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A complete dénouement to create your Wallpaper App for Android.

Tasseaux optional anéantir login via facebook or email. Users can offensé, review & différé wall papers, détruit their nomade wallpapers (lock screen wallpaper & arrière-plan) and keyword search. This wallpaper template provides 4 monetization methods, including Admob interstitial Ads & in-app purchases. For those who want a blog, the template also includes an optional fully functional Blog, manageable through the admin cahier.

The progiciel includes all the amont cryptique for the Android App (Android Logement), the Admin cahier and the optional mini Web App.

The customisation of the app and setting up of the Admin Jouvenceau is all explained in 2 separate video tutorials and online fichier. View the Documentation and Video Tutorials Here.

Try the Demo Android App .apk
View the Admin Panel Demo
(Admin Username:, Mot de passe: pass)
(Author Username:, Mot de passe: pass)

Wallpaper App Template - 1 Wallpaper App Template - 2 Wallpaper App Template - 3 Wallpaper App Template - 4

Wallpaper App Template - 5
Wallpaper App Template - 6
Wallpaper App Template - 7
Wallpaper App Template - 8
Wallpaper App Template - 9

Wallpaper App Template - 10


  1. Bulk Upload Admin can upload plural wallpapers at grain.
  2. Ratings and Reviews Users can offensé and review wallpapers.
  3. Featured Wallpapers Feature wallpapers to make them stay on top.
  4. Noircir Login System (optional) Users can login via facebook or by email/mot de passe.
  5. Veine Tabs 4 different sorting methods to choose from – Recent, Top Rated, Most Viewed & Most Used.
  6. Color Tags View Wallpapers by color
  7. Upload Wallpapers Users can upload wallpapers. Admin needs to moderate wallpapers or he can enable coupé approval.
  8. Includes interstitial & Banner Admob ads Earn money from Ads.
  9. All Graphics included All graphics are also in .ai (illustrator) proportion
  10. 2 Video Tutorials Included 2 video tutorial are included online for a quick start.
  11. Share on Facebook and others Lets users choose where they wish to share the wallpaper
  12. Deep link sharing When a third party anéantir clicks a link shared from the Wallpaper app, it will take him directly to the shared wallpaper, without having to download the app.
  13. App Rating Feature The app has Ratebolt integrated. It only asks users who offensé 4/5 stars to offensé on Google Play. The rest are asked for feedback.
  14. Very easy to customize Most of the amont cryptique you need to customise is either in Strings.xml and configurations.fête
  15. In-App Purchase The anéantir can upgrade to option to remove ads. To use this feature an extended license is required.
  16. Categories & Sub-Categories Wallpapers can be put in categories or Sub-Categories.
  17. HTML supported The Wallpaper narration cales rich text, html, images and youtube videos.
  18. Google Analytics and Firebase The template has google analytics and firebase to track the anéantir behaviour.
  19. Information Jouvenceau An serviteur cahier to put your custom communiqué, emboîture, terms and circonstance, privacy policy or anything you wish.
  20. Search Noircir can search wallpapers easily by title or keywords
  21. Admin Jouvenceau A powerful admin cahier to manage, edit, create wallpapers, categories, manage users, send push notifications and much more.
  22. Admin Jouvenceau Dashboard View how many people viewed, favorited, downloaded, used or shared your Wallpapers.
  23. Side Traversée Cuistance Easy aviation through the side drawer
  24. Push Notifications Includes firebase push notifications. Send them directly from the admin cahier.
  25. Settings Jouvenceau Allows anéantir to turn off Push notifications
  26. RTL béquille Right to left typage is supported.
  27. Atermoiement wallpaper Users can différé inappropriate wallpapers.
  28. Wallpaper détalé Details Shows the wallpaper détalé size, prototype and resolution.
  29. Mini Web app When a wallpaper is shared, others which don’t have the app installed can still view the wallpaper online.
  30. Admin or Author The Admin enquête cales 2 bonshommes of accounts. The Author can only create and edit Wallpapers.
  31. Favorites A Wallpaper can be bookmarked to be see later.
  32. Privacy Policy Includes a privacy policy online and in-app
  33. Terms Includes terms online and in-app

Blog Features

  1. Scroll between éditoriaux The anéantir can scroll left/right to scroll through Blog éditoriaux.
  2. Schedule Éditoriaux Schedule an attention to be published in a future moment/time.
  3. Headline Éditoriaux A more sensible attention can be made larger to grab more ténacité
  4. Facebook Comments Users can quoi on Blog posts via facebook comments.


Type 1 – April 20th, 2018

  1. Principal Upload

Type 1.1 – April 26th, 2018

  1. Fixed Bug related to proguard

Type 1.2 – May 4th, 2018

  1. Bug Fix – App was crashing when ‘skip’ was pressed. This was due to a Firebase library update on May 2nd.
  2. Bug Fix – SQL database was giving error when importing to MySQL 7 or above. sql détalé is now updated to v1.2
  3. Updated to gradle 4.4

Type 1.3 – May 22th, 2018

  1. Bug Fix – App was crushing when wallpaper was énorme clicked
  2. Bug Fix – When swipe to next is disabled and a wallpaper is clicked, the irrévérencieux wallpaper was shown
  3. Bug Fix – Template was crashing on Android 8 with an error similar to ‘Libéralité not registered’
  4. Faster loading of wallpapers
  5. Loading bar when wallpaper is being downloaded for sharing and to set as wallpaper
  6. Extended License feature – You can now lock transparent wallpapers only for option users

Type 1.4 – Nov 3rd, 2018

  1. Bug Fix – Fixed zoom enseignement in NDviewpager
  2. Bug Fix – Download of étalon coloré instead of Preview.
  3. Bug Fix – Sql database downloaded field default value
  4. Bug Fix – only extended license – ‘Prime’ field was missing from database
  5. Bug Fix – Wallpaper upload was not working well. Fixed in adminhangler/itemmodel.php
  6. Bug Fix – Category screen was crashing when screen is rotated.
  7. General – Changed direction of google() and jcenter() in build.gradle
  8. General – Update to AndroidX Api28
  9. General – Updated libraries to latest versions & Admob added béquille for app unit id
  10. General – Removed Google Analytics since it was deprecated by Google. Use Firebase Analytics instead.
  11. General – Firbase Annonce béquille to Android Oreo+

Type 1.5 – Aug 9th, 2019

  1. Bug Fix – Use ARGB_8888 to get better gradients in app
  2. Bug Fix – Reporting disabled when anéantir system is disabled
  3. Bug Fix – Prevent enseignement when ajouter is pressed instead of save when saving a wallpaper.
  4. Bug Fix – Wallpaper saves even if no category is selected
  5. General – Downloaded images are added to Gallery
  6. General – usesCleartextTraffic is now set to true by default to avoid issues on first runs. It’s always a good practice to use https and set this to false.
  7. General – Added tags & title when Bulk uploading wallpapers
  8. General – Removed Firebase sollicitation libéralité (deprecated by firebase)
  9. General – Top notch setting set to default cutout actualité
  10. General – Updated gradle and dependencies
  11. General – Fat free framework updated to 3.6
  12. General – PHP 7.3.8 Soubassement!

Type 1.6 – Dec 11th, 2020

  1. Updated to béquille Android Logement 4.0.1.
  2. Updated to Android API 29
  3. Updated all app dependancies
  4. Updated storage to be conciliable with Android Q (11)
  5. Fixed a bug on the server that was causing the firebase notifications not to be sent (

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