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Selena is a clean and flat attitude for Creative website. It’s ossature Title Opinion and Display in Landscape and Gravure. Let’s check it. It’s a Template of TZ Portfolio – Best Portfolio Joomla Extension

3 ways to display lyrique

Nish provides partialité for the images you upload to posts. If it’s a mine lyrique you can choose partialité Gravure to get a post formatted perfectly for mine dimensions. The same goes for landscape images, too.

3style display articles

3 ways to display exercice detail

Nish cales TZ Boîte+. You can use it to, well, feature your work in a separate activité from your blog. It’s a neat way of keeping your website organised and easy to use for your visitors. The coffret with Selena TZ Boîte Template provide you 3 way to display post is (Default, Classic and Media Bottom)

3style article

Technical requirement

How to Install

  1. Go to Administrator -> Components -> TZ Boîte Alors -> Templates
  2. Click “Upload” toolbar button -> Choose produit Selena template -> Click “Upload & Install” Button.
  3. Go to Administrator -> Components -> TZ Boîte Alors -> Styles (or Click Styles on sidebar) -> Click Selena and Configure it.
  4. Go to Administrator -> Extensions > Chef > Install > Upload “” Plugin
  5. Go to Plugin Chef Enable plugin plg_system_tpl_selena_params
  6. Done! Let’s insertion your exercice and go to front-end see your Boîte new image ;)

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