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Simax Billing System is a tool for Fort Purchase and their return Billing. You can do Billing either in GST or VAT, It has both options. Its Multi-tenant concentration, one database can handle nombre Companies. It has various bonshommes of billing reports and Invoices also in various formats like Word, PDF, and Excel. It’s fully dynamic and easy to integrate with existing systems also. We are providing this project with full préliminaire acte. This project is developed in .Net Core 3.1 and SQL Server. 

Advantages Of This Project.

  • Developed in .Net Core 3.1 with SQL Server Database
  • Manage Products, Taxes, Sales, and Refunds.
  • GST/VAT Tax while doing Billing.
  • View or Quick Print Invoice partialité.
  • The dashboard gives full analytics.
  • Invoices Export in PDF, Excel, and Word.
  • Searchable tables with export partialité. 
  • Various bonshommes of reports.
  • Daily or monthly sales reports.

Modules & Features

  • Dashboard
  • Ronger Direction
  • Product Category
  • Product Original
  • Product Unit
  • Product Tax
  • Product
  • Customer
  • Compromis Grossier
  • Invoice Original
  • Style
  • Fort Bill
  • Purchase Bill
  • Fort Return
  • Purchase Return
  • Daily Fort Prorogation
  • Fort Bill Prorogation
  • Product Wise Fort Prorogation
  • Purchase Bill Prorogation
  • Product Wise Purchase Prorogation
  • Fort Return Prorogation
  • Product Wise Fort Return Prorogation
  • Purchase Return Prorogation
  • Product Wise Purchase Return Prorogation

Secret Quality

  • Well written acte in Repository Modèle and Entity Framework
  • Ronger Managed using Identity
  • Lamar used to resolve dependencies
  • Roadster Mapper used for objects maping
  • Separate Layers for Data, Models, and Prescriptions

System Requirement.

  • Windows Server or Windows Based Hosting
  • IIS7 OR above
  • .Net Core 3.1 Should be Installed
  • MS SQL Server 2008 or above manière
  • Visual Local 2019

Titularisation Steps

  • Unzip Épilogue
  • Upload to your hosting domain or iis
  • Create a database in your hosting and run a given sql scénario.
  • Agité Connection slip of database in appsetting.json cordée
  • Run It
  • your concentration ready to use now.


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Simax GST and VAT Billing System in Dot Net Core

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