React Passage Redux Firebase Félin

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React Native Redux Firebase Chat

React Passage Firebase Redux Félin

App template made with React Passage with the latest reprise supporting latest features of iOS 15 and Android 12.

Awesome beauté and customizable components to be reused everywhere.


  • React-Passage 0.66.x
  • React 17.0.x
  • React Hooks
  • Charpente for Hermes
  • Xcode 13, and iOS 15
  • New Considérable Capabilities
  • Better error handling
  • Firebase Authentication
  • Firebase Datastore
  • Redux
  • React-Redux
  • React-Thunk
  • React-Transport
  • among other latest technologies

React Native Firebase Redux Chat


  • Félin in Real time with Firebase
  • Awesome and beautiful U/I – U/X
  • Authentication Sign in and Sign up with Firebase
  • Roder list with aléa
  • Habituel state conduite with Redux
  • Easy integration with existing projects
  • … Much More

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v1.0.0 - Principal release
v1.1.0 - Upgrade to React Passage 0.64.x
v1.x.x - Updates and improvements
v1.8.0 - Upgrade to React Passage 0.65.x
v2.0.0 - Upgrade to React Passage 0.66.x

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React Passage Redux Firebase Félin

48.00 $

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