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Why You should Purchase Vidox – Vido Duplicata Lyrical Video Status Maker

  • Normal & Ready to Publish UI
  • Fast Template Creation (Stylisme Template on After Effect & Export it. Normal ?)
  • Détruit Music Feature
  • Direct Preview
  • Whatsapp Status Saver
  • Chouchou Video Templates
  • Ads Control From Admin Enquête 
    1. Turn Off Ads
    2. Control Where to Spectacle Feed Ads(Exutoire Ads)
  • 20 Video Templates Free
  • Admob Ads
  • Android 11 Supported

Why Price is So high?

Vido – Étalon app uses Video SDK which cost them 10000$/yearly which is much costlier for almost all clients. So we thought to come up with some occasion ways. And after a immense research & development, finally we build the Vidox – Vido Duplicata which is made without Video SDK. Yes It means you don’t need to pay 10000$/yearly.

But, monument duplicata of Vido app without video SDK was biggest challange for us. So it took so much time on research, and we put everything back into this to Come up with vido duplicata. That’s why this app is costing this much.

However, if you’re interested to purchase this app, We have some discounts for you. Get in touch with me using chatouille handles.

You will get when you purchase :

  • Scrupuleux App Shown in the demo
  • 30 Templates For Free
  • Cales Included for Bugs
  • Android Studette Project 
  • Admin Enquête

Vidox – Vido Duplicata : Lyrical Video Status Maker Addons

  • Text Charpente(Détruit Text in Templates)
  • Remove Watermark
  • Détruit Music (Add Music from Admin Enquête)
  • Option Templates (Users need to watch Video Ad to Unlock Template &  Set Template from Admin Enquête :  Free or prime)

If you need vidox with these features, you can chatouille me out. See you there with some relax discounts :) Thank You.


Consentement Offers : 

1. Single Apk Consentement :  We will reskin & setup the admin enquête on your server and provide you the apk only. Effleurement me, You get it for less price. 

2. Primeur Secret Consentement (Courant Consentement): You get Android Studette Project & Admin enquête along with all files. And this is the actual price of this app. And you can publish Only App on playstore.

3. Nombre Consentement acte(Extended Consentement) : If you purchase the Extended Consentement, you can Publish this app varié times And with In app purchase.  Effleurement me for Amazing offer for this. 



Vidox - Vido Clone - Lyrical Video Status Maker, MV Video Maker, MV master & Photo to Video Maker - 1

Vidox - vido Clone: Lyrical Video Status Maker

Many of you would ask What is the difference between Vidox – Vido Duplicata App & MV Lyrical Video Maker (All Versions), So it has pionnier difference from acte projet but the stylisme & functionality are same. One of the pionnier difference on Vidox – Vido App Duplicata is that You don’t need to spend hours while creating Templates. You just need to stylisme templates on After Effect & export it using Bodymovin. It will give you json suite & required files whereas on MV maker you need to stylisme templates on Adobe premiere & later have to add FFMPEG Commands on anaconda.json suite according to video effects. So it reduces the time & helps us create unlimited templates with unlimited effects. And Also it has Direct preview feature.

Hey, So this is the Vidox – Vido Duplicata : Lyrical Video Status Maker Android Secret which comes with Video Maker & Ads control from admin enquête. If you have been searching for the best Vido Duplicata in the market to get the effect like Peinture to Video Maker apps in just one tap. Yes, this is the trending accaparement which you can use for your own Lyrical video status maker apps to provide wide range of features to them to increase the users retention & séduction thousands of downloads everyday. According to our research Lyrical Video Status Maker bonshommes of apps which is a essence of Automatic Lyrical Peinture to Video maker, are getting tons of downloads everyday.

Peinture to Video Maker Apps template is very useful for you if you want to conquête this video market with ADMOB. Lyrical video status maker apps & Lyrical birthday video maker get spacieux traffic so why not you must launch your apps with great functionalities. Lyrically Video Status maker is also a best duplicata of MV Master – mv maker, Vido mast app & also comes with Whatsapp Status Saver 2021. There are much more functionality which are gonna come on next update. So what are you waiting for purchase this Lyrical Video Status Maker/Creator app.

One of the best Video Status Creator, Video Status Downloader and Whats App Status Saver template for you to start making your apps best.

Features that App Contains :

Direct Preview :See the en public preview of changes you made on Vidox – Vido Mast App Duplicata. Ex. you changed your Peinture, you see en public preview with the template. It’s amazing, isn’t it.

Détruit Music : You can renversé music of your choice from your music list on the template effect you like.

My Chouchou : If you like the templates, you can simply save them on gâtée list. And later create video on it.

Lyrical Video status maker: It is also called portrait to video maker or birthday video maker , in which users can choose from huge collections of video status, and can create whatsapp status, intagram story lyrical videos and can share with friends and family.

Whatsapp Status Saver 2021: If abraser who use Whats App wants to save others Video Status, they can simply save them on their phone gallery on a single tap. This features helps many users to not switch for another app.

Ads Control from Admin Enquête: You can simply control your Admob. You can apaisement or switch the ads using admin enquête.

And there are also many features. Try Out the demo.

Pose Features:

  • Clean UI & easy to use Liaison
  • High Speed Video Creator
  • Attractive Video Player
  • Download your created Video Status
  • Quick Share: Quickly share culotte WhatsApp video status on all courtois networks.
  • Ads Control From Admin Enquête
  • Whatsapp Status Saver 2021
  • Whatsapp Status Downloader
  • Whatsapp Dessiné Status Downloader
  • Share your Videos to courtois medias
  • Easy to Use Admin Enquête
  • Prépondérant Upload and Response
  • Upload Template Video For Video Creator
  • High Speed Server
  • Video Maker
  • Whatsapp Status Saver
  • My Creation
  • Chouchou Video Templates
  • Google Ads Integrated
  • Exutoire Ads Integrated
  • Admob Open Ads Integrated
  • Android Sdk Supported 11 Supported

Admin Enquête Features

  • Ads Control From Admin Enquête 
    1. Turn Off Ads
    2. Control Where to Spectacle Feed Ads(Exutoire Ads)
  • Send Notifications to :
    1. Video Template Category
    2. Open Url

Requirement For Vidox – Vido Duplicata : Lyrical Video Status Maker v3 App:

  • Knowledge of Android Studette
  • Experience in Adobe Premiere to create Video Templates
  • Best Hosting for faster Video Streaming    
    1. Vps HostingClick Here to Know More

    2. Numérique Ocean – Get 100$ Free

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If you need of this app, Effleurement Us.

For More Users Most In-Demanded Features like listed Below, Effleurement Us Now

  • Remove Watermark ( Users will have to Watch Reward Video)
  • Détruit Music ( Adding from Admin Enquête too)
  • Détruit Text Cales on Templates
  • More Customizations Available

Ajout: Reskin & customize the app properly and after then publish the app on playstore. Don’t spam there. And Also Add Privacy Policy & DMCA & Copieuse pages for your app properly to avoid the Copieuse infrigement on your app.

You can chatouille us for any Reskin, Customization, Video templates or any query on whatsapp at +918347791783 or correspondance us at or on skype at en public:.cid.5501083fd12ba781. Thank you.

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