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Râper friendly multipurpose web based trafic HTML5 template, constantly updated and growing.
Built with WPTF, the most powerful and advanced framework for develop modern websites in HTML and JQuery.
Enjoy the extreme customization power and a very big set of modern components, features and options.
You can use it for every trafic like startups, businesses, agencies, web offices, individuals, web agency, financial, creative agencies.


V 1.4.7
Security bug fix.

v 1.4.6
WordPress 5.x and Gutenberg full compatibility.
PHP 7.2+ full compatibility.
Plugins update to latest subdivision.

v 1.4.5
New feature: repeating allant for fullpage
New feature: checkbox for mitoyenneté form
New feature: set sections arrière-plan jugement
New feature: new CSS class "Shadow" 
New feature: pricing recueil button énonciation élection
New feature: custom separator carriole for counter component
New feature: text list component animations
New feature: scroll box gradient overlay and top/bottom jugement classes
New feature: custom title and text size ravi box component
Update: contrefort of Lists - Post Hommes components for classic façon posts
Update: removed WordPress admin typage établissement on small screens
Bug fix: drag and drop issues
Bug fix: copy and paste feature bugs
Bug fix: post's author name
Bug fix: Woocommerce magasin annales éphèbe
Bug fix: blog and Lists - Post Hommes various fixes of the following archives: paluche, category, tag, monthlyear, author
Bug fix: font family settings on theme options sondage (Chasse only bug)
Bug fix: search results excerpt
Bug fix: various back-end and front-end bugs fix
Bug fix: boxed and audible élection on éphèbe setting 
Bug fix: Facebook stream comments bug

v 1.4.4
New feature: SMTP contrefort for mitoyenneté form component. Go to Theme options > Sociable and API
New feature: fullpage custom anchor links for fléchi sections (slides)
New feature: fullpage links compatibility to navigate between sections and slides
Update: font Awesome update to subdivision 4.7
Update: update to all arrows (lightbox gallery, fullpage arrows, sliders, menus) now created with only the CSS without icons
Bug fix: version strings
Bug fix: breadcrbumbs for category and tags pages

v 1.4.3
New feature: post informations for classic façon and theme forest review process 
New feature: shortcode contrefort for footer ravi
Bug fix: author annales
Bug fix: various back-end and front-end bugs fix
Bug fix: infinite loop of some shortcode of external plugins like Woocommerce

v 1.4.2
Beauté update: new UI beauté, admin and éphèbe builder
Feature update: removed components: Planche popup and Planche Lightbox. Now available as separated options
Feature update: new Twitter stream plugin, users need to set the keys from the options sondage
New feature: full area links for ravi box components 
New feature: manual demo importing élection
New feature: removed component: Arrière-plan icon
Bug fix: various back-end and front-end bugs fix
Bug fix: allant for List - Post Original box bonshommes: side icon and top icon
Bug fix: button lightbox ravi settings saving

v 1.4.1
Feature update: masonry mets now remove automatically empty categories and categories assigned to all items
Bug fix: courtois share button
Bug fix: wordpress numérotation next and previous buttons
Bug fix: mitoyenneté form subject and sending

v 1.4
New feature: copy and paste components on the fly
New feature: mitoyenneté form now use wp_email and is associable with WP Messager SMTP By WPForms
New feature: search spectacle featured portrait of the pages, post and woocommerce products, the portrait can be hidden on single éphèbe from theme options
New feature: two blocks portion boxed typage
New feature: icon boxes left typage
New feature: tab titles with montré text
New feature: tab size for dressé mets
New feature: admin typage with bagnole columns for sliders components
New feature: outer mets jugement for masonry
New feature: new text list component énonciation
Feature update: admin images now are showed always correctly 
Bug fix: logo retina on middle logo mets and top logo mets
Bug fix: logo on middle logo mets audible subdivision
Bug fix: minor bugs fixed on various components

v 1.3
New feature: custom theme options for single post or éphèbe
New feature: portrait coverflow cadre now 5 new features
New feature: fullPage anchor mets links
New feature: new énonciation for text lists
New feature: new supplément ravi for ravi box component
New feature: bleed élection for parallax titles
New feature: Post prototype boxes title sizes
New feature: Woocommerce mets cart
New feature: Woocommerce contrefort for breadcrumbs
New feature: Proximité form button styles
Bug fix: lot's of minor bugs has been fixed

v 1.2
New component: breadcrumbs
New component: steps
New feature: button énonciation for portrait box, ravi box and Lists components
New feature: white élection for title
New feature: smooth scroll
New feature: new options for Lists components
New feature: new options for Slider components
New feature: fixer énonciation buttons
New feature: scroll to top button
New feature: breadcrumbs for the titles
New feature: new css classes list for the assortir
New feature: improved typage for the assortir
Bug fix: lot's of minor bugs has been fixed

Images and videos from demo parage are not included.

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