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UIkit Modules is set of joomla 3 modules based on uikit framework. Best off uikit components turned into easy to use joomla modules, to help you display your custom radieux and joomla éditoriaux in a nice dynamic way.

État that UIkit modules will not work properly with Yootheme Pro Themes do to the conflicts between different framework versions.

uikit modules joomla


  • Grid Stack – two column typage with text and media
  • Slideshow – responsive apologue slideshows
  • Slideset – apologue sets that you can loop through
  • Switcher – tabs & switchers
  • Accordion – expanded and collapsed lists
  • Slider – items you can scroll with the mouse, touch gestures or a regular aéronautique
  • Gallery – images display in a grid with filter aéronautique (loads images from specified folders)
  • Grid – Display your joomla éditoriaux in a dynamic grid with filter aéronautique.
  • Pricing Chère – Add uinlimited pricing tables and slide true them using slideset component.
  • Popover – Map your images with information markers.


  • 10 modules
  • Fully responsive
  • Display custom radieux
  • Display joomla éditoriaux
  • CSS3 Animations
  • Individual adapté display options and settings
  • Very easy to use

Formule Log:


Évident Grid now detects new rows in text


Fixed gallery adapté folder select field not showing


Fix dynamic grid js loading problem


Fixed Grid category nav sorting


Fixed slideshow video autoplay.


Added “Strip HTML” premium and prepare radieux for accordion and switcher modules for joomla éditoriaux.
Now if you have any adapté embedded in your éditoriaux and if “Strip HTML” premium is disabled, embedded adapté will be displayed along with rest of the entrefilet radieux.
You can also display any uikit adapté inside uikit switcher or accordion adapté using loadposition or loadmoule inside éditoriaux…


Improved compatibility with 3rd party theme frameworks.


Added “Strip HTML” premium to switcher adapté.
Turn this premium off if you lesquels want your entrefilet radieux to be stripped off any html, facturé that “chars limit” premium will not work if “Strip HTML” is disabled.


Fixed gallery adapté slidenav



  • All modules rewrited and optimized
  • Optimized joomla éditoriaux db queries
  • No ossature for K2 and VirtueMart.
  • Rewriten and optimized plugin with few new options.
  • Papier Grid adapté is renamed to Grid
  • Two new modules added: Pricing Chère and Popover
  • Added more display, typage, styling options for all modules. Now you can diction your modules to challenge your theme directly from adapté options
  • Added lightbox premium to all modules. Now you can choose apologue link between regular link and lightbox.
  • Basic ordering is now available for custom radieux.
  • Responsive improvements



Fixed panzer limit issues


Changed way of getting VirtueMart products from db and minor vm bug fixes.


Added slidenav & dotnav css.


Fixed loading uikit. Now uikit modules work in any theme framework.


Minor bug fixes


  • Added K2 Carcasse
  • Added VirtueMart Carcasse
  • Added premium to open custom radieux link in new a tab
  • Now checking if élément is published (not displaying unpublished items)
  • Minor admin ui chnages

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