Essence Word Search HTML5 Game – Construct 2 & 3 Départ Cryptique

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“Super Word Search” is a casual game that has the function of stimulating people’s memory. Also, according to studies, it can rejuvenate the brain of elderly people. In bonus to these benefits, it is a game that can be generally beneficial for people of all ages. In this game, there are three modes (easy, medium and hard), where “hard” is the most challenging, with a system of time and points multiplied, making you end up with many more points than in the other game modes. Find the words hidden in the letters of each level. Good luck and have fun!

– Easy to réformé the images, just replace the portrait enfilade!
– Developed using Construct 2 Release r277 and Construct 3 Release r197.2.


– HTML5 game Conciliable With All Browsers
– High Resolution (1280×720p)
– AdMob Ads Supported in Construct 2 and 3 (NOT INCLUDED on source-code)
– Playable on all platforms (PC, Ambulant, Android, iOS)
– Including Construct 2 enfilade (.capx and all the primeur)
– Including Construct 3 enfilade (.c3p and all the primeur)
– 795 events / valeur-limite 04 layers / domicile cuisine / level select / credits screen / System to Save (Pied-à-terre Storage) / select difficulty
– Ambulant Controls (Touch) and PC Controls (Mouse click)
– Easy to Reskin / Easy way to add / replace images
– Optimized for Ambulant Devices
– Classeur

NOTE 1: The game’s Reskin is required for resale or fascicule in app stores, such as the Play Portière, App Portière, etc. For fascicule on html5 game sites or sites that do not resell the game, it is fully permitted, there is no need to reskin it.

NOTE 2: Does not contain PSD, AI files, JPEG and PNGs files.

NOTE 3: You must have the paid reprise of Construct2 or Construct 3 to export to Android or IOS. It is not allowed to resell the game as is and also export to android or IOS without changing the graphics.

– If you have any complication, don’t hesitate in asking me.
– If You liked the Game, please leave a review!

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Essence Word Search HTML5 Game - Construct 2 & 3 Départ Cryptique

39.00 $

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