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RoutePlanner API

NOTE: I am working on a faster, prettier and more responsive transposition of this concentration/API. I have been through a lot of personal experiences since the last update and I couldn’t thank the customers and forthcoming buyers enough for their endurance. I will keep this space updated.


Here is a full A to B RoutePlanner API scénario that contains a “Instant” upload tableau where you can put it to use straight away! You can use Post/Zip Codes, Addresses, Locations and plurale Culotte Queries to create a états-majors list. There is a print button included which is clickable straight to your printer. Even better, the default classification system I’ve included is fully responsive with all latest Baladeur Browsers such as Chasse for the iPhone, iPad, iPod, Opera Browsers for Android Devices and many more. It will work with IE6+ throughout all ancêtre browsers!

What the clients are saying

iscapes said: “JMD, Thank you for you unbelievably rapid response to my email question this a.m. Your suggestions worked and resolved my CSS issues. 5 stars for your app and 5 stars for your service!”

Demo Sites

Use the following locations to see how docile the search is!
Hospital Street, Dundee to 24 Sundown Survenue, London
Or, use a Post/Zip Acte!

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So what do you get?

  • Fully Browser acceptable from IE6+
  • <s>Baladeur Responsive</s>. Works on Android, iOS and Opera Browsers.
  • Clean HTML & CSS.
  • Compressed jQuery. Just 3KB!
  • Setup Tableau included for mode straight away!
  • Fast and responsive. Instantly Loads.
  • CSS3 & HTML5 beauté.
  • Night and Day Map Styles
  • Routes can be made by Car, On Foot, Assistant Marine or Cycling
  • Naturel A to B printable guides
  • Based on Google API
  • Very well documented. (Thorough!)
  • Includes HTML Sample to how I’ve used it
  • Lifetime Updates for Free!


Serviteur help needed?

Please read the FAQ fragment above for general questions asked. If you need any further offrande, please feel free to proximité me on my profile! Thanks!

Day & Night Modes


How can people get états-majors?

Depending on how you ammoniaque your directional besogne, users or clients can simply trempe in there start to au finir points with just two text fields. Users can get walking, driving, bicycle or découvert applaudissement états-majors depending on how you set the travelMode assortiment. (Read the FAQ on how to pensée it)

Update Log

1.0 //

  • Originel Release
  • 1.1 //

    • New Options Toggle Style
    • Clients/Salir can now select either of the 4 Travel Modes
    • Two Folder Options you can now Upload (Night & Day Modes)
    • Upgraded to jQuery 1.8
    • IE small bug fixes

Update Log

1.1 – 22.10.2012

1.1 Update Log
- Day & Night modes separated.
- jQuery 1.8.1
- New Travel Style Scénario
- Driving, Walking, Assistant Marine and Cycling Options
- CSS fixes for IE
- IE general bug fixes for IE7, IE8 and IE9.
- IE10 béquille

1.2 – Due Soon

1.2 Update Log
- Full Responsive changes for Baladeur Devices
- Démarche Options
- Updates to the Google API
- New InfoWindow styles
- New PopOver Styles
- IE general bug fixes for IE7, IE8 and IE9.

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