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When you begin with an amazing 3D Product developer, you can develop remarkable points!

Built with full 3D eCommerce capability in mind, WooCommerce 3D Products is completely SVG Compitable with considerable capability.

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Wants to understand even more what plugin can do ?

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Frequently Asked Questions ?

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Online Documentation?

As numerous customers request for on the internet documents prior to acquisition. I have actually published it over web server as well as everybody can see it below:

It may be not completly upgraded according to brand-new functions yet all standard to intermidiate information are still there.

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Do you Provide 3D designs with plugin ?

No. I have actually consisted of one trial chair design in documentaion to examine the plugin as well as just how it functions. Rather than that i dont give 3D design with plugin. However, you can employ me to construct 3D design of your items separatly.

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Does this plugin assistance obj documents ?

No. Obj documents do not include any kind of sort of texure information. It just provide item information. So today we just sustain FBX, Collada as well as Json documents layout. yet we have in strategy to include assistance for even more layout in future as well as we may include obj right into the listing later on.

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Will my item 3d design will deal with your plugin or otherwise, just how we can examine ?

You can constantly examine your 3d design below:

Go to submit food selection-> Upload your exported design as well as see if that is filling appropriately there after that it will certainly function flawlessly in our plugin. After your design lots, if you see whatever black, dont stress. You require to include light to scene which you can do from insert food selection. Also you can inspect product name of item component below in ideal side home panel too. If your 3d Model dont lots below, after that it will not lots with our plugin too. So you require to export your design once more with upgraded fbx variation or you can send us design to additional examination.

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Looking for Help ?

Look no additional! if it’s not something you can locate in the User Guide, I will certainly more than happy to assist.

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-- Sep 18, 2020 - Version 2.6.0 --
- Added: GLTF / GLB documents layout assistance
- Added: HDR Environment Support
- Added: Enable / Disable HDR Environment to be usage as scene bg or otherwise
- Added: Option in readying to Allow / block orbit control from relocate to downside
- Added: 'rc_3d_file_types' Filter for File kinds option in item display
- Added: For SVG Material, Default 2 Sided Property included
- Improvement: 3 Point Studio light arrangement traded with Hemisphere light for much better efficiency as well as top quality
- Improvement: Compability with SVG putting on particular product for numerous aspects
- Under The Hood: Classes are divided for Template & Ajax
- Under The Hood: Restructured Directories for Better Management of Classes as well as Library
- Under The Hood: Comments boosted in non-minify js documents

-- June 17, 2020 - Version 2.5.0 --
- Improvement: Now save photo switch will certainly conserve photo with item name
- Improvement: Removed default Min / Max Zoom worth for old variation compability
- Improvement: jQuery energetic / deactive course for appearance / shades option
- Improvement: PHP Code Optimisation
- Fixed: Few Compability problem with Normal / Variable Product
- Fixed: Object Show/conceal had small problem in layout hooks
- Under The Hood ( Completed ): jQuery is filling async currently for much better efficiency as well as rate distribution of material.
- Under The Hood ( Completed ): jQuery is upgraded to ES6 Standards. Also Event sets off included for even more information customisation based upon occasions.
- Under The Hood ( Completed ): jQuery is Converted in BAR / BELOW currently for much better information transfer of even more personalization. Documentation will certainly quickly upgrade for exact same.

-- April 28, 2020 - Version 2.4 --
- Fixed: FBX Uploading problem Solved
- Fixed: Template Overried problem Solved. Will deal with any kind of style currently.
- Improvement: Font Library relocated to brand-new tab in WC 3d Options
- Added: Design Option included for Accordion Heading Bg as well as Text Color
- Added: Sample Tshirt & Svg Added right into Documentation Folder / Assets / FBX-SVG
- Removed: jQuery UI CSS eliminated. Now Accordion Design is Flat & Simple
- Under The Hood( Completed ): Right Side Accordion, each arrangement kind layout filling via hooks currently. So Accordion Template can totally Overried by Function for various style function. Documentation will certainly quickly upgrade for exact same.

-- April 22, 2020 - Version 2.3.2 --
- Bug Fix: Fixed Compability problem with SVG putting on particular product as well as typical product

-- April 19, 2020 - Version 2.3.1 --
- Tested upto WC 4.0.1 & WP 5.1
- Added: SVG can currently relate to particular product just if desired
- Added: Global Shadow On / Off Option Added
- Added: Min / Max Zoom includes included at item degree
- Improvement: Frontend Left panel Mat Image upgraded to pack thumbnail instead after that complete Image
- Improvement: Backend Configuration Option Fields UI upgraded
- Under The Hood( In Development ): Converting Current Js right into Modular Js with PUB/SUB for future expansion advancement

-- Sep 20, 2019 - Version 2.3 --
- Added: 3D Object Show / Hide Configuration Type
- Added: Config Type: Material / Color can deal with WildCard Configuration Id with * Ex. Color_1* will certainly obtain all ids from svg which have Color_1 prefix as well as use shade to it
- Added: Config Type: Material / Color, Can specify default worth at first
- Fixed: Ajax was not bring information when cost is not specified for item

-- Sep 06, 2019 - Version 2.2 --
- Added: Pattern Options for SVG product
- Added: Updated Custom SVG contributed to get information for admin just
- Added: Backend Option contributed to utilize one / 2 side slope modification
- Added: Global Option to switch on / off prices functions in WC 3D Option from establishing
- Fixed: Frontend Option Error for non 3d items
- Improvement: Gradient Options get rid of 2 shade option. Only one shade option as well as the team of shade repeat 2 times for both side shade option based upon alternative made it possible for
- Improvement: Backend Order Product Normal Image filling for non-3d Products
- Improvement: Js renovation for all occasion send off as well as occasion line up
- Improvement: Doc has actually upgraded

-- Aug 23, 2019 - Version 2.1.2 --
- Added: Updated Product Image contributed to Cart as well as Order Product Image
- Dev Added: Filter for frontend Text shade alternative ( just for config kind Text ): wc_3d_text_color_options
- Dev Added: Filter for frontend Gradient shade alternative ( just for config kind slope ): wc_3d_gradient_options
- Fixed: Gradient Missing 2nd worth
- Improvement: Removed added areas from Configuration kind Text, Gradient.
- Improvement: wc_clean included prior to passing information to haul for safety

-- Aug 16, 2019 - Version 2.1.1 --
- Dev Added: Filter for product team backend areas: wc_3d_config_id_after
- Dev Added: Filter for frontend product alternative ( just for config kind Material ): wc_3d_materials_options
- Dev Added: Enabling Debug will certainly pack unminified js manuscript for designers to locate specific line in instance of problem
- Fixed: Empty font information PHP mistake
- Fixed: Queryselector Js mistake
- Improvement: Show Texture photo for product Texure
- Improvement: Config kind Gradient: Backend as well as Frontend Features to pick specific shade instead after that slope team

-- Aug 1, 2019 - Version 2.1 --
- Official Release with SVG assistance as well as Separate Price for each and every product assistance
- Added: 3D alternative additionally deal with WooCommerce Product Shortcode - Only 1 item on web page
- Added: Material Panel is altered to arrangement Panel for even more choices
- Added: Text Field Options for SVG product
- Added: Font shade, Size as well as Family choices for front end
- Added: Image Field Options for SVG product
- Added: User Upload Image for SVG Image Field
- Added: Gradient Options for SVG product
- Improvement: Front-End UI Improvement
- Improvement: Js renovation for filling information
- Improvement: Cart Product Details renovation. Only show chosen choices as well as just extra Price
- Improvement: Doc has actually upgraded

-- April 26, 2019 - Version 2.0.2 --
- Added: SVG assistance for unwrapped product ( Beta Feature )
- Added: Use of numerous Material Name in solitary product team with comma
- Added: Additional Light Shadow Casting alternative
- Added: Save switch for canvas in gamer
- Improvement: UI renovation for Material Option Selection
- Improvement: Doc has actually upgraded

-- Feb 12, 2019 - Version 2.0.1 --
- Added: Separate Pricing for each and every Material Option ( Beta Feature )
- Improvement: Loading Minified Script for safety function
- Improvement: Doc has actually upgraded

-- Jan 13, 2019 - Version 1.2 --
- Added: Play / Pause switch for car revolve
- Improvement: UI renovation for 3D Player
- Improvement: Add to Cart switch Replaced with Select Option Button for Products on Shop Page which have 3D choices Activated 

-- Dec 11, 2018 - Version 1.1 --
- Improvement: Texure Loader Used as opposed to photo energy
- Improvement: Texture covering included with repeat
- Added: Full Screen Mode Added

-- Oct 3, 2018 - Version 1 --
- Initial Release
- FBX, json as well as collada documents layout sustained
- In-constructed 3 factor workshop light arrangement
- Live product shade as well as texure transforming on internet site.

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