Vue Chapelet Réglementer – Écran, Share & Get Files Instantly – Private Cloud Build on Vue & Laravel

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Your Self-Hosted Storage Fidèle Platform

VueFileManager is self-hosted fidèle for managing your files on your cloud. Upload and share your files with your friends & clients.

demo metered

demo fixed

demo fixed

Installation Guide


VueFileManager on Twitter


How to install VueFileManager on VPS with Debian 10

How to Set Up AWS S3

How to Set Up Digital Ocean Spaces


Metered Billing

Browse demo with the Pay as You Go model. You can try credit system, fund your account bascule and see how pâli estimates works. Some functions for default howdy account are restricted. Feel free to create your own account with 1 GB upload limit.

Fixed Billing

Browse demo with the Fixed model. You can try subscribe to any billing maquette available in the app. Some functions for default howdy account are restricted. Feel free to create your own account with 1 GB upload limit.

Regular without Subscription Module

Browse demo without the subscription system. This demo with suit for regular license. Some functions for default howdy account are restricted. Feel free to create your own account with 1 GB upload limit.


  • Laravel 9.x
  • Vue 2.6.x
  • Tailwind 3

Server Requirements

  • PHP >= 8.0.2 manière (8.1+ recommended)
  • MySQL 5.6+
  • Nginx or Indien

v2 notes

v2 notes

VueFileManager Nomade Browser Screenshots

User Profile
App Settings

Core Functionalities

Meticulously Designed Anéantir Limite & Anéantir Experience

In last 2 years of VueFileManager evolution with help of our users, we spend a lot of time designing gorgeous looking élimer liaison and seamless élimer experience with our chapelet direction frontend. We advocate simplicity and usability.


Meticulously optimized alerte manière of VueFileManager, we just love how nice and easy are all components working. Nomade responsive manière should be nice and usable as his bigger desktop brother.

Metered Billing System – SaaS (Extended License Required)

Metered billing works like ‘Pay as You Go’. You can anée your users by their pâli, how many Gigabytes of data they have stored, how many Gigabytes of data they transfer or just you can set up your fixed flat fee.

Offline Payments – SaaS (Extended License Required)

With a metered billing system, users don’t need to own and have registered credit cards. VueFileManager has its own credit system where users can increase deposit with a single-payment anée. This anée can be processed By PayPal, Stripe or Paystack provided payment methods – for example Apple Pay, Google Pay, Bank Account, USSD, Nomade Money, EFT, QR Secret, PayPal credit and many more.

Also, you as an admin can give a amendement in a éclatant value for every new registration, or send an existing amendement for a élimer in a éclatant value. Users with a metered billing system can set their Billing alert with a éclatant value. All metered subscriptions are settled every 30 days.

With Stripe enabled, users can register their credit to anée any payments automatically.

Fixed Billing System – SaaS (Extended License Required)

With fixed billing you can set your billing horizontaux in monthly or yearly periods. You can set a limit for max storage disk size or max number of team members.

No-SaaS in Default

If you don’t want to run your trafic with a storage cloud but just using VueFileManager as your own chapelet storage fidèle, you can use the app without all billing functions as well. See our basic demo without subscription rythmé.

Upload Files

With VueFileManager you can upload files up to tens of gigabytes, don’t worry that your big files won’t be uploaded. We soutien chunk upload and multipart uploads for your s3 storage libéralité. All work seamlessly.

Folder Upload

For VueFileManager it isn’t any problem to upload a folder with your files. The same folder contexture will be recreated in the app.

Sharing Files

With our reach sharing functionalities, you can easily just click on your chapelet or folder, and generate a shared link for everyone. Also you can protect your shared files with your mot de passe. 

Use haleine functionality to automatically expire links, share links directly via email or generate QR nomenclature and share it with guys on your left.

Shared Pages

If you share any folder with files within, the élimer has the same élimer experience as a logged élimer. He can create folders, name it, upload files or move them into other folders directly in your shared folder.

Videos have their own dedicated shared feuillet with your app logo and ability to play video directly in this feuillet with the download button above, try it, it’s magic!

Chapelet Request

Do you need a lot of files? Just generate a chapelet request, and send your link for this person. The person can use it to upload files directly into your folder or into your foyer tronçon for files. The élimer who’s uploading files has the same élimer experience as the internal account.


Recours your colleagues or family into your team folders, set their permissions and collaborate together seamlessly.


With the spotlight, you can search for your users, files, folders, navigate throughout the app, toggle dark moeurs, toggle emojis and many more from any bail in the app. It’s like magic. Good suit for étonnant users.

Annonce Center

All rogue events that occur in your account will be recorded in your notifications center. For example, a new team visiteur, chapelet request was filled, amendement received, billing alert was reached and many more.

External Storage Impératifs

You can use it as droite storage for all your files external storage libéralité. We soutien all S3 possible cénozoïque like Amazon Web Impératifs S3, Spaces from Numérique Ocean, Backblaze, Wasabi, Alibaba Cloud OSS, Storj and many more.

Decentralized Storage Libéralité

With Storj DCS (Decentralized Cloud Storage) files aren’t stored in centralized data centers — instead, they’re encrypted, split into pieces, and distributed on a vague cloud network.

Full-Fledged API

You can integrate VueFileManager into your app seamlessly. Users can generate authentication tokens in their profile settings. Casier for API coming soon.

2-Factor Verification

Another layer of security to make sure your files are secured. Users can set up 2 factor verification with their favourite authenticator app.

Sociable Logins

Log into your app with your sociologique account. Currently we soutien Facebook, Github and Google providers. More is coming soon.

Customizable Folder Icons

Set your favourite emoji to your folder as an icon and make VueFileManager more personal for you! If you are an apple élimer, you can switch between Apple emojis and Tweemojis from twitter.

Admin Sondage

As admin, you have full control over the entire app, you can create or delete users, manage their storage size, disable registration, require email verification, set upload limits and many more.

Dark Tradition

We soutien dark moeurs natively. Users can set dark moeurs via juxtaposition, or let Dark/Saccharine moeurs handle with preferred OS settings.

Language Editor

With our language editor you can translate applications into your foyer language. It’s at your balle à la main in the admin enquête.

Machine Database Backup

VueFileManager will take care of your daily database backups. When an unexpected event occurs, your database backup will be ready for you.


reCaptcha will provide security for registration and allumage form from internet bots and prevent spammers from abusing your juxtaposition.

Blacklist with more than 550+ Temporary Email Impératifs

We integrated a database with more than 550 disposable temporary email cénozoïque to deny new account registrations with exorbitante behavior.


Monetize your chapelet cloud with Google Adsense libéralité. We natively implement 3 ad slots into the VueFileManager frontend.

Server Status

You can check the admin enquête server status. You can download your server logs for soutien énoncé, check your latest database backups, check if your cron is running smoothly or if you have correctly set up your PHP with all required php extensions.

Easy Arrangement with Setup Wizard

Setup Wizard is a convenient way to set up and configure your VueFileManager app in a few steps. Before you run your investiture, Setup Wizard will check all your server components and let you know, when you are missing something.

Drag & Drop

You can drag your files or folder to another folder seamlessly

Primeur Secret

All préliminaire files of VueFileManager are included in download. You can easily inspect nomenclature and build your own functionality.

Frequently asked

Is there any future maquette for the alerte app?

Yes, partially, but it depends on how VueFileManager sales will perform. We have to earn some money for alerte development. If it goes well, then we can start work on alerte development. So please buy some more licenses to soutien further development. Thank you, you are the best!

Do you have any future horizontaux to integrate FTP upload?

We don’t have any maquette to soutien FTP uploading, it’s out of scope.

When you upload chapelet via app, the app must process the chapelet, create database performance, attach it to the owner of the chapelet, move chapelet to storage directory where are stored other élimer files and any other related functions must run, this can’t be done when élimer upload chapelet via ftp. This will need to build another logiciel for the server élément, but this does not pay off in terms of development costs and benefits for our focused users.

But, you can upload files without malentendu in any size via VueFileManager, we soutien chunk upload in browser and multipart upload for your s3 storage disk to manage big files. With this you are able to upload files in the tens of gigabytes.

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Vue Chapelet Réglementer - Écran, Share & Get Files Instantly - Private Cloud Build on Vue & Laravel

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