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WooСommerce amoCRM Integration is a amoCRM combination plugin for WordPress that makes it truly basic to send your WooСommerce orders straight to your amoCRM account. After the combination, developed the orders are immediately included as result in the defined account in amoCRM, along with added information.

Benefits of our plugin:

Benefits of our plugin


  • Integrate your `WooСommerce` orders with amoCRM.
  • Integrate your `WooСommerce` clients with amoCRM.
  • Creation of the lead, happens along with the development / binding of the get in touch with as well as business. (if their areas are filled up).
  • Custom areas are filled from the CRM.
  • Sending information regarding the items in order to the lead (in note).
  • Supports “Products” in amoCRM (if collaborate with “Products” is made it possible for in your account, the plugin will immediately produce items in the listing as well as affix them to the lead).
  • Supports for sending out order standing adjustments.
  • Supports for obtaining order standing adjustments from CRM (through webhook amoCRM – collaborate with webhooks is offered in amoCRM at strategies beginning with `Advanced`).
  • Support producing job to lead.
  • Sending in 2 settings: when check out / standing adjustment, or with a small hold-up through `WP Cron`.
  • Supports for `utm` params in `LINK` to utilize.
  • Supports for `roistat_visit` cookie to utilize.
  • Supports for `GA Client ID` cookie to utilize.
  • Multiple pipe assistance.
  • Bulk order sending out ability.
  • Image sneak peeks.
  • Super simple to set up!

Important notes:

  • The plugin needs a minimal 3.* `WooBusiness` variation.

How do I obtain updates?

For details regarding the brand-new variation as well as the setup of updates, you can utilize the plugin from Envato – Envato Market WordPress Plugin.



WooСommerce amoCRM Интеграция это плагин интеграции с amoCRM для WordPress, который позволит вам легко отправить ваши WooBusiness заказы в ваш amoCRM аккаунт. После интеграции, создаваемые заказы будут автоматически добавлены, как сделка в указанном аккаунте amoCRM, вместе с дополнительными данными.

Преимущества нашего плагина:

Преимущества нашего плагина


  • Интегрирует `WooBusiness` заказы с amoCRM.
  • Интегрирует `WooBusiness` клиентов с amoCRM.
  • Создание сделки происходит вместе с созданием / привязкой контакта и компании. (если поля заполнены)
  • Пользовательские поля загружаются из CRM.
  • Отправка данных о товарах из заказа в сделку (в примечании).
  • Поддерживает “Товары” в amoCRM (если работа с “Товары” включена в вашем аккаунте, то плагин будет автоматически создавать товары в списке и привязывать их к сделке).
  • Поддержки отправки изменений статуса заказа.
  • Поддержка получения изменения статуса заказа из CRM (через вебхук amoCRM – работа с вебхуками доступна в amoCRM на планах начиная с “Расширенный”).
  • Поддержка создания задачи по сделке.
  • Отправка в двух режимах: сразу при оформлении/смене статуса или с небольшой задержкой через `WP Cron`.
  • Поддержка `utm` параметров `LINK`.
  • Поддержка `roistat_visit` cookie для использования.
  • Поддержка `GA Client ID` cookie для использования.
  • Поддержка нескольких воронок.
  • Возможность ручной массовой отправки заказов.
  • Изображения для предпросмотра.
  • Очень легко настраивается!


  • Для работы плагина требуется плагин `WooBusiness` версии не ниже 3.*

Как получать обновления?

Для информации о новой версии и установки обновлений, вы можете использовать плагин от Envato – Envato Market WordPress Plugin.

== Changelog ==

= 2.9.0 =
Feature: assistance sending out cookie `_ym_uid`.
Feature: included brand-new tags - [order_comments], [order_total_without_shipping_and_tax].

= 2.7.2 =
Fixed: accessibility to the order item when upgrading areas.
Fixed: re-setting the quantity in the lead after completing the items to ensure that the worth of the quantity precisely matches the website.
Feature: capacity to disable sending out standing adjustments.
Feature: optional sending out adjustments by areas when sending out standing adjustments (or order transformed) for a lead (after the initial information sending out).

= 2.5.2 =
Fixed: discharged send out when restore order `WooBusiness Subscriptions`.
Chore: utilize `webpack` to develop possessions.
Feature: capacity to erase all order relate to amoCRM leads.

= 2.4.1 =
Chore: capacity to alter the redirect web link for combination.
Feature: established just one last coordinating standing, because if one phase is defined in a number of conditions, after that this produces a number of standing adjustment occasions (amo webhook handling).
Feature: program delivery product meta information from the plugin `WooBusiness Local Pickup Plus`
Feature: program delivery product meta information in note.

= 2.1.11 =
Chore: small renovations in downloading and install the log with the admin panel.
Chore: reveal lead id in order listing.
Chore: eliminate the lower at the start as well as at the end of the domain name, as the individual can mistakenly suggest this.
Fixed: included hold-up when refining amocrm occasion, because this can produce a wrong habits with a reverse adjustment in order standing.
Fixed: compatibility with WP 5.5
Chore: tidy auth code after ajax check.
Chore: compatibility contact WC 4.4
Chore: possibly vacant areas in `order` area check out areas.
Fixed: produce amo item procedure.
Chore: handling impaired combination mistake.
Fixed: the reasoning of examining the combination task when showing a product in the mass activities of the order listing.
Feature: included brand-new tag - [order_currency].
Feature: consent procedure in amoCRM transformed to oauth2 (utilizing api secret is no more appropriate).

= 1.32.0 =
Feature: included brand-new tag - [order_total_weight].
Chore: even more logs.
Feature: send out by wp cron (with a hold-up) or right away.
Feature: included brand-new tags - [payment_method_id], [shipping_method_id].

= 1.29.1 =
Fixed: send out enum areas.
Feature: extra sustains areas `Checkout Field Editor for WooBusiness`.
Feature: included area to produce added note for the lead.
Feature: included brand-new tag - [shipping_price].

= 1.26.4 =
Fixed: handling send out area with subtypes.
Chore: an easier area alternative when establishing for the area kind is `lengthy message`.
Chore: clear rooms from contact number prior to browsing.
Chore: even more logs.
Feature: included brand-new tag - [order_coupon_list].
Feature: utilize brand-new api to produce lead.
Chore: included notification if `standing mapping` not set up.
Feature: reset areas cache by switch without cron.

= 1.23.4 =
Chore: utilize author autoloader.
Chore: program just deal phases in choose.
Fixed: the food selection product is not presented when utilizing `Admin Menu Editor`.
Fixed: if a liable individual is designated for the offer, after that appoint it to the job.
Feature: assistance for refining any type of meta order worths (worth need to be created prior to the order is sent out to crm).

= 1.22.3 =
Fixed: if a liable individual is designated for the offer, after that appoint it to the get in touch with.
Chore: capacity to bypass the log documents course.
Chore: the listing of customers id is presented beside the area of the liable.
Feature: numerous liable individual.

= 1.21.0 =
Feature: brand-new filter `itglx_wcamo_lead_fields`.
Chore: even more logs.
Feature: reveal product meta information in note.

= 1.19.2 =
Chore: sku included in item listing in note.
Chore: even more logs.
Feature: included brand-new tag - [order_product_titles_list].

= 1.18.0 =
Feature: assistance amoCRM items.

= 1.17.0 =
Feature: included brand-new tag - [order_product_cat_name_list].

= 1.16.1 =
Fixed: examine whether the order was sent out to CRM.

= 1.16.0 =
Feature: included the capacity to log (impaired by default).

= 1.15.2 =
Fixed: dealing with erased items when sending out orders.

= 1.15.1 =
Fixed: obtaining genuine settlement approach title.
Fixed: utilizing the distribution day from the plugin `Order Delivery Date for WooBusiness`.

= 1.15.0 =
Feature: utilizing the distribution day from the plugin `Order Delivery Date for WooBusiness`.

= 1.14.2 =
Fixed: get in touch with handling.

= 1.14.1 =
Fixed: obtaining the listing of areas on the setups web page.

= 1.14.0 =
Feature: included brand-new tag - [order_product_sku_list].
Feature: included brand-new tag - [order_product_titles_by_product_cat_:cat_id].

= 1.13.0 =
Feature: offer development day is the order development day.
Feature: included brand-new tag - [order_create_date].

= 1.12.1 =
Chore: included brand-new tag - [shipping_method_title].

= 1.12.0 =
Feature: occupy the worth of the choose as well as multiselect area from the type area (lead).

= 1.11.2 =
Feature: utilizing the distribution day from the plugin `Order Delivery Date for WooBusiness (Lite variation)`.

= 1.11.1 =
Fixed: produce job procedure.
Fixed: missed out on called for job area.

= 1.11.0 =
Feature: producing a job for a bargain.
Feature: sending out the name of the settlement approach in a note.

= 1.10.1 =
Fixed: the name of the delivery approach with absolutely no expense was not sent out.
Fixed: compatibility with `Woocommerce Poor Guys Swiss Knife`.

= 1.10.0 =
Feature: included brand-new tag - [order_admin_edit_link].
Feature: capacity include a web link to the order on the website in the note.

= 1.9.0 =
Feature: capacity produce firms.

= 1.8.0 =
Feature: capacity to erase orders when removing a lead.
Feature: capacity to define one get in touch with id for all leads.

= 1.7.0 =
Feature: compatibility with `WooBusiness Checkout Field Editor`.
Feature: compatibility with `WooBusiness Checkout Add-Ons`.
Feature: the capacity to disable get in touch with updates.

= 1.6.0 =
Feature: Bulk sending out orders to CRM.

= 1.5.0 =
Feature: Getting lead standing adjustments from CRM (through webhook amoCRM).

= 1.4.1 =
Feature: Support for `GA Client ID`.
Fixed: compatibility with `Booster for WooBusiness` personalized check out areas.
Fixed: compatibility with `WP Crowdfunding`.

= 1.4.0 =
Feature: Updating the information in an existing get in touch with.
Feature: Create / upgrade a call when individual signing up / updates profile details.

= 1.3.0 =
Feature: The name of the offer can be defined by a theme.
Feature: Added brand-new tags - [order_number] [first_product_title] [payment_method_title].

= 1.2.0 =
Feature: Support for sending out standing adjustments.

= 1.1.0 =
Feature: Support sending out cookie `roistat_visit` to CRM.

= 1.0.0 =
Initial public launch

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