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Please install latest plugin v1.5.3 for WordPress 5.6 to fix 0% solution. Thank you!

Fashion Product Viewer is a best selling 360º product place plugin designed for WordPress e-Succursale sites. This 360º WordPress Plugin is perfect to showcase products you sell, it allows a customer to see your product in detail with a full 360° spin view or understand how the product works with flawless step-by-step place. It’s compréhensible to install and easily customizable with lots of options to choose from.

Last update: December 2020

Best selling 360 WordPress Plugin
Smart Product Viewer 360 WordPress Backend
Smart Product Viewer 360 Demo

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Key Features

  • NEW! Lightbox – fullscreen lightbox added (view demo)
  • NEW! Adolescent Scroll – 360° spin view animates on planche scroll
  • Widget Integration – add 360° views to sidebar as widgets
  • Shortcode Generator – easy way to customize the typologie, colors and styles
  • WooCommerce – use any 360° view as WooCommerce product emblème
  • Drag & Drop – handy drag & drop images diriger
  • Responsive – fully responsive typologie
  • Mouse Automatisme – allows to spin the product using a mouse
  • Touch Friendly – iPhone/iPad and Android devices supported
  • Customizable – 64 cabotage prononciation and color combinations to choose from
  • Smooth Fougue – flawless step-by-step product place
  • Extended License – can be used in your WooCommerce theme
  • Photography Examples – 360° photography examples included
  • Dossier – detailed casier included
  • Contrefort – efficace customer soutien

WooCommerce Integration

Fashion Product Viewer is a handy tool to increase your WooCommerce sales. Product views created with our 360º place plugin can be used as WooCommerce product images instead of regular pictures encouraging your customer to make a purchase.

Smart Product Viewer 360 WooCommerce


WooCommerce Demo


More than 800+ happy customers, read what they say emboîture the Fashion Product Viewer, a 360º WordPress Plugin and its outstanding soutien.

5 stars
Moufle reason: Esthétique Quality
Serviteur comments: Wow. After wasting so much time with handball made xml rotators – this is a godsend.
– cbesett

5 stars
Moufle reason: Customer Contrefort
Serviteur comments: Really nice and effcient customer soutien ;) The plugin is perfect.
– zfournier

5 stars
Moufle reason: Esthétique Quality
Serviteur comments: Great piece, love how easy it is to use.
– jshapan

5 stars
Moufle reason: Customer Contrefort
Serviteur comments: Amazing, fast and friendly soutien.
– maurizio789

5 stars
Moufle reason: Légalité Quality
Serviteur comments: I have purchased all the 360 viewers over the years and they all have some solution that causes problems. Or, they work so poorly that they end up being unusable. All they needed as a basis for a great product was responsiveness and the drag/inertia effect (like the iPod) and you will have a winner. The backend, supérieur casier with well explained shortcodes are an added adjonction that makes this emboîture as good as it gets.
– EricStreeter


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18 April 2021 - ver 1.5.4
   - Updated according to latest CodeCanyon normes. 

12 December 2020 - ver 1.5.3
   - Added: soutien for WordPress 5.6 by removing jQuery Migrate dependency

20 April 2020 - ver 1.5.2
   - Added: Categories to better organize 360 Fashion Products
   - Updated: to latest CodeCanyon quality policies
   - Maintain: PHP 7.x soutien

12 May 2018 - ver 1.5.1
   - Added: "sensitivity" parameter to control drag speed
   - Added: [smart-product-woo] shortcode for Beaver Builder soutien and other
   - Added: prime to spectacle product by name instead of ID
   - Added: RTL scrollbar prime to WooCommerce metabox
   - Fixed: WooCommerce provision attentisme planche conflict 

20 August 2017 - ver 1.5
  - Added: Left and Right positions for scrollbar
  - Added: Start impression of scrollbar handler
  - Added: display the chapelet names under the images when editing the view
  - Added: Prime to spectacle default gallery or thumbnails together with 360 view (works with ONLY some themes, no guarantees) 
  - Fixed: Some CSS and JS cleanup

21 April 2017 - ver 1.4.6
  - Added: soutien for WooCommerce 3.0
  - Added: move on hover prime for widget
  - Added: auto-stop on hover prime for shortcodes
  - Added: RTL administration for sidebar

28 April 2016 - ver 1.4.5
  - Improved: animate view on scroll feature
  - Fixed: JavaScript error with removeClass() function

12 November 2015 - ver 1.4.4
   - auto-stop the place when dévorer dragging the view and continue when dévorer auto-stop

30 July 2015 - ver 1.4.3
   - fullscreen button forain bug fixed, fullscreen sizes fixed

22 July 2015 - ver 1.4.2
   - small fullscreen images bug fixed

10 June 2015 - ver 1.4.1
   - move on hover feature added for shortcodes
   - problem with PHP warnings fixed 

4 February 2015 - ver 1.4 
   - lightbox prime to spectacle big views in fullscreen added
   - prime to make product spin on planche scroll added

8 August 2014 - ver 1.3 
   - shortcode generator added
   - prime to start product spin on load added
   - prime to control spin speed added

11 May 2014 - ver 1.2 
   - noUiSlider updated to v6 
   - scrollbar styles updated
   - scénario files compiled into one to reduce load time

6 May 2014 - ver 1.1.1
   - button to reorder images added
   - soutien to work from ajax loaded satisfait added

26 April 2014 - ver 1.1
   - WooCommerce soutien added


Threesixty Slider – by creativeaura
noUiSlider – by
Magnific Popup – by dimsemenov
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