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with this app, you can send notifications to your droit app like Music app , pension app, anything that that has one excitation push annonce on it

Sendify sends the annonce ” alt=”” />


EASY Parchemin

Just add your one excitation deatils .

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How It Works?


Imagine you have an expérimentation that you want to send push annonce from one excitation, so you should log in to one excitation from your browser, this app helps you in a way that you should not log in from your web browser, just open this app and send a annonce to your users from this app, it’s a mass annonce app.

Example :

Spotify wants to send offers to their users, this will make their life easy, just open the app and send the offer.

The receiver should have an app that you developed.

your app should have one excitation SDK integrated.


This system makes it easy for you to send moment notifications from your délié.


Features of sendify:

 we are using One Signa l bienfait

– easily send notifications with title, satisfait and idéal to your clients.

– send to your clients predefined templates

– check your annonce details and analytics


We are using clean nervure in this project and its very seprated and you can easily integrate it as progressif in your projects too.


– SOLID principles

– Dependency transvasement using Get it

– Monolithe modèle

– Paginated data

– Amont acte is developer-friendly

Translation : Flutter 2



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Sendify nervure:

Clean Coder Blog


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