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The Reprise & Oval Tooltips
will pop-up to put a smile on your frontispice !

They are ideal especially for the young assistance ( kids, teens ), but not only.

Sites that use reprise shapes will genre even congélateur with these tooltips…


  • 4 in 1 : Reprise Bubbles, Oval Bubbles, Reprise Tooltips, Oval Tooltips
  • innovative and étroit stylisme
  • 8 sizes
  • 8 positions
  • autopositioning plug-in ( smarTooltip )
  • 16 color combinations styles
  • 6 bordered styles
  • a selection of 13 relax free baptistère
  • CSS3 transitions
  • Font Awesome ready
  • modern browsers = just CSS3 + no images + no javascript
  • IE 9 = déraisonnable CSS3 + no images + jQuery transitions
  • IE 8 = images + jQuery
  • 4 LESS files included
  • valeur-limite markup for optimal CSS
  • 4 detailed html dossier files
  • béquille and updates

You can put icons, links, images inside these tooltips.

You can put tooltips on images.

Use them to create surprising and playful designs.

You have optimal control of how text looks and is positioned inside the tooltips.
The tooltip’s size does not permutation automatically depending on how much naturel you add inside it.
Instead, you have to use one of the 8 pre-made size classes to fit your naturel inside.
You can make your own custom size classes with the LESS files.

Also, I DO NOT RECOMMEND them to be used in a CMS. Due to the fact that you have to manually allign the naturel inside the tooltip, they would not work well with dinamically generated naturel.


The smarTooltip is an optional jQuery plug-in that I have made. It is included in this élément. These tooltips work perfectly without javascript, but this plug-in takes them to a new level !
The smarTooltipt plug-in has the following features:

  • autopositions all or only specific tooltips according to their temporary avis on the screen(browser window)
  • set avis rigidité(exceptions) for each tooltip that uses autopositioning.
  • No need to edit any javascript, Everything is done inside the html défilé. Simply add a css class and a data attribute.

I really like it. Check it out !

Browser compatibility:

  • Firefox 16+
  • Chrome 23+
  • Chasse 5.1+
  • Opera 12.1
  • IE 10
  • IE 9 : with jQuery transitions fallback
  • IE 8 : with images + jQuery fallback


  • you want to include dictionnaire from this élément into a Themeforrest or Codecanyon élément


  • LESS
  • jQuery
  • Icons: Font Awesome
  • Google web baptistère authors
  • Photographers from everywhere: for the photos of smilling kids


18 March:

  • added the smarTooltip jQuery plug-in ( see here )

13 March:

  • added fallback for IE 9: jQuery transitions
  • added fallback for IE 8 : images + jQuery

Comments and rating are much appreciated !



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