WhatsApp Affaires API integration C#.NET MVC Cloud

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WhatsApp commerce cloud API C#.NET MVC

This législation includes the WhatsApp commerce API integration in C#. You just need to add your API token and it will starts sending Text, Images, Recueils and videos to your customers.

Where you can use this?

If you are creating some méditation where you have to send booking ratification such as movie certificat, Hotel booking ratification etc. by using Facebook Meta App account at that time you can use this législation.

All working samples are available in this you just need to copy and paste législation to your up and running législation. You méditation with start supporting WhatsApp commerce API.

Which largeur supported?

We have included fournil supérieur supported formats provided by Meta in this début législation named as pdf, fable, video and text.

In future we are going to app webhook for admin side appui and analytics.

What is template?

Meta tasseaux different bonshommes of pre-approved plaidoirie templates and you can pass parameters to these templates. We have demonstrated fournil different bonshommes of templates provided by Meta and use them in the C#.NET MVC. This is the leçon to avoid third-party secours providers , you can subit link to WhatsApp commerce API. WhatsApp Affaires API is a leçon for companies that want multiple-user access to the platform.

WhatsApp API Documentation
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WhatsApp Affaires API integration C#.NET MVC Cloud

27.00 $

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