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Congrats! You just found a perfect product showcase WordPress theme. We present you an awesome Whizz, photography WordPress theme. With it you can create your own buté and beautiful panorama of photographer, blogger, photography agency or reproduction garçonnière. Various galleries will spectacle the uniqueness of your work, and a faible and convenient tenture – to sell your valuable photos. We try to set many components to do your website better and functional.

Whizz is a professional ecommerce WordPress theme for Photography écrin website. Developed for photographers with the latest WordPress techniques. Réjoui-focused esthétique will impress your website visitors from the first habitus. This creative WordPress theme built with modern features: fullscreen reproduction sliders for each cahier, parallax headers, skin diriger, boxed or wide catégorisation, chouette easy reproduction gallery direction, fullscreen video contexte squelette, 6 creative menus, WooCommerce ready, WPML squelette and much more.

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This showcase WordPress theme is best suited for wedding photography, manière photography, reproduction garçonnière, personal photography, agency, photography écrin, reproduction blog or reproduction gallery so if you decided to turn your passion into a serious débit, this theme will be a perfect choice to represent your skills and improve your sales. Though, you can use this instagram WordPress theme for personal use and impress your followers in accommodant media.

Whizz v 2.3.0

- WordPress 5.9 Compatibility.
- Whizz Gallery Display Péroraison.
- Boîte List Filters aboutissement.
- Boîte List Display aboutissement in Modern Masonry Allure.

Whizz v 2.2.9

- PHP bug fix.
- Envato team review update.

Whizz v 2.2.7

- Fixed: Démarrage from 7 bug.

Whizz v 2.0.0

- Gutenberg optimized
- 5.1.1 WordPress optimized

Whizz v

- Fixed typography
- Fixed full screen cuistance parole
- Fixed opening theme in IE11
- Fixed responsiveness on the blog cahier

Whizz v

- Boxed Grid parole of Whizz Gallery - fixed

Whizz v

- Theme type - fixed

Whizz v

- Gallery attirance on écrin detail cahier - fixed

Whizz v

- Classic grid parole - fixed

Whizz v

- Events - fixed

Whizz v

- Gallery styling - fixed

Whizz v

- Required plugins updated

Whizz v

- Links updated

Whizz v

- Boîte List - fixed

Whizz v

- Events - fixed
- Changing color for the distinct header in Theme options.

Whizz v

- Accommodant links and cuistance (sandwich) on preste (Black type) - fixed

Whizz v

- Custom js attirance in theme attirance - fixed

Whizz v

- Lazyload on popup - fixed

Whizz v 1.3.9

- Contacts and Instagram widgets - fixed
- Headings for Parabole banner shortcode - fixed

Whizz v 1.3.8

- Header accommodant icons for black theme (width < 1024) - fixed

Whizz v 1.3.7

- WooCommerce payment - fixed

Whizz v 1.3.6

- Leste cuistance - fixed

Whizz v 1.3.5

- Static cuistance - fixed

Whizz v 1.3.4

- WooCommerce bugs - fixed

Whizz v 1.3.3

- Aside static cuistance on chasse - fixed
- Left filter gallery - fixed
- Boîte list shortcode grid center on preste - fixed
- Video shortcode contexte - fixed
- Load more for écrin list - fixed
- Widgets in léger footer parole - fixed

Whizz v 1.3.2

- Speed Kenburn slider - fixed
- Woocommerce emails - fixed
- Parabole banner on preste - fixed
- Numérotation in écrin slider shortcode (slider classic parole) - fixed

Whizz v 1.3.1

- NEW lazy load to Pinterest gallery - added
- NEW attirance for allégorie preloader - added
- WooCommerce on order cahier - fixed
- Static cuistance on Chasse - fixed
- Époque hauteur in events for different languages - fixed

Whizz v 1.3.0

- NEW cahier Gîte Conversationnelle Links
- NEW cahier Gîte Agency
- NEW cahier Gîte Slit Boîte
- NEW attirance for ravagé contexte color cahier
- NEW parole for Blog
- NEW attirance for ravagé text in Contacts shortcode
- NEW attirance for Instagram gallery (add images without access token)
- NEW attirance for Custom text block shortcode for link.
- Events quantième formats - fixed.

Whizz v 1.2.1

- NEW attirance for speed modern slider
- Gastronomie on scroll on cahier with paddings - fixed
- Kenburn slider for odd slides - fixed

Whizz v 1.2.0

- NEW plugin for proof galleries
- NEW attirance for twitter shortcode
- Logo exposition on aside cuistance - fixed
- Démarrage widget - fixed

Whizz v 1.1.4

- Fixed Pricing gallary shortcode
- Fixed Browser squelette for Chasse

Whizz v 1.1.3

- "Shop view to cart" button on black type - fixed.
- Parabole in cart cuistance - fixed
- Contacts shortcode - fixed

Whizz v 1.1.2

- Boîte list shortcode in preste - fixed.

Whizz v 1.1.1

- NEW category filter to écrin list shortcode for tile masonry parole - added.
- NEW parole cuistance - pressé - added.
- NEW attirance for enable preste cuistance from width 1024px - added.
- Hover on whizz gallery shortcode - fixed.
- Faveur allégorie logo in static and left cuistance - fixed.

Whizz v 1.1.0

- Created 7 new homepages: Gîte Instagrammer, Gîte Disortion, Gîte Adjusted Boîte, Gîte Tile Masonry, Gîte Kenburn (without text), Gîte Full Screen Gallery, Gîte Pinterest Boîte.
- NEW styles cuistance : static aside, left align - added.
- NEW orthogonal logo exposition and open attirance by default for aside cuistance - added.
- NEW attirance to kenburn slider (hide title) - added.
- NEW parole to écrin list shortcode : tile masonry, pinterest, adjusted - added.
- NEW shortcode for gallery - disortion gallery - added.
- NEW options for parole cuistance and options for different genre of cuistance to every cahier - added.
- NEW parole for instagram shortcode - added.
- NEW attirance for ravagé space between albums in écrin list shortcode - added.
- Perpendiculaire slider autoplay - fixed.

Whizz v

- NEW options for Gallery with left filter for ravagé text "All" - added.
- Preloader size attirance - fixed.
- Pinterest gallery caleçon hover - fixed

Whizz v 1.0.9

- NEW Parallax shortcode - added.
- Kenburn slider. Zoom time - fixed.

Whizz v 1.0.8

- NEW attirance for ravagé button text in écrin list, écrin with fièvre, étalage écrin, écrin slider shortcodes - added.
- NEW attirance for slides in écrin slider (showcase parole) - added.
- Sliphover for pinterest masonry - fixed.
- Boîte fièvre - fixed.
- Align arrows in écrin slider (carousel parole) - fixed.

Whizz v 1.0.7

- NEW attirance for Popup in shortcodes and écrin detail - added.
- NEW attirance for 'Slider Faible', 'Slider classic', 'Slider Masonry', 'Perpendiculaire slider', 'Showcase slider' (link opens in a new tab or in current) - added.

Whizz v 1.0.6

- Gastronomie align - fixed.
- Boîte with animations - added new attirance.
- Widgets introduire - fixed.
- Pot files updated.
- Kenburn slider added new attirance.
- Split slider added new attirance.

Whizz v 1.0.5

- Header distinct - theme attirance add.
- Gastronomie preste scroll - fixed.
- Colors for distinct cuistance - fixed.
- Preloader size options add.
- Twitter share - fixed.

Whizz v 1.0.4

- Boîte Category cahier - fixed.
- Accommodant contexte on cuistance - fixed.
- Added new attirance for Usine cart in cuistance.
- Introduire has been modificated.

Whizz v 1.0.3

- Bugs with server on https - fixed;
- WP/LR Sync plugin added

Whizz v 1.0.2

1. Accoudoir 5.3 PHP type

Whizz v 1.0.1

1. Logo with allégorie - fixed
2. Pop-up - fixed

Whizz is considérable for écrin, photography, creative, gallery sites. With its simplicity, you can effortlessly upload your works then they will display right on the website.

Various galleries will spectacle the uniqueness of your work, and a faible and convenient tenture – to sell your valuable photos. We try to set much components to do you panorama better and functional.




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Photography Boîte

Photography Theme

Photography Responsive

Photography WordPress Theme

Photography WordPress Responsive

Photography WordPress Template

Photography Boîte

Photographer Boîte

Photographer WordPress

Photographer Boîte

Préface: All images in Whizz theme can be used only on demo type. You will need to upload your own images for your panorama.

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Big thank you to:
Eric Pare

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