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WooCommerce Search Engine – INSTANTANEOUS, PERTINENT As Well As CLEVER Search Box

“WooCommerce Search Engine” is a really effective and also simple to make use of WooCommerce Search Plugin which transforms a basic search box of your WooCommerce Store to the effective multifunctional magic box which aids you to market even more items. The plugin UI works with ALL STYLES.

WooCommerce Search Engine is among the most effective plugins of 2017 by Envato

WooCommerce Search Engine - 1

WooCommerce Search Engine - 2 WooCommerce Search Engine - 3

WooCommerce Search Engine - 4 WooCommerce Search Engine - 5

Lightning Fast Search by Product Name, Description, Synonyms, SKU, Product Tags, Custom Fields and also Attributes!

WooCommerce Search Engine - 6

Smart Search Solution for both “Live Search” and also “Theme Search Results Page” – 2 in 1

WooCommerce Search Engine - 7 WooCommerce Search Engine - 8 WooCommerce Search Engine - 9

Smart and also magic online search engine

  1. Smart autocorrected search: If your customer kinds inaccurate item name(f.e. “smartfon” as opposed to “smartphone”), our clever formula acknowledges it and also reveals pertinent outcomes.
  2. Search by tags, SKU, taxonomies, groups and also characteristics: The plugin allowed’s you to develop search box which discovers the items by produtct title, summary, any type of customized area, item tag, item group, item associates etc. which is really beneficial. The plugin additionally gives WooCommerce search by SKU.
  3. Search by basic synonyms: Place several customized basic synonym sets and also the plugin will certainly take it right into account.
  4. Smart cost expressions Automatically acknowledges costs in search (f.e. 100$ smartphone, smart devices around 100 usd, smart devices under 500$ etc.)
  5. Search results web page – Provides the very same clever search results page for your style’s search results page web page (the web page that follows pushing a go into) – without transforming your style’s UI.
  6. Search Analytics: Track what your site visitors attempted to browse. Discover brand-new items your site visitors desire and also which you don’t have yet.
  7. Trending Products: (New!) Show warm trending items of your internet site to your consumers. The plugin has some special method for specifying trending items.
  8. Featured Products: Show picked items to your site visitors prior to they begin keying for search.
  9. Recently Visited Products: Show lately saw items to your site visitors.
  10. Show all variatons throughout the search
  11. And some one more excellent functions you may such as

WooCommerce Search Engine - 10 WooCommerce Search Engine - 11 WooCommerce Search Engine - 12 WooCommerce Search Engine - 13 WooCommerce Search Engine - 14 WooCommerce Search Engine - 15 WooCommerce Search Engine - 16 WooCommerce Search Engine - 17

Some of functions at work

Trending Products – When the site visitor begins to kind something. WooCommerce Search Engine - 18

Typo Correction Resolver – If site visitor makes typo blunder in search key phrase, the plugin comprehends what he/she implies and also reveals pertinent outcomes.

WooCommerce Search Engine - 19

WooCommerce Search Engine - 20

Smart Price Expressions

WooCommerce Search Engine - 21 WooCommerce Search Engine - 22 WooCommerce Search Engine - 23

Search by Stock Keeping Unit code (SKU Search attribute for WooCommerce) WooCommerce Search Engine - 24

Search by your selected customized meta area, tags, characteristics. WooCommerce Search Engine - 25 WooCommerce Search Engine - 26

Search by basic synonym words WooCommerce Search Engine - 27 WooCommerce Search Engine - 28

Suggest preferred items when “no any result found” message shows up. WooCommerce Search Engine - 29

Seach by group names WooCommerce Search Engine - 30

Understanding unique latin+greek letters WooCommerce Search Engine - 31

Search Analytics which enables you to track what your consumers key in search box WooCommerce Search Engine - 32

Same clever outcomes after pushing a go into and also obtaining search results page from backend side:

Before: WooCommerce Search Engine - 33 After: WooCommerce Search Engine - 34

WooCommerce Search Engine - 35

Great functions for your WooCommerce internet site

  1. Main Feature: Very quick search recommendations by Product name, summary, group, tag, meta areas, characteristics and also SKU – no loading time, no waiting, no any type of ajax or server-side loading, so it is actually quick.
  2. Featured items obstruct in real-time search recommendations box – Add any type of item you desire.
  3. Latest saw items obstruct in real-time search recommendations box which is customized for each and every site visitor.
  4. Additional aid messages such as “type any text you want: f.e. child shoes”, “no any match found, you would like these new products” etc… in search recommendations box.

The plugin is easily incorporated with WooCommerce, so also style programmers can include the plugin to their styles.(using expanded permit)


v. 2.2.0
- New backend engine for bigger shops (beta variation).
- Some code renovations.
v. 2.1.15
- Fix - in uncommon situations the variety of discovered revealed outcomes were more than max_limit.
- Fix - Custom CSS area stripslashes concern. 
v. 2.1.14
- Fix pertaining to recently_viewed HTML decoding.
- Small renovations in taxonomy search.
v. 2.1.13
- Fixing uncommon JS dispute with WOOS filter plugin
- Small renovations in JS features
v. 2.1.12
- Adding optional assistance for Google Analytics Events&Campaigns
- Improvements in front-end JS manuscripts
- New alternative to bypass fixed web page caching by cache plugins.
- Minor renovations.
v. 2.1.11
- renovation backend-orderby handling for some diplomatic immunities
v. 2.1.10
- Adding meta_value_num assistance to orderby provision.
- Better variation monitoring inside plugin data
- Improved group thumbnail fetcher (for mobile variation)
v. 2.1.9
- WooCommerce 4.0 compatibility
- Small renovations in primary JS data
v. 2.1.8
- Small renovations in primary JS data and also updater feature
v. 2.1.7
- enhanced code - currently very important debates sustain WP Filter Hooks 
- couple of essential renovations in brand-new backend online search engine component
- tiny renovation in autocorrection formula
v. 2.1.5 - 2.1.6
- small renovations for some diplomatic immunities
v. 2.1.4
- small renovations for diplomatic immunities(multisite WP, Woof plugin compatiblity feature etc.)
- great deals of renovations in brand-new backend online search engine component
v. 2.1.3
- small renovations at backend side
- small renovations at frontend side
v. 2.1.2
- solutions for http internet sites with Cloudflare SSL
- brand-new design shorttag {stock_status}
- small renovations
- brand-new speculative online search engine component
v. 2.1.0 - 2.1.1
- 3 small solutions and also 6 small renovations.
v. 2.0.8 - 2.0.9
- small solutions and also renovations
v. 2.0.7
- 4 small solutions for diplomatic immunities
v. 2.0.6
- respectable renovation for big shops with greater than 10K items; 
- various other small renovations
v. 2.0.5
- small solutions and also renovations.
v. 2.0.4
- WooCommerce Multi-Currency compatibility
- WPML newest variation compatibility
- included default RTL CSS assistance
- imrovements at rebuilder, real-time search, trending search, clever expressions components
- various other small  solutions
v. 2.0.1-2.0.3
- small renovations
v. 2.0.0
- brand-new attribute: clever cost expressions (f.e. 100$ smartphone)
- brand-new attribute: include any type of taxonomy/attribute to live search results page design
- taken care of: multisite concern has actually been fixed
- brand-new attribute: upgrade using wp-admin (no demand download/reinstall any longer)
- small renovations
v. 1.9.6-1.9.9
- tiny renovations
v. 1.9.5.
Added: WooCommerce Products Filter (BARK) compatibility.
Added: WooCommerce Currency Switcher compatibility.
v. 1.9.0
- Brand brand-new attribute: Trending items.
- Tags and also groups sustain for "Featured products block" 
- Display customized taxonomy in search box.(Till this variation just groups can be shown)
- More effective Backend Search alternative improved WP Transient API
- greater than 10 tiny renovations.
- reorganized Settings web page - currently it is less complicated to make use of.
v. 1.8.0.
- much faster transcribed search.
- emphasize search term in search results page.
- each variant can be revealed as a solitary item.
- some components of clever online search engine has actually been revised.
- greater than 20 tiny renovations.
- currently "backend search results orderby = live search results orderby".
v. 1.7.6. 
- More secure cache contractor.
- Improvement at backend search component.
- Some various other tiny renovations.
v. 1.7.3.
- New component: Simple Standalone Search, which can change default search results page web page with our Standalone Search Page.
- Shortcode assistance for standalone search web page.
- New admin UI.
- Custom JS area.
- Some little renovation at backend search formula.
v. 1.7.2. 
- Huge efficiency renovation for the internet sites with greater than 10K items.
v. 1.7.0:
- included: presenting variable cost variety
- included: 3 brand-new shortcodes
- strong efficiency renovation and also code usage
- included: customized design for programmers
v. 1.6.6:
- some tiny renovations.
- included compatibility with WC3 item exposure taxonomy.
1.6.5 ver.
-enhanced: even more areas in design design template.
1.6.1 ver.
-included: fullscreen mobile search home window.
-included: overlooked search phrases listing.
-included: enable/disable shortlinks in cache information.
-included: indexedDB assistance for cached information - currently it is much faster than ever before.
-included: leave out any type of item from search results page.
- taken care of: homepage redirection in some cache web links.
- taken care of: screen charm thumbnail when there is no highlighted picture for item.
- some little renovations
1.5.4 ver.
- Fixed: "empty data in most popular searches" at analytics tab.
- Improved: admin setups safety.
- Added: "Show all results" web link listed below the real-time outcomes.
- Improved: Analytics information enthusiast algorythm
1.5.3 ver.
- Fixed IE11 and also Safari concern from 1.5.2
- Improved regional cache tons reasoning.
1.5.2 ver.
- New: Now the plugin has the ability to reveal tax obligation included/excluded costs.
- Imrovement: some little renovations on Analytics area. 
- Fix: Deprecated WPML feature has actually been changed with the brand-new one.
1.5.1 ver.
- New Feature: Search Analytics - Track what your site visitors attempted to browse. 
- New Feature: Backend Search - Pass frontend clever search results page to backend(after get in press) 
- Added: Exclude any type of group from search results page
- Improved: Thank to brand-new templating system Search Cache Size lowered by 2-3 times.
- Fix: Some various other renovations.
1.4.4 ver.
- Added: "translit" look for Cyrillic internet sites. 
- Added: "Exact match" setting
- Fix: irreversible price visiility.
1.4.0 ver.
- Added: Search by variants. 
- Added: Search by basic synonyms.
- Improvements: Generated cache dimension lowered by 7-10%.
1.3.4 ver.
- Added: Integration with WooCommerce Catalog Visibility setup. 
1.3.2 ver.
- Improved: New search formula - currently smarter and also a lot more effective. 
- Some solutions and also little renovations.
1.3.1 ver.
- New: Cache reconstruct switch on wp-admin leading bar!
- New attribute: Cache auto-rebuild.
1.3.0 ver.
- New attribute: Search by tags and also any type of characteristics!
- Some impovements.
1.2.3 ver.
- Improvement: Now search recommendations algorythm functions 5-10 times much faster.
- Fixed: Line breaks from customized areas are taken care of for js code
1.2.2 ver.
- Added: Optional "Search from first letter" policy.
- Fixed: Out Of Stock items filtering system jobs once again.
1.2.0 ver.
- Added: Cache reconstruct using Cron Jobs
- Added: Popular items obstruct for "no match" display
- Added: Ordering by any type of disagreement.
- Added: Search by group name(Display group names by search key phrase)
- Fixed: Strip tags from surprise summary.
1.1.2 ver.
-Added: Optional search by summary attribute.
-Fix: Some css repeats eliminated. Data JS data currently has 16% much less dimension.
1.1.1 ver.
-Fix: the plugin currently eliminates ended project price.
-Fix: Show previous recommendations after redoubling.
-Added: New specification which specifies when autocorrected crucial outcomes need to show up.
-Improvement: Formatted costs in pointer box.
1.1.0 ver.
- Search formula currently acknowledges and also transforms unique latin letters such as 'ä', 'ö', 'ü', 'à'.
-Added attribute - search by item feature(=meta_keys)
-Some various other little renovations.

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