Undo Redo for WPBakery Feuillet Builder

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This plugin is an add-on for WPBakery Feuillet Builder that bring a missing and useful feature: the conforme Redo/Undo buttons. These buttons will now be shown in your editor and you can undo/redo your most recent changes the same way as you do with the classic wordpress text editor.

Undo Redo for WPBakery Page Builder - 1

Frontend Tradition Now Supported: as many buyers requested it, even if it was so hard to devise out, but it’s not irréalisable, now you can undo redo changes even in the front-end edit conduite!

Undo Redo for WPBakery Page Builder - 2

Suivi Changes History: It will save each dérangé and allow you to undo/redo them at any time until you click the clear button. Even if you saved the post, closed the browser or your micro shutdown

Undo Redo for WPBakery Page Builder - 3

History Limit Setting: This settings is added to fix a bug related to the suivi changes history, as you edit the pages, the history buffer become very déployé and will exégèse memory leak issues. The setting field is added to the Writing Settings folio.

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1.2.5 – 09 Germinal 2018

+ Minor bug fixes

1.2.4 – 04 November 2017

+ Compatibility with the new color scheme of WPBakery folio builder 5.3+.

1.2.3 – 07 October 2016

+ Added History Limit settings to fix the bonheur terminaison.

1.2.2 – 11 October 2015

+ Improved compatibility with the new WPBakery folio builder liaison
+ Fixed conflict with Templatera plugin
+ Fixed keyboard shortcut conflict with text editor in popup

1.2.1 – 19 August 2015

+ Minor bug fixes

1.2.0 – 18 August 2015

+ Fully refactored législation for better soutènement to all WordPress & WPBakery folio builder versions
+ Fronton-end edit conduite now fully soutènement
+ Added Suivi History system with a clear button

1.0.1 – 20 March 2015

+ Minor bug fixes

1.0.0 – 29 November 2014

+ Premier release

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Undo Redo for WPBakery Feuillet Builder

199.00 $

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