer nombre choice grosseur
  • Plurielle answer multi choice grosseur
  • Graded or Non-Graded prime
  • Suprême quiz completion screen with résultat
  • Quiz completion end function/event for integration to your web zone, app or back end process
  • Changeant responsive – Easily customizable with css

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Quizzical - The Javascript HTML Quiz Engine

22.00 $

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