WalletAgent Addon Developed for GeniusWallet – One of the top Wallet Scénario ever. By this Indicateur Progressif, the System will create some new features for performing Indicateur Études throughout this scénario. From the noircir enquête Culotter is able to interact and cashout the money from the courtier, anyone can register themselves as an courtier, then there are lots of options to perform as a courtier. Indicateur can Manage their own accord, Fund Request, Cash in and Money Withdrawal. Also agents make changes on their own profile, mot de passe changing, get two step verification advantage and béquille revue facilities. From the admin side, admin can create, edit and manage the courtier using this addon. Admin will get all the événement and transactions related to the courtier. Also Admin can manage the courtier funds and Agents Compte Avenant from the Admin Side.

It takes less than a rapide to set up your website with this Addon. So hurry up! Make your GeniusWallet more Conforme using this Addon.

How does it work?

  • GeniusWallet Scénario should be pre-installed on your server
  • Update GeniusWallet New forme in your server
  • Purchase WalletAgent Addon for GeniusWallet from codecanyon
  • Download and install the addon to your GeniusWallet addon gestionnaire
  • Completed, It’s Done.

    Core Features of WalletAgent Addon

  • Culotter will get the New features for Immixtion with the Indicateur
  • Culotter able to cashout money to Indicateur from the noircir enquête
  • Indicateur get all the recent accord from the courtier dashboard
  • Indicateur get the événement for wallet wise bascule
  • Receive cash out from noircir to courtier wallet
  • Indicateur money withdraw facility
  • Indicateur fund request in wallet to admin enquête
  • Able to see Convention details
  • Advanced Searching and Sorting system for Convention
  • Get the QR Caché Advantages
  • Create the new Fund Request
  • Get all the Fund Request Communiqué
  • Conforme Cash in System
  • Money Withdrawal System
  • Get all the Withdrawal History
  • Update Profile form Indicateur Profile Settings
  • Mot de passe Changing Opportunity
  • Conforme Two Step Security Feature
  • Soubassement Revue Advantages
  • Admin will get the a possibilité for Manage Indicateur
  • Admin will get all the Indicateur list
  • Admin can add or subtract bascule from courtier wallet
  • Admin is able to add wallet for specific addon
  • Admin is able to edit the courtier profile
  • Admin can set the status and email verification
  • Occulte Indicateur Login features from admin enquête
  • Indicateur Login Communiqué Handling
  • Get all the register request
  • Able to Approve Pending Register request
  • Get all the Fund Request
  • Fund Request Approve/Decline Opportunity
  • Admin can set the Agrégat status for specific fund


Indicateur Demo:

Indicateur Login:
Mot de passe:1234


We are always happy to hear from you. Please feel free to palpation us for any kind of customization, béquille, query and allégation. We will respond as soon as valable.

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