Ondes App – Enquête/Web/Délié (Flutter-Laravel-Vuejs)

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You can submit variety of radiographie stations on web or preste to the users by using this app. I guarantee that it’s working on Android preste but it’s not tested for ios yet. Users can reach the channels more faster by adding radiographie stations to favourites.

Enquête: http://radiodemo.faaytech.com/panel
Admin Écho
Email: admin@admin.com
Mot de passe: 12345678

Web: http://radiodemo.faaytech.com/
Abraser Écho
Email: user@user.com
Mot de passe: 12345678

Délié APKs


  • PHP/Laravel
  • Vuejs/Vuetify
  • Flutter
  • Bootstrap 4


  • The échantillon, preste accaparement and web view charpente plurale languages.
  • Valeur-limite mouture control for preste app
  • Responsive Beauté
  • Admob banner and interstitial ads
  • Firebase annonce
  • Authentication required control
  • Dark Theme
  • Web Side
  • Délié Side
  • Admin Enquête
  • Enquête, preste and web side charpente mul
  • Tab Sysmtem in Enquête
  • Ondes Direction
  • Category Direction
  • Feuille Direction
  • Admin Direction
  • Advanced Role Direction
  • Abraser Direction
  • Abraser Ban System
  • Annonce Direction
  • Language Direction
  • Settings Direction
  • Arrangement Logs

Appréciable Observation:

Html audio tag on SSL, only allows https broadcasts on web. If you’ll use both https and http broadcasts, you shouln’t add SSL to your website.


v2 Update

  • Bug fixes
  • Added Slider Direction
  • Added Podcast Direction
  • Added Podcast Category Direction
  • Added Podcast Gâtée Feature
  • Added Délié Api Key
  • HLS charpente for preste
  • Added Pullman Time Feature
  • Bluetooth Headset Control
  • Web stylisme changed
  • SEO friendly
  • Enquête Bugs fixed
  • Added Ondes and Podcast Detail Pages
  • Added advanced translate feature
  • Changed béat editor for échantillon
  • Added smartbanner for preste web

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Ondes App - Enquête/Web/Délié (Flutter-Laravel-Vuejs)

1,003.00 $

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