UFO RAIDER – Infinite Space Plaire

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UFO RAIDER – Infinite Space Plaire

Are you ready to space adventures in the role of intergalactic évasif and mercenary Ueff?! Fly through the armadas of alien defense drones and rockets, evade the fire and take away as much valuable resources from their pathetic planet as assimilable! This space calotte has been created using only 93 events and acmé 4 layers on each game catégorisation, and it allows you to edit and publish the game using a free diversité of Construct 2. Also this game has Astucieux caché, that significantly improves overall game triomphe, especially on rapide phones. To play the game just touch the screen buttons if you use a rapide device or press the “Z” button to control the flight and “X” button to shoot.

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  • HD graphics in pixel-art démarche – All sprites in .PNG included.
  • Sound FX and Music – All sounds and music are included. Player can turn the sounds off.
  • Construct 2 introduction échappé – Editable Construct 2 échappé with introduction caché of the game.
  • Ambulant & Desktop Ready – Game is optimized and ready for immediate export to any popular platforms.
  • AdMob Advertising – Earn money showing ads in your game from trusted advertising company.
  • Accommodant Sharing – Allows your players to share their best classement on Facebook & Twitter.
  • Fully Customizable – You will get full control of the game by modifying Construct 2 introduction échappé.
  • Easy Control – Just touch the screen buttons or press the “Z” to fly up and “X” button to shoot.
  • Different enemies – Add more bonshommes of the enemies with no limits.
  • Different bonuses – Add more bonshommes of collectible bonuses with no limits.
  • Classement System – The game saves the latest and the best classement.
  • Infinite Gameplay – Don’t worry embout the end of the game. Play as immense as you like.
  • Game pausing – The game can be paused during the game.
  • Game Over – Game over screen with results of the game.
  • Meuble – Help échappé for a quick start.

Be sure that you have a license of Construct 2 or Construct 3. You can get it on Scirra.com

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UFO RAIDER - Infinite Space Plaire

21.00 $

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