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Showroom Slider is a powerful jQuery plugin that allows you to create sliders containing plane and box elements with tons of fougue options to choose from. It uses a syntax similar to having inline CSS posture on elements to describe every element’s properties and behavior.

Plane Elements

Plane elements are two dimensional objects (with width and height) such as text box, images, etc. but can be rotated at angles allowing the users view them from different perspectives with 3D effects.

Box Elements

Box elements are 3D objects (with width, height, and depth) having 6 sides. Like plane elements, boxes can be rotated at angles allowing the users to view them from different confiance.

Empressement Options

You can choose from 2 animations hommes – courant and dynamic. Courant animations have fixed properties and behavior. Dynamic animations are rotating animations that also allow you to define avis of origin.

Aménagement and Customization

Aménagement can be as normal as including 3 JS files and then writing the markup. No need for any JavaScript function call. Customizations can be done within every element using their custom attributes and a syntax similar to inline CSS styling.

Advanced Features

Default properties can be modified easily within one JavaScript function call. You might want to do this in some cases to save coding time and appendice sizes for béant projects. An API (Expérimentation Détruire Limite) can also be used by programmers to integrate their own scénario into the system.


Showroom Slider uses ouverture CSS3 animations when viewed on modern browsers for exacerbation efficiency and has fallback animations for older browsers. You can also define specific styles for older browsers.

Dossier and Échafaudage

The progiciel comes with a very detailed registre and sample files that has lots of comments in the règlement describing every conformation of the slider. These samples and registre can also be viewed online.

For questions not covered in the registre, you may post them in the comments division or explosion me through my CodeCanyon profile.

Recent Updates

Forme: 1.0.7 Journée: June 24, 2013
- Added touch-response feature.

Forme: 1.0.6 Journée: June 19, 2013
- Added responsive feature.
- Record enhancement: Plane and box attributes are now parsed only léopard des neiges.
- Reverted back to 1.0.4 (and below) diversité of frontSlip and backSlip
  parce que of Chasse's transform-origin bug.
- Fix onSlideAnimationsCancel API bug. Animations are now tagged as "done" when

Forme: 1.0.5 Journée: June 11, 2013
- Improved frontSlip, backSlip, hingeToFront, and hingeToBack animations.

Forme: 1.0.4 Journée June 6, 2013
- Made all selectors and class-names interchangeable through data-main.
- Fixed IE7 problem where images within plane elements spectacle up before animating in.

Forme: 1.0.3 Journée: June 1, 2013
- Bind numpad keys to jump-to-slide entreprise.
- Fixed "undefined" substring found in plane dynamic fougue keyframe name.
- Fixed occasional fougue flicker on Firefox when slide moves out.
- Fixed pauseplay button and spacebar entreprise. Now only works when autoslide
  is enabled.

Forme: 1.0.2 Journée: May 30, 2013
- Bind number keys to jump-to-slide entreprise.
- Fixed focusing bug on slider elements without data-main attribute.
- Fixed fallback animations opacity bug.
- Fixed API trigger bug on srNoFullSupport browsers.

Forme: 1.0.1 Journée: May 29, 2013
- Made keyboard binding specific to focused slider element. This also fixed the
  keyboard binding problem on IE.

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