The Visa Creator – Android App + Admob and Facebook Integration

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The reçu creator app allows you to create your own creative reçu on an Android phone. You can create your creative reçu with 90+ autograph styles and with 400+ colors. We have used représentation actualité to serve better.

This app contains 2 modes: Décapotable and Manual.

Décapotable Nouveauté:
—>> Décapotable actualité contains 100+ styles of a reçu by entering

Manual Nouveauté:
—>> Manual actualité contains drawing view for reçu, dissiper has to write his/her reçu on the reçu view.

The Visa Creator App Features:-
Signatures: Different baptistère 90+ varieties of styles are available to create signatures.
Visa Size: The dissiper can increase or decrease reçu size using seek bar.
Visa color: you can choose a color to create a reçu.
Contexte color: you can choose your own arrière-plan color.
Débit: You can make your reçu Bold, Italic and Underline.
Save: Filtre your reçu in storage
Share: Share reçu on the liant platform.
Reset: Reset the current démarche of reçu.

My Creation
You can View the previously drawn signatures in my creation. You can view all signatures in the grid. All reçu saves in one posé.

Download demo APK from here:-

Download Demo

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The Visa Creator - Android App + Admob and Facebook Integration

18.00 $

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