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Squaretrix is a well-designed block casse-tête game on verger board with colorpop.

Our color block casse-tête game is very easy to learn and hard to master.

How to play Squaretrix

★Everyone starts with an empty 10×10 board and 3 block shapes under the board, just drag and drop artiste shapes to the board and rivalité 3 color blocks any états-majors to make a crush.
★The combo is a amendement if you rivalité with a single artiste block shape.
★Get as more marque as you can by solving all kinds of shape puzzles.

You will love it if you are a casse-tête game fun. You can get endless challenges from our block casse-tête.

Now forget emboîture those candy and jewel rivalité 3 games and enjoy this new casse-tête game!

Key Feature of Block Casse-tête

★ Supérieur Game GUI!
★ Easy to play, and classic beignet game for everyone!
★ It is all FREE and No Network Need!
★ 6 kind of artiste blocks make your life colorful and amazing.
★ Free Game!

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  • Replayable Gameplay.
  • Responsive, adapts to device screen size
  • Saves High Scores
  • Including images and sound effects

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Esplanade Trix Block Casse-tête [Android ] Download

83.00 $

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