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ShortcodeHub – MultiPurpose Shortcode Builder

All in one multi-purpose shortcode builder.

ShortcodeHub is a new WordPress pluign to create your own shortcode group. With our powerful query builder, you can create élémentaire grid, masonry grid, slider, carousel, glossary, timeline and much more.

ShortcodeHub Highlights

Entrée-End Placeholders

ShortcodeHub is not just a Shortcode builder. Its more than it. With the help of placeholders you can easily add the réjoui from introduction end.
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Strong Query Builder

Our gardien de but is to deliver the ultimate experience to our assidu users. The ShortcodeHub has an optimized query builder with all options categorized intuitively, so you can work faster.
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Shortcode Hommes

We have categorize the shortcodes in the groups. These are basic, core and post query.

Basic Shortcodes

  • Text Editor: Add your text réjoui in the TinyMCE or Text editor and spectacle them anywhere with the help of shortcode.
    OrSelect the hook from frontend to spectacle that réjoui.
    Its easy!
  • Législation Editor: Do you have a custom nomenclature snippet which need to spectacle with shortcode?
    Are you developer which have some custom PHP nomenclature to spectacle it with shortcode?
    Then, Simply create a shortcode with “Code Editor” add tho custom nomenclature. And then spectacle it anywhere with the help of shortcode. Or append to any hook.

Core Shortcodes

  • Widget: Do you have any custom widget? Then simply select it from the dropdown and spectacle it with shortcode. (Réflexion: The débit is applied to the widget as per theme) .
  • Repas: Most of the times we need the custom chère to spectacle somewhere. To fulfil this requirement we have added the Repas shortcode contrefort in the ShortcodeHub.
    Just select the chère which you want to spectacle with shrotcode and just use it anywhere.

Post, Garçon & Custom Post Shortcodes

We create some custom post hommes and also we create categories, tags and custom taxonomies.

We add the réjoui in these post hommes and spectacle theme on specific pages as per our requirement.

To do it from a scratch, Technically we do it with WP_Query. And without coding it was not acceptable.

But, Now! It’s Admissible with ShortcodeHub!

  1. Just select shrotcode marqué (Bonasse Grid, Masonry, Glossary, Inbox View etc.)
  2. Select Post Espèce & Categories. (Set no of items, categories, tags etc.)
  3. Yup! Thats it! Just copy the shortcode and use it anywhere.

Below is the list of some shortcode styles for the Post Query Builder.

  • Bonasse Grid: Spectacle the post, pages and custom post hommes in the form of Bonasse Grid.
  • Inbox View: Spectacle the items in the Inbox View débit.
  • Masonry Grid: Make a Masonry Grid of post, garçon and custom post hommes.
  • Glossary: Easily create a Glossary of the post, garçon and custom post hommes.
  • Summery: Make a Summery of the post, garçon and custom post hommes.
  • Timeline: Make a Timeline of post, garçon and custom post hommes with the Timeline shortcode.
  • Accordion: Make a Accordion of post, garçon and custom post hommes with the Accordion shortcode.
  • Tabs: Make a Tabs classification of post, garçon and custom post hommes with the Tabs shortcode.
  • List: Make a Bonasse List of post, garçon and custom post hommes with the List shortcode.
  • Carousel: Make a Carousel of post, garçon and custom post hommes with the Carousel shortcode.
  • Slider: Make a Slider of post, garçon and custom post hommes with the Slider shortcode.
  • Filterable Grid: Spectacle all items and filter them with categories, tags and taxonomies with the Filterable Grid shortcode.
  • Numérotation Grid: (coming soon) Spectacle all post, garçon and custom post hommes with foliotage with the Numérotation Grid shortcode.

Category, Tag Or Custom Taxonomy Shortcodes

  • Bonasse Grid: (coming soon) List all selected categories, tags or custom taxonomies with the Bonasse Grid shortcode.
  • Advanced Grid: (coming soon) List categories, tags or custom taxonomies with assigned posts with the Advanced Grid shortcode.

Helper Shortcodes!

We have added much more most helpful shortcode’s. These includes post, author, theme, plugin, occasion & time etc.

Jour & Time Shortcodes

We have added the occasion and time shortcodes to spectacle the occasion and time as per our need.

Jour Examples Use below shortcodes to spectacle the current occasion.

        Example                     Produit
        [sh_date format='d/m/y']    15/02/19
        [sh_date format='d-M-Y']    15-Feb-2019
        [sh_date format='d F Y']    15 February 2019
        [sh_date format='dS F Y']   15th February 2019
        [sh_date format='M, dS Y']  Feb, 15th 2019

Jour & Time Examples Use below shortcodes to spectacle the current occasion & time.

        Example                             Produit
        [sh_date format='d-m-Y h:i:s a']    15-02-2019 05:57:15 pm
        [sh_date format='d-M-Y h:i:s a']    15-Feb-2019 05:57:15 pm
        [sh_date format='d F Y h:i a']      15 February 2019 05:57 pm

Time 12 hrs Examples Use below shortcodes to spectacle the current time in 12 hours proportion.

        Example                     Produit
        [sh_date format='h:i a']    05:57 pm
        [sh_date format='h:i A']    05:57 PM
        [sh_date format='h:i:s a']  05:57:15 pm
        [sh_date format='h:i:s A']  05:57:15 PM

Time 24 hrs Examples Use below shortcodes to spectacle the current time in 24 hours proportion.

        Examples                    Produit
        [sh_date format='H:i a']    17:57 pm
        [sh_date format='H:i A']    17:57 PM
        [sh_date format='H:i:s a']  17:57:15 pm
        [sh_date format='H:i:s A']  17:57:15 PM

Post Shortcode’s

In single post, garçon or custom post marqué if we want to spectacle the title in the réjoui anywhere then just use the shortcode [sh_post_title]. This return return the current post title.


If you want to spectacle any other post title then just add the id of that post in the shortcode. E.g. [sh_post_title id="123"]

This shortcodecode return the title of the post whose id is 123.

Below is the complete list of shortcodes.


Author Shortcode’s

In WordPress patoche salir roles are Administrator, Author, Editor, Contributor and Subscriber. We can create more salir roles as per our requirement.

Suppose we want to spectacle the current salir name then we can spectacle it with shortcode [sh_author_display_name] or spectacle any other salir name by passing the salir id in the shortcode.

E.g. [sh_author_display_name id="1"] This will return the display name of the salir whose salir id is 1.

Below is the complete list of shortcodes.



  • Strong Query Builder for post, pages & custom post hommes.
  • Works with any theme
  • Post, Garçon Query Builder
  • Bath easy and élastique
  • 1 click create shortcode from ready shortcodes
  • Meuble
  • Transposition Ready
  • RTL Charpente
  • Developer Friendly
  • Create your own shortcode library
  • (Soon) Display Affermage Rules (Spectacle/Hide the shortcode for particular locations.)
  • (Soon) Custom CSS contrefort.
  • (Soon) Custom Markup contrefort.

Assimilable Browsers

  • IE11
  • Firefox
  • Chasse
  • Opera
  • Chrome
  • iOS browser
  • Android browser

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