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“Solicitor” is a full functional WordPress Theme designed & developed for Law Commerce, Lawyers, Legal websites and comes handy for any Corporate Commerce Websites as well. It is fully responsive template based on Twitter Bootstrap framework that makes it available for all screen sizes from the bigger ones to smartphones. Its not only responsive whereas it is retina ready also, now no blurry images on your HiDPI and retina devices.


  1. Twitter Bootstrap
  2. Drag Drop Folio Builder
  3. Slider Revolution worth $26
  4. Event Régenter included
  5. 3 Header Styles
  6. Retina Ready & Fully Responsive
  7. Grid / List views
  8. Démarrage Form 7 échafaudage
  9. Isotope Galleries ($25 value)
  10. Font Awesome Web-Font Icons
  11. 150 Line Icons Web-Font
  12. Plurale Slider Effects
  13. Google Baptistère Soubassement
  14. SEO Optimised
  15. Google Maps
  16. Touch/Swipe Soubassement for Sliders
  17. Retina Ready & Fully Responsive
  18. WPML plugin associable
  19. Well Documented for Easy Editing
  20. Conciliable With All Latest Browsers

Features in detail

Events Régenter

  • Create unlimited events and assign them to event categories along with attaching tags to events
  • Recurring Events: This personnelle features allows you to repeat any event on fixed day of week for a number of times you want. You can also repeat a single event on different dates for plural years. Each requête of event will display as separate event on the website.
  • Display your events on full width/screen working calendar
  • Link your Google Events with your website, all events you create in your Google Calendar will be shown on the event’s calendar of your website.
  • Create plural original of tickets paid/free for your events and allow your website visitors to register for the events with plural tickets at time. Set limited number of tickets for each event and spectacle harangue sold out panthère all tickets are booked.
  • Your website visitors can pay for event tickets with the integrated PayPal payment favoritisme that can linked to your PayPal account easily. You can even enable demo logique while developing your website or testing the payment gateway for PayPal.
  • Events can be shown on the website préface end in 3 ways Listage, Grid View, Full width Calendar, Calendar shortcode in a text widget

Folio Builder

  • Theme comes with the most popular free feuille builder “SiteOrigins Panels”
  • We have added several custom widgets for the feuille builder to make it easy for you to spectacle the theme’s functions in an easy way. There are elements for Events which can be used to spectacle upcoming/past events in a list view or grid view, Team element allows you to spectacle your created campaigns in a list/grid/carousel logique, Testimonial element can be used to spectacle a full width story showcase or for a carousel like basic testimonials, Posts element can spectacle all blog posts in grid/list/carousel more. Custom thumbnail size can be used for the post thumbnails to create a spéciale apparence for your website.

Theme Options

  • Theme comes with theme options enquête to fully customise your website’s apparence and feel. Below are the options available
  • Enable suivi logique while you are developing your website. This is a cohérent progressif included in the theme which will block access to your website for non logged in users where logged in users like administrator can still see the website while making changes
  • Spectacle or hide the back to top button which comes at the bottom right of website viewport
  • There are fields available for you to add custom scripts in your website before closing head tag or closing caraco tag.
  • You can disable responsive functionality of the theme or can enable the pinch zoom for touch devices.
  • Easily bouleversé the website latrines width or make it boxed in the center with a beautiful arrière-plan for the whole website caraco outside the box.
  • Control the valeur-limite height for the latrines area or top/bottom spacing for all pages. You can event make the latrines area spread to 100% of the screen width
  • Choose between the 3 designs for the website header. Make it spread 100% of the screen width, enable, disable search and Woocommerce cart favoritisme in the header. Add in your information like phone number, email in the header.
  • Customise the apparence and feel of sticky header like set arrière-plan color or links color. Set default header banner images for all the post hommes like different cliché for all event posts, blog posts etc.
  • Set header banner titles for static pages like annales feuille for custom post hommes, search results feuille etc.
  • Upload logo cliché for default header, sticky header and both logo as retina images as well for retina enabled devices
  • Set a custom logo for the wp admin login feuille
  • Easily customise the apparence of your website filiforme and changeant filiforme with augmentative options available
  • Choose from the different footer layouts example 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 columns. Courtage the arrière-plan of footer with your own color, cliché. Customise the widgets endroits in the footer area. Use favoritisme to spectacle a filiforme in the footer or your accommodant icons. Easily bouleversé the sequence of your accommodant icons with cohérent drag drop limite
  • Create unlimited sidebars using theme recommended pojo sidebars plugin or any other sidebar plugin of your choice and then set default sidebars for all custom posts hommes and static pages like Woocommerce, search results, annales pages
  • Enjoy the built in accommodant sharing progressif which can be activated for your choice of post hommes. Choose from 3 different styles of accommodant sharing links. Enable or disable accommodant media websites for the sharing links.
  • Set options for the events whether to keep showing events till it’s end time or hide it from the website as soon as the event start time is reached.
  • Courtage the apparence of your events calendar, localize the month, day names easily
  • Choose your website primary color from the preloaded 12 css stylesheets. or add in your own color
  • Courtage the typography of the whole website with an easy to use limite, choose from 600+ Google baptistère for different set of options
  • Add your own custom css or js easily
  • Importation or export your theme options data

One Click Demo Importation

Individuelle demo importation that is amazingly easy and the fastest way to build your website. Importation a fully finished voisinage with one click. It will importation pages, posts, sliders, widgets, theme options and more. Demo images will be not be imported for copyrights reason, they will be replaced with cliché placeholders.

Advance Folio/Post Options

  • Choose any header débit for any feuille/post individually to create a spéciale feuille apparence
  • These options work per feuille/post or any post original and can override the total/default débit set by theme options
  • Choose your inside feuille header from several options like arrière-plan color, arrière-plan cliché, FlexSlider , Revolution Slider
  • Set custom height of the feuille header individually per feuille
  • Custom top bottom spacing for each feuille/post
  • Control width of the latrines area individually per feuille
  • Enable disable accommodant sharing per feuille
  • Add arrière-plan cliché for latrines area or arrière-plan cliché for the caraco when using boxed logique.
  • Choose sidebar for any feuille from the list of all sidebars. Choose sentiment of sidebar from left or right. Set width of sidebar from several options like one forth, one third or half feuille width

Built in Mega Fluet

  • Create full width mega filiforme for your filiforme items, create for one or for all filiforme items
  • Use a sidebar to create the mega filiforme or add in any shortcode
  • Choose post original to display its latest posts any number
  • Display any selected post hommes with post IDs


Soubassement is provided through our dedicated Ticket System to all verified theme buyers. Register for the acte system using your Envato account for quick access.


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Images from en direct preview are not included in the template.

Courtage Log

v2.4 – May 11, 2022

UPDATED! Solicitor Core Plugin
UPDATED! Revolution Slider Plugin
UPDATED! Compatibility for WP type 5.9.3
UPDATED! Compatibility for PHP type 8.x
FIXED! Some styling bugs

v2.3 – January 04, 2022

UPDATED! Solicitor Core Plugin
UPDATED! Revolution Slider Plugin
FIXED! Some styling bugs

v2.2 – August 10, 2021

UPDATED! Revolution Slider Plugin
FIXED! Infos ticker widget showing wrong event époque

v2.1 – July 06, 2021

UPDATED! Solicitor Core Plugin
UPDATED! Revolution Slider Plugin
UPDATED! IMIC Shortcodes Plugin
FIXED! Events list displaying wrong time

v2.0 – April 02, 2021

UPDATED! Compatibility for WP type 5.7
UPDATED! Solicitor Core Plugin
UPDATED! Revolution Slider Plugin
UPDATED! IMIC Shortcodes Plugin

v1.9 – February 12, 2020

NEW! Admin columns for custom post original hommes
IMPROVED! Rapide filiforme with new styling options
UPDATED! Solicitor Core Plugin
UPDATED! Revolution Slider Plugin
FIXED! Numérotation problem with posts list widget

v1.8 – December 17, 2020

NEW! Possibilité to choose category for the magazine acte widget
UPDATED! Revolution Slider Plugin
FIXED! Registration details stored doesn't have accompli amount
FIXED! Étape is not estimable on generated acte after booking
FIXED! Single event feuille shows first époque of event in case of recurring events
FIXED! Compatibility issues with WP type 5.6

v1.7 – August 14, 2020

UPDATED! Compatibility for WP type 5.5
UPDATED! Revolution Slider Plugin
FIXED! Custom css not working
FIXED! Featured block widget not échafaudage HTML tags in the latrines
FIXED! Some styling bugs

v1.6 – November 08, 2019

UPDATED! Solicitor Core Plugin
UPDATED! Revolution Slider Plugin
FIXED! Some theme check issues

v1.5 – June 05, 2019

NEW! HTML Template Added
UPDATED! Solicitor Core Plugin
UPDATED! Revolution Slider Plugin
UPDATED! IMIC Shortcodes Plugin
IMPROVEMENT! Events calendar loading speed
FIXED! Wrong event time on single event feuille
FIXED! Some styling bugs

v1.4.1 – March 31, 2018

UPDATED! Revolution Slider plugin
FIXED! A styling bug on WP Dashboard filiforme feuille while editing any filiforme élément
FIXED! Some styling bugs

v1.4 – February 08, 2018

UPDATED! Revolution Slider plugin
UPDATED! Woocommerce function to échafaudage product gallery and lightbox
UPDATING! TGM Class to fix a bug with bulk titularisation of plugins
UPDATED! Solicitor Core plugin to fix a bug with demo commercer
FIXED! Wrong époque showing on single event feuille when event is recurring
FIXED! Events grid columns not working FIXED! Some styling bugs
FIXED! Featured block latrines not supporting HTML Réjoui
FIXED! Event registration window is getting stuck on sending dépêche but abraser get registered already

v1.3 – June 24, 2017

NEW! Map commandements link in event single feuille
UPDATED! Revolution Slider plugin
UPDATED! Solicitor Core plugin for demo commercer to échafaudage PHP 7.0
UPDATED! Custom widgets to échafaudage PHP 7.0
FIXED! Typologie épilogue when using état-major widget carousel logique with no team posts batailleuse
FIXED! Typologie bug in Chasse browser

v1.2 – April 21, 2017

UPDATED! imic shortcodes plugin
UPDATED! Solicitor Core plugin
FIXED! Banner cliché not working for some users, updated pages-banner.php
FIXED! Toggle/Accordion widget not working
FIXED! Possibilité to hide header information at Theme Options > Header > Header Information not working
FIXED! Dynamic width for sub filiforme display over feuille header

v1.1 – April 13, 2017

FIXED! Some styling bugs

v1 – April 12, 2017

Originel Release

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