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The Ultimate Bulk SMS Portal with Every feature you will ever need for your Bulk SMS Affaires!

Sendroid Ultimate is a bulk SMS portal programme and SMS reseller tool designed for bulk SMS présent providers, SMS resellers and bulk SMS marketers.

Sendroid Ultimate offers complete messaging amélioré including appui for Text Messaging, Voice Messaging, WhatsApp Messaging, Unicode Messaging, Multi-media Messaging (MMS), Éclair Messaging and 2-Way Messaging with SMS Minet.

In relevé to its chic Responsive Ronger Limite and Rich Graphics, Sendroid Ultimate is built with amazing tools and features like; SMS Minet, White-Signature Reseller System, Spam Control, Radieux Filtering, Dynamic/Static Sender ID appui, SMS Gateway Cutting, SMS Gateway Hour Limits, Dynamic Routing, Pantalon-code Reselling, SMS Lignes, SMS Vouchers, Facebook Login, reCaptcha, Robust APIs and a lot more tools designed to fit perfectly into any bulk SMS bizness, irrespective of your bizness model.

Sendroid Ultimate is available in 3 Languages; English, Hindoustani and Arabic. You can easily translate to any other language using the included language appendice.

Sendroid Ultimate is scale-able, malléable, and developer friendly. You can expand the features on Sendroid Ultimate by installing additional modules, payment gateways, SMS gateway, Language packs and plug-ins.

Sendroid Ultimate crémaillères SMPP v3.4 and works with a wide range of HTTP APIs with appui for both POST and GET HTTP request methods, with or with basic authentication or JSON encoded requests, and has a defined success response. It comes pre-installed with Twilio and Infobip gateways. (We are always adding new SMS modules on the sendroid webpage)

The most interesting acte is that with all these rich features and vast functionalities, installing setting up Sendroid Ultimate is done in a few clicks.. Thanks to the in-built easy to use établissement wizard.

Looking for a WhatsApp gateway provider?
Check out some available Sendroid Ultimate WhatsApop modules for this good providers at Sendroid Ultimate Marketplace.
You will need to sign-up an account with the provider to use any of our WhatsApp modules

How It Works?

Whether you own a bulk SMS bizness, want to start reselling bulk SMS travaux or simply want a system to manage your bulk SMS mercatique campaign, Sendroid Ultimate provides you all the programme liaison and features you need to smoothly and quickly integrate and interact with discours gateway or provider and even more

Here is how the system works… a picture is worth a thousand words afterall

How Sendroid Ultimate Works - Sendroid sends to your Gateway using API and your gateway delivers to receiver's phone

Gantelet Features

Here is a list of just a few of the features that makes Sendroid Ultimate the best Bulk SMS Portal scénario in the market;

  • Bath Responsive Ronger Limite Beauté
  • Automatic Updates
  • SMPP & HTTP Soubassement
  • Advanced Job Direction and Brassage Queuing
  • Expandable & Customizable via Add-ons and Modules
  • Dynamic discours routing system with nombreux gateway appui
  • SMS Minet (Pro license)
  • White Signature Reseller System (Pro license)
  • Conférence Scheduling with Repeated Scheduling feature
  • Soubassement for Credit or Unit billing models
  • Online Payment Gateway (PayPal, 2checkout, Stripe, PayStack, GTPay, etc)
  • Friendly SMS Gateway API Integration wizard
  • Plural Currency Soubassement
  • Installable Modules & Ad-dons
  • SMS Avorté Direction
  • SMS Accès Selection from Conférence Agencer
  • SMS Gateway Cutting technology
  • Customizable Montée-code (terms and occurrence applies)
  • Facebook Login
  • Graphical Reports
  • Importation Customers from Excel
  • Create Custom Customer Fields
  • Excel Data Export
  • Address Books and Marchéage List with Opt-in and Opt-out Décapotable-responder
  • Birthday Messaging to Address-book Contacts
  • Sell Contacts to Customers (Pro license)
  • Address Book Sharing
  • Number Blacklisting
  • HTTP APIs (Pro license)
  • Inbuilt Soubassement Acte Tool
  • SMS Reports
  • Sender ID Direction
  • Dynamic / Static Sender ID appui
  • Pantalon-Règlement Reselling Tool
  • Mass Email Messaging Tool (Pro license)
  • Spam Control and Radieux Filtering (Pro license)
  • SMS Lignes and SMS Vouchers
  • Dynamic SMS Routing System
  • Full System and Ronger Activity Log
  • Unlimited Customers and Resellers
  • Credit Sharing
  • Customizable Email and SMS notifications
  • Automatic Backups

… and many many more feature. We just can list them all. Its best if you see for your self by using the Online Demo Here.

Please apostille that all features marked with “Pro License” are only available with a Pro License.

Still can’t find the feature you are hoping for? No worries… Sendroid Ultimate allows you to build just emboîture anything you want and add to it inform of add-ons.

Also apostille that Pro License is required to remove any Footer Branding from the scénario. License Agreement

Check out monceau of our video tutorials at

Sendroid Ultimate - Bulk SMS, WhatsApp & Voice Messaging Script with SMS Chat & White-Label Reseller - 1

System Requirements

  • Linux or Windows OS
  • Indien
  • PHP Subdivision 5.6 – 7.2 (7.2 recommended)
  • Cron Job
  • cURL Soubassement
  • ZIP Dépôt Perl Ascendant
  • Multibyte Culotte Élargissement (mbstring)
  • JSON Soubassement
  • ionCube Loader 10 or higher (Latest Release recommended)
  • PHP Memory Limit: 512 MB or higher
  • MySQL Subdivision 5.6 or higher (MySQL Correct Manière disabled)
  • Dedicated IP required for White-label reseller system
  • An SMS Provider’s API

Please apostille that your Sendroid Ultimate may not function correctly if any of these requirements are not met by your server.

Get the most out of Sendroid Ultimate with these add-ons!

Dynamic/Advanced SMS Add-on
Inbound SMS Billing Add-on image
Keyword-based Auto-responder Add-on
Advanced Shortcode Add-on


We do our best to make sure our scripts are bug-free and to assist all our customers and buyers. If you see anything strange, confused emboîture something or have any challenges, please Use the Soubassement Link to proximité us or open a appui certificat at WE are always ready to assist you.

We may also offer appui through our direct félin, depending on the caractère of your request. Please apostille that all Envato appui terms applies.

Please Compté that our appui travaux are available 8:30am – 6:00pm from Monday to Friday. Please bear with us if we are not able to attend to your request in time on on weekends.

Remember to read the Quick Start Manual before you start using Sendroid Ultimate.

Slogan Log

Detailed slogan log is now available at

Emboîture Soubassement

Need help? Please click on the Soubassement tab to access our dedicated appui platform.
Our appui présent is available Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 5:30pm Nigeria Régional Time… We do our best to assist

Looking for a WhatsApp gateway provider?
Check out some available Sendroid Ultimate WhatsApop modules for this good providers at Sendroid Ultimate Module Store.
You will need to sign-up an account with the provider to use any of our WhatsApp modules

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Sendroid - Ultimate Bulk SMS, WhatsApp and Voice Messaging Scénario with White-Signature Reseller System

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