Rokon – Single Product eCommerce XD Template

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Rokon – Single Product eCommerce XD Template

Rokon – Single Product eCommerce XD stylisme is a modern, one-of-a-kind eCommerce XD template. Parce que of its clean and fluid élocution, this eye-catching XD the template looks great. You are free to customize this eCommerce stylisme as you see fit. This template is suitable for use in the following fields, Droon, Watch, Jewelry, Headphone, etc single product, and so on.
This XD the template is easily customizable – each XD is propre. For élémentaire access, the délogé is neatly layered and includes an overview of the hierarchy of groups and layers. In just a few clicks, you can simply replace any sensible with your own.

Key Features Overview

  • 22XD Files with Layer Styles.
  • 4+ Domicile pages
  • 1+ Usine pages
  • 1+ Product pages
  • 6+ inner pages
  • XD named layers and groups
  • flaticon Icon
  • Font Awesome Icon
  • Google font used Work Sinon & Rubik
  • Point Perfect
  • Easily customizable XD files
  • Spécial and Modern Élégant
  • Great Contrefort
  • Free Baptistère used
  • Bootstrap Grid System

All Pages

  • 01_home_page.xd
  • 02_home_page.xd
  • 03_home_page.xd
  • 04_home_page.xd
  • 05_about_page.xd
  • 06_shop_page.xd
  • 07_product_details.xd
  • 08_blog_page.xd
  • 09_blog_details.xd
  • 10_contact_page.xd
  • 11_login_page.xd
  • 12_error_page.xd

Eaux and Credits

NOTE: All images are used for preview only. No images are included with the downloadable délogé

If you have any further questions emboîture this template, feel free to frôlement us . We’d love to hear from you.

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Rokon - Single Product eCommerce XD Template