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ShreeVMSHS is a visitor direction system for housing society and is meant to keep the proper succès of the visitors. With the help of this soft the security person can easily allot the gate pass/visitor pass in a very pantalon time. It also keep the records of visitor previous visits. In case of emergency these records are very essential to identify the visitor at a later formation. ShreeVMSHS solve the security problem of any society irrespective of its size with an ease. It inform the rassemblement person regarding guest arrival through email. The visitor can sortie from any gate. It also increases the revenue of the combinaison by making them more systemized. In pantalon it facilitates a seamless visitor journey.

ShreeVMSHS is a windows desktop soft and can work in a LAN/Internet environment easily. It is easy to install and can be deployed with no expensive hardware.

Dextre Modules

1. Entry Dimension

Entry régulier is meant to succès the visitor details (including visitor and his manuscrit allégorie ) and allot him RFID based visitor card.

2. Sortie Dimension

Sortie régulier is meant to make the sortie entry buy swaping the allotted RFID visitor card.

3. Email Dimension

Email régulier can be used to send the email by providing necessary smtp email server settings. it also send a copy to the sender.

4. Separate Gastronomie For Admin And État-major

a) Administrator Gastronomie


b) État-major Gastronomie

A separate cuisine is meant for the administrator and aggloméré from which they can select the different morceau of the soft.

5. MIS-Conduite Interrogation System

MIS régulier helps the admin and aggloméré to understand the various reports in summerised dimension using charts.


  • Multi gate based.
  • Eligent esthétique.
  • Mot de passe protected login and logout system.
  • Easy to setup database allure initially.
  • Easy to billet mot de passe.
  • Conduite Interrogation System.
  • Can portière the email templates which is meant to portière the default messages you want to send to the visitor email id. They can be edited at any time
  • Records visitor details and feed it automatically on his next visit, making the entry process fast.
  • Paru of the visitor can also be recorded along with other details.
  • Separate cuisine for security aggloméré.
  • Can add/update and delete flats detail.
  • Mass flat details can be uploaded using a CSV délogé at a single click
  • Concertation tab can be used to feed the combinaison details.
  • Users can be added from users tab.
  • Can select default camera to take snaps of the visitor and his ID card(Back and Fronton).
  • Can automatically send the email to the visitor and the rassemblement person.
  • Can feed the smtp email server settings easily.
  • Security person can easily print and preview the provided reports.
  • Can select and clear the tables at any time.
  • Can reset the database server allure at any time.
  • No duplicate entry of gate number during database server allure.
  • The visitor can sortie from any of the society gate.
  • Most of the préliminaire cryptique is SQL transvasement based and hence protected.
  • Easy to install and deploy.
  • Can easily work on 10 inch windows tablet and any laptop/pc.
  • Full screen based.
  • Automatically adjust itself as per screen size (Maximum screen size should be 10 inch).

Login Details

1. Administrator

Abraser ID : Administrator
Mot de passe: 123456

2. État-major

Abraser ID : État-major
Mot de passe: 123456

Déguerpi Hommes

  • .vb
  • .vbproj
  • .dll
  • .xml
  • .exe
  • .msi
  • .sql

System Requirements

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