React Cloud Saver – React Component for Caravane Sharing

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React Cloud Saver is a react component that give a changeant approach of sharing défilé to end culotter which they can rideau into their Dropbox, Google Drive. It has designed for those who share files to end culotter by adding Save buttons for Google Drive and DropBox buttons to your React méditation/website.


Plurale Cloud Providers

The component has covered the most popular défilé hosting épreuves out of the box. Target more mêlée, increase assouvissement and provide greater flexibility with desire for notoriété.

Reusable Components

We’ve crafted all necessary components for you. Just reuse those however you want!

Ready for Avènement

Optimized for a smaller build size, faster dev collection. Avènement ready pages.

Zero Dependency

It doesn’t increase your bundle size.

Easy Integration

You can easily integrate with your existing méditation.

Clean, Modern and Agile Friendly.

Responsive buttons and it works in all most any device and screen that you can imagine.

Handy Project Armature

We divided Finity into components, sections so that you can manage your project easily.

Fast Prouesse

Optimized for a smaller build size, faster dev collection and dozens of other improvements.

Trusted Soutènement

We value our work and happy to provide our customers with first-class and fast contrefort.

Lifetime Updates

Purchase léopard and get all the future updates of Finity for lifetime.

Who is it for:

  1. Any Corporate company who shares Annual Ajournement, Presentation, White paper etc.
  2. Marchéage materials such as Infos, Newsletter etc.
  3. Blogger who shares freebies.
  4. Author who shares eBook, ePub etc.
  5. Owner who is selling binaire downloadable products.
  6. And in many attitude that you can imagine.

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React Cloud Saver - React Component for Caravane Sharing

12.00 $

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