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WooCommerce Photo Reviews is a supreme testimonial plugin for WooCommerce which aid you to send out testimonial tip e-mails, permits clients to upload testimonials consist of item photos as well as send out thanks e-mails with WooCommerce discount coupons to clients.

  • Send testimonial tip e-mails asking clients to examine their bought items.
  • Allows clients publishing testimonials consist of item photos.
  • Send thanks email with a voucher code when a consumer testimonial is released.

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The plugin WooCommerce Photo Reviews permits your clients to upload photos together with their item testimonial. This function will certainly aid you to produce a social evidence of your item as well as rise conversion price.

  • Photo testimonial: The plugin permits clients to affix photos to testimonials as well as show that photos together with the testimonial on the front-end.
  • Maximum image dimension: Set an optimal image dimension that clients can connect to their testimonials.
  • Maximum image amount: Set an optimal image amount that can be connected to a testimonial.
  • Photos needed: Reviews have to consist of a photo in order to be published.
  • Display by time: Select to show the latest or earliest testimonial initially on front-end.
  • Review Filter: Filter testimonials by score, consist of photos.
  • GDPR conformity: The plugin will certainly show a message as well as a checkbox at the testimonial kind that permits clients to consent to share the testimonial on your web page.
  • Ajax pagination:  Allow clients to transfer to the following testimonials without refilling the web page.
  • Verified badge: Display validated buy badge on testimonials from clients that bought the item.
  • Hide testimonial writer name: the testimonial writer name can be shown as N*.
  • Image inscription: the photo inscription choice permits testimonial writers to include a subtitle to every testimonial image.
  • Edit testimonials: the website’s admin can modify testimonial message, reposition or alter testimonial photos.
  • Helpful switch: the valuable switch choice permits individuals to note testimonials as “helpful” or “unhelpful”. The result will certainly be shown on front-end under each testimonial.
  • Add testimonial by hand: WooCommerce Photo Reviews offers a testimonial kind, permits the website admin to include testimonial by hand.


The plugin permits you to import testimonials from
AliExpress by utilizing Ali Express item IDs.

  • Import making use of item ID: Using an Aliexpress item ID to import testimonials from that items to a picked WooCommerce item.
  • Selected Ratings: Choose which examine scores will certainly be imported All testimonials, just 5-stars testimonials, just 4-stars testimonials, just 3-stars testimonials, just 2-stars testimonial or 1-star testimonials.
  • Included photos: Select to import just examines that consist of photos
  • Translate to English: AliExpress has an attribute to convert testimonials right into English. This choice of WooCommerce Photo Review permits you to choose to import converted testimonials or import initial testimonials.
  • Mark imported testimonial as Verified proprietor: The imported testimonials will certainly be noted with a “Verified owner” badge, that indicates the testimonials originate from individuals that bought.
  • Download image: If you choose the download image choice, testimonial photos will certainly be download to your web site data source. If not, the plugin will certainly utilize the AliExpress photos (with Links to to show testimonial photos.
  • Country: Select a nation to import just examines from that picked nation.
  • Number of testimonials: Select a variety of testimonials will certainly be imported. An item on can have countless testimonials as well as you might not wish to import every one of those testimonials. So this choice will certainly aid you to establish a limitation on testimonials will certainly be imported.


After a scheduled time from when an order is noted as full. The plugin will certainly send out a testimonial tip e-mail to the client, asking to examine the item. To motivate the client to take images of the item as well as leave a testimonial, the plugin will certainly provide them a price cut voucher.

  • Review tip e-mail: Send e-mails to clients that bought items, supplying them discount coupons to motivate them publishing testimonial
  • Auto-login: When clients click the web link in their Review Reminder Email, they will certainly be instantly login to their account on your website.
  • Products Restriction: Select which items will certainly examine tip jobs.
  • Schedule tip e-mail: Select when will certainly the plugin send out tip e-mails to clients.
  • EVALUATION NOW switch: Include a testimonial currently switch with the web link bring about the solitary item web page.
  • Configure testimonial tip e-mail: Configure the testimonial tip e-mail sending out to clients making use of shortcode {customer_name}
  • Exclude products/categories: Select which products/categories will certainly obtain a testimonial tip e-mail.
  • The plugin just sends out a testimonial tip if a consumer has actually never ever evaluated the thing prior to.


The plugin will certainly produce discount coupons as well as send out to examine writers. This reward will certainly motivate clients to upload testimonials as well as it likewise boosts your earnings when they utilize the voucher.

  • Send voucher e-mail: the plugin will certainly send out an e-mail voucher whenever a testimonial which certifies the need is released.
  • Use existing discount coupons: you choose to send out existing WooCommerce discount coupons as a reward.
  • Auto-produce discount coupons: established the plugin to produce special discount coupons as well as send it together with the voucher e-mails. You can establish the plugin to produce discount coupons with all WooCommerce Coupon setups.
  • Photos needed: you can choose to send out discount coupons to writers of testimonials consist of pictures just.
  • Minimum score needed: established a minimal score testimonial can obtain a promo code.
  • Verified proprietors needed: the only testimonials from the validated proprietor can obtain a promo code.
  • Specified items needed: just picked items testimonial can obtain a promo code.
  • Configure voucher e-mail: set up the voucher e-mail sending out to clients making use of shortcode {customer_name} {coupon_code}  {date_expires}


The plugin offers 2 shortcodes. A shortcode to permits you to display screens item examines at anywhere you desire. And the various other shortcode which presents a testimonial kind, permits clients to leave a testimonial concerning their bought items.

The shortcode to show testimonials

[wc_photo_reviews_shortcode comments_per_page="10" cols="4" cols_gap="" products="" grid_bg_color="" grid_item_bg_color="" text_color="" star_color="" product_cat="" order="" orderby="comment_date_gmt" show_product="on" filter="on" pagination="on" pagination_position="" conditional_tag="" custom_css="" ratings="" mobile="" style="masonry" overall_rating="off" rating_count="off" only_images="off"]

  • comments_per_page: variety of remarks per web page.
  • cols: variety of grid columns. Example:  cols="5"
  • cols_gap: void in between grid columns(px). Example: cols_gap="30"
  • items: show testimonials of which items, get in item IDs. Example:
  • grid_bg_color: grid history shade. Example:  grid_bg_color="#000000"
  • grid_item_bg_color: grid thing history shade. Example:
  • text_color: examines message shade. Example: text_color="#ffffff"
  • star_color: score stars shade. Example: star_color="yellow"
  • product_cat: show testimonials of items in which group. Example: product_cat="men"
  • order: kind examines ASC or DESC. Example: order="asc"
  • orderby: choose exactly how you wish to arrange testimonials. ‘comment_agent’, ‘comment_approved’, ‘comment_author’, ‘comment_author_email’, ‘comment_author_IP’, ‘comment_author_url’, ‘comment_content’, ‘comment_date’, ‘comment_date_gmt’, ‘comment_ID’, ‘comment_karma’, ‘comment_parent’, ‘comment_post_ID’, ‘comment_type’, ‘user_id’, ‘comment__in’, ‘meta_value’, ‘meta_value_num’. Example: orderby="comment_date_gmt"
  • show_product: show product summary on Mansory popup, ON/OFF. Example:
  • filter: show filter bar, ON/OFF. Example: filter="on"
  • pagination: turn pagination ON/OFF. Example: pagination="on"
  • pagination_position: select left/right/center. Example:
  • conditional_tag: enter conditional tags to select pages you want to display the review. In case you paste the shortcode in an area which appears on many pages, use this option to select which pages you want the shortcode to run. Example:
  • custom_css: allows you to add your custom CSS code.
  • ratings: select which rating you want to display. Example: display only 4 and 5 stars reviews,
  • mobile: ON/OFF, select if you want the shortcode to run on mobile devices. Example:
  • style: select the front-end style mansory/normal. Example:
  • overall_rating: ON/OFF select if you want to display the overall rating. Example:
  • rating_count: ON/OFF select if you want to display the rating count module. Example: rating_count="on"
  • only_images: ON/OFF select if you want to display only reviews which have images. Example:

The shortcode to display the review form.


This shortcode helps you to display a review form. There are 3 ways to use it.

  • Display in single product pages: Paste the shortcode
    [woocommerce_photo_reviews_form] into product description to display a review form for that product on front-end.
  • Add product ID: Add a product ID into the shortcode
    [woocommerce_photo_reviews_form product_id="85"] by adding the product ID you can create a review form for a specific product and display it on any page.
  • Create a review page: Use the shortcode
    [woocommerce_photo_reviews_form] to create a review page, then add the review page in the
    Review Reminder tab. Customers who click on the Review now button in Review Reminder email will be redirected to this page. And they can review the product without login.


The plugin allows you to import/export reviews using CSV files.

  • Export review: the plugin allows you to export existing reviews to a CSV file. The exported file includes author, author email, remark date, comment content, rating, review image links, user ID…
  • Date: you can select a time range to export reviews.
  • Products: select the products which you want to export reviews.
  • Categories: select the categories which you want to export reviews from.
  • Rating: select the review rating you want to export. For example, you want to export only 4-stars and 5-stars reviews.
  • Comment status: select comment status of review you want to export. For example, you want to export only approved reviews.
  • Import review: you can import review using CSV files as well. The import review CSV has the same structure as the export CSV file.


With this option, you can create multiple optional fields and set values for those fields. Then customers can select these value when they leave a review. The optional fields option help to provide more information about the item.

  • Create optional fields: you are able to create multiple fields and set the values of each field. For example, you can create a color field, and set values are Blue, Black, Red, etc.
  • Select field value: when a customer leaves a review, they can choose a value of the field which you created. For example, a customer reviews a shirt and he can choose the size is “XL”.
  • Create fields from variations: the plugin will automatically create fields and values from your product variations.


The plugin provides such many design option for you to change the review module to fit with your website interface.

  • Front-end style: there are 2 front-end styles for you to select. The Grid style and the default style.
  • Number of columns: select how many columns you wish to show with the Grid style.
  • Background-color: helps you to change the background color of the testimonial section.
  • Text color: you can change the review text.
  • Review date: you can choose to display the review date on front-end.
  • Display Review Tab first: in some instance, the product description tab is displayed as default instead of the review tab. This choice helps to display the review tab as default.
  • Review Rating Count: Display overall rating on the front-end.
  • Full-size images: allows customers to display review image full size.
  • Custom CSS: you can add your own CSS code to change the front-end design as you desire.


  • Multiple Language: WooCommerce Photo Reviews permits you to show different front-end message, emails in different languages. This feature works with WPML as well as Polylang.
  • Preview: you can preview the emails created by WooCommerce Photo Reviews in the back-end.
  • Automatically update: you can auto-update the plugin from your Dashboard during your support period. This option requires you authenticate your purchase.


/**v1.1.4.9 - 2020.11.28**/
- Fixed: Placeholder in email subject
- Fixed: Coupon expiry date is not set when Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce Premium is active
- Fixed: Hardcode date in the sample email
- Added: Extension can now be used to import testimonials from other amazon websites(by region) besides the international web site
- Updated: Compatibility with WP 5.6


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