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Shipping monitoring, item delivery and also distribution days estimate facilitated!


link: https://www.codecanyon.eu/wcst/wp-admin/
customer: trial
pass: trial
KEEP IN MIND: In instance you don’t obtain alerts e-mails, please inspect you spam folder.

Tracking link coverage

In instance any kind of monitoring link quits working, please report me! :)



WCST enables your customers to quickly track their orders. You will certainly have the ability to link to every order a delivery business and also a monitoring number. WCST will certainly present monitoring details (Company LINK and also trackin code) straight in “Complete Order” e-mail and also “View Order” web page.
Your customers simply clicking the web link created by WCST will quickly track their orders. Trackin LINK (where feasible, if the business enables that) will immediately reroute to the comapany website where the customer can immediately track the delivery standing according the linked monitoring code.

Note: The plugin, like WordPress, needs a minimal 7.0 PHP variation.

How to immediately upgrade the plugin

To obtain automated updates simply set up and also set up the Envato updater plugin: httpss://goo.gl/pkJS33 .The main overview that discusses exactly how to configure it can be discovered in the complying with web link: httpss://envato.com/market-plugin .


WCST has actually specified even more tha 40 delivery business. Don’t you discover the one you require? Don’t concern!!
WCST enables you to specify your very own customized delivery business (Name and also Tracking LINK),
simply include it from WooCommerce -> Shipping monitoring -> Add Custom business web page


WCST enables you to link several monitoring codes and also delivery business for every order.
Furthermore, for each delivery can be additionally defined a send off day and also customized message. In by doing this both the store admin and also consumer can quickly track the deliveries timings!


Would you such as to tailor the HTML fragment consisted of right into the e-mail Template and also Order information web page?
It’s feasible! You can tailor themes straight from the admin food selection.

Track delivery development standing with a timeline in website

The Shipping Tracking pluging enables additionally to reveal delivery development standing with a timeline straight in website. To do that simply make use of the unique [track_shipping_in_site] shortcode inside the Order information message with the unique food selection.
Once done, a monitoring details widget will certainly be shown revealing every action the delivery has actually done up until the existing day in every Order information web page!
Optionally you can reveal the “track in site” widget in any kind of web page. To do that simply make use of the complying with shortcode with the unique “track_in_site” criterion: [wcst_tracking_form track_in_site=”true”]. It will certainly provide a kind where when the customer has actually gotten in a monitoring code, the “track in site” widget will certainly be revealed showing the delivery development.

Note: The AfterShip will certainly attempts to discover the delivery business making use of simply the monitoring code, this procedure nevertheless sometimes might fall short. To prevent discovery simply pass the business slug by doing this: company_slug###monitoring code.
Example: dhl###28492021
Tracking business punch can be discovered below: httpss://www.aftership.com/couriers . Just click in the one you require, the slug can be discovered in the link after the /curriers/ string.

Note: this attribute is powerd by AfterShip solution. It needs at the very least a totally free account (whereby you can just pefrom 100 delivery monitoring each month). Info on exactly how to link to AfterShip account are reported in the plugin alternatives web page (it simply needs 2 actions!). The solution
will immediately discover the service provider from the monitoring code (if sustained) without the need of any kind of additional code.


Once the monitoring details are saved money on the order admin web page, all the details will certainly be shown in the order information web page. Furthermore, details will certainly be additionally installed in all
outogoing woocommerce e-mails according the order standing. By default monitoring details are just ingrained to the e-mails just when the standing is established as “completed” yet you can selected to present details additionally for various other satuses. Go to the General alternatives food selection to pick for which standing(es) the details needs to be installed right into the e-mails.

You can additionally define customized conditions!
In by doing this the consumer can have all the required details at fingertips!


The admin can additionally send out energetic alerts e-mails by simply picking the monitoring code for which he desires the customer to be alerted. Once picked, he has simply to click the Order upgrade switch, the plugin
will certainly after that send out an e-mail consisting of the picked monitoring codes. Tracking code e-mail design template can be tailored by utilizing the unique choice food selection. You can additionally make use of shortcode to present customer initial and also last name in order
to tailor the message!

Germanized pro billing e-mail

The plugin has assistance for Germanized pro billing e-mail, so it will certainly have the ability to infuse monitoring details right into billing e-mails according the existing order standing.


Would you such as to allow your consumer to define a distribution day and also time variety?
currently you can!
WCST enables you to make it possible for some additional areas (noticeable in check out and/or order information web page) where the customer can define a begin and also end day,
a begin and also finishing time (additionally also an additional time variety) when he would love to obtain the products!
Description, title and also tag are totally adjustable! Multi-language sustained!

Furthermore, distribution day and also time are consisted of on WooCommerce e-mails!

Last yet not the very least, on check out web page selectable day will certainly think about the items approximated delivery time and also the picked delivery technique approximated provide time!


WCST enables you to import orders tracking details from .csv data!
Shop admin for every order can additionally import several delivery details.
The csv data needs to have the folllwing columns:

  • order_id: This is the numerical id of the order
  • order_status: can be left vacant. If defined the order standing will certainly be established as the specied worth. Values that can be made use of: wc-pending, wc-processing, wc-on-hold, wc-completed, wc-cancelled, wc-refunded, wc-failed
  • force_email_notification: can be left vacant. If defined, the plugin will certainly resend woocommerce alert eamil according to the picked worth. Value that can be made use of: send_email_new_order, send_email_cancelled_order, send_email_customer_processing_order, send_email_customer_completed_order, end_email_customer_refunded_order, send_email_customer_invoice
  • dispatch_date: Can be left vacant. In instance of numerous send off day, worths need to be divided by | personality. Format have to be yyyy-mm-dd. Ex.: 2018-05-13|2018-03-21
  • custom_text: Can be left vacant. In instance of numerous customized message, worths need to be divided by | personality. KEEP IN MIND: GET RID OF ALL , from customized messages. Ex.: customized message 1 | customized message 2.
  • tracking_info: Has to have the complying with layout company_id:tracking_code. In instance of numerous delivery worths need to be divided by | personality. Ex.: DHL:#232R|GLS:1234TR3

Example of the .csv data that can be made use of to be imported can be discovered clicking in the complying with web link: Example file

KEEP IN MIND: Do you wish to import orders making use of customized ids designated by WooCommerce Sequential Order Number Pro (By SkyVerge)? Just set up the complying with add-on!

if you rather are making use of the Free variation, utilize this add-on.


You can additionally set up the plugin to immediately import Order delivery monitoring develop a link indicating a .csv data. You have simply to inser the .csv submit link course ( like DropBox data web link, https link, etc…) and also choose the mass import job time period!

KEEP IN MIND: Scheduling job is done making use of the WordPress feature wp_schedule_event(). It will certainly set off the set up import job at the defined period ONLY if a person gos to your WordPress website. More details at wp_schedule_event recommendation web page.


WCST sustains WPML, this allows the store admin to specify HTML Snippets for each language mounted.
To include a message for a language, store admin have just to choose the desidered language in the WPML selector, go into the message and also the conserve!


The store admin can currently designate delivery details to an order straight making use of the “Quick assign” food selection without modifying every order. Using this food selection in simply couple of clicks you can assing delivery details to an order, established its standing and also additionally resend standing alert e-mail to the consumer!


You can additionally picked a “favorite” delivering business on choice food selection. This will certainly be preselected throughout monitoring code entry!


Fore each delivery price specified making use of the indigenous WooCommerce performances, the Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce or the Table Rate Shipping by WooThemes you can specify
a distribution estimate.


The WCST plugin has an additional helpful attribute: Estimated deliveries days (delivery day: day in which the bundle is provided to the courrier). The store admin, merely making use of a shortcode or establishing the automated estimted day screen choice (in the plugin alternatives food selection), can reveal on items web pages the approximated delivery day. This is determined immediately on the basis of “Estimation rule” that matches that item.
The plugin can reveal both a details delivery day or a day variety in which the item will certainly be revealed.

Furthermore if the item is unavailable, the approximated day will certainly not be shown!

Optionally approximated day can be additionally received Cart/Checkout web pages, after each product received the item table. To do simply make it possible for the unique choice you discover in the plugin alternatives food selection.

Last yet not the very least, you can additionally set up a personalized tag (translable through WPML) to be revealed prior to the approximated day!

How it functions? it’s straightforward! You have just to do 2 actions:

INITIAL STEP: Estimated days arrangement
Using the “Estimated shipping configurator” under the “Shipping tracking” food selection, the store admin can develop numerous “Estimation rules”.

For each of them he can choose:

  1. Products / Categories / Tags: Selection of items, groups or tags to which the regulation uses.
  2. Dispatch / Shipment days: days in which the products are shipped/dispatched to the messenger.
  3. Cut-off hr: if an order is positioned befor that hr, the shippment happens on the exact same day (if it is a send off / delivery day).
  4. Dispatch hold-up : If this worth is defined, the approximated day will certainly be calculated beginning with the initial send off day avaiable after the hold-up (revealed in day).
  5. Holidays / Non functioning days: days in which shippments cannot occur.

SECONDLY ACTION: Use the shortcode (or establishing the automated estimted day choice) on item web page
In the item web page, on the summary or brief summary or any kind of tab, the store admin can make use of the unique [wcst_show_estimated_date] shortcode to present the approximated
delivery day.
In alternate the store admin can make it possible for the the automated estimted day choice screen (in the plugin alternatives food selection).

The plugin will certainly tehn determine the day locating the “Estimation” regulation that matches the product. The plugin will immediately discover the following functioning day where the product can be delivered.
Further extra, on the item checklist a brand-new column is included showing the Estimated delivery regulation that matches the item.


Using the unique shortcode [wcst_tracking_form] a monitoring type can be shown in any kind of post/page that will certainly permit the customer to pick the delivery business (making use of a choose food selection) and also input the monitoring code and also to be rerouted to the delivery business tracking web page.
The monitoring code can additionally be made use of with the specifications:

  1. company_id (business id can be retreived in the business arrangement web page): [wcst_tracking_form company_id=”“] In by doing this the delivery business will certainly be currently picked (the delivery business choose food selection is hence concealed).
  2. button_classes: [wcst_tracking_form button_classes=”class1 class2”] by doing this the defined courses will certainly be contributed to the monitoring switch.

Additionally, you can additionally make use of the unique track_in_site paramenter to straight reveal delivering existing standing straight in website! learn more concerning it in the previous Track delivery monitoring in website paragraph!

Retrieve order monitoring information programmatically

To get order monitoring information programmatically you can make use of the unique wcst_get_order_tracking_data($order_id) feature that will certainly get all the monitoring information linked to the order.
The result will certainly be a range that will certainly have the complying with layout:

range(2) {
  range(6) {
    string(5) "12332" 
    string(0) "" 
    string(0) "" 
    string(6) "Aramex" 
    string(6) "ARAMEX" 
    string(70) "http://www.aramex.com/track_results_multiple.aspx?ShipmentNumber=12332" 
  range(6) {
    string(5) "12312" 
    string(10) "2019-01-08" 
    string(2) "aa" 
    string(15) "Correos España" 
    string(14) "CORREOSESPAGNA" 
    string(128) "http://www.correos.es/ss/Satellite/site/aplicacion-4000003383089-localiza_busca_encuentra/detalle_app-sidioma=es_ES?numero=12312" 

In the previous instance the order has actually linked 2 monitoring codes.

Actions and also Hooks

The plugin activates 2 activity prior to and also after sending out an energetic alert e-mail. The can be incorporated the list below method:

add_action('wcst_before_active_notofication_email', 'your_custom_function_name', 10, 2);
feature your_custom_function_name($receivers, $order)

and also

add_action('wcst_after_active_notofication_email', 'your_custom_function_name', 10, 2);
feature your_custom_function_name($receivers, $order)


Create a custom-made business and after that make it possible for the “Aftership service” or the “TrackingMore” choice. The plugin will immediately create the monitoring link making use of the Aftership/TrackingMore solution and also the adding code put in the order web page! (Note: The common track.aftership.com and also track.trackingmore.com link are made use of. Make certain the delivery business you are making use of is sustained by Aftership/TrackingMore)


Optionally can be made it possible for the choice to autofocus on major monitoring code input area when modifying the order web page. This might be helpful for upc code scanners (Note: Some third event plugin might breake this attribute).

Furthermore, the plugin allows the store admin to browse orders by tracking code and also delivery business by utilizing the default “Search Order” input box currently existing on the WooCommerce orders web page!


WCST includes a dropdow box food selection on orders table that enables admin to filter orders by business.


= 27.7 - 06.02.21 =
* Fixed a concern pertaining to the "Add another tracking code" switch

= 27.6 - 19.01.21 =
* Fixed a concern with WooCommerce 4.9

= 27.5 - 14.01.21 =
* Added brand-new monitoring business: Flash Express

= 27.4 - 12.01.21 =
* Fixed a concern with WooCommerce 4.9

= 27.3 - 05.01.21 =
* Added choice that enables omitting details days to be picked as distribution days

= 27.2 - 28.10.20 =
* Fixed a concern pertaining to the mass import attribute

= 27.1 - 27.10.20 =
* Minor enhancements

= 27.0 - 20.10.20 =
* Updated the Colissimo monitoring LINK

= 26.9 - 05.10.20 =
* Improved estimate distribution day calculation

= 26.8 - 22.09.20 =
* Fixed a concern pertaining to the item delivery estimate

= 26.7 - 07.09.20 =
* Fixed DHL DE delivery business

= 26.6 - 31.08.20 =
* Added DHL DE delivery business

= 26.5 - 14.08.20 =
* Fixed a concern connected to WordPress 5.5 and also jQuery

= 26.4 - 07.08.20 =
* Added choice to combine imported information for the automated mass importer

= 26.3 - 04.08.20 =
* Fixed a concern pertaining to the estimate day screen on cart web page for unavailable product

= 26.2 - 30.07.20 =
* Added choice to disable UTF8 inscribing for the approximated delivery days

= 26.1 - 28.07.20 =
* Updated the POSTNL web link generation 
* Added the brand-new "Tracking link" switch in the order information web page

= 26.0 - 22.07.20 =
* Fixed a concern pertaining to the tag monitoring

= 25.9 - 08.07.20 =
* Updated the Correos Chile monitoring LINK

= 25.8 - 29.06.20 =
* Minor enhancement

= 25.7 - 28.06.20 =
* Minor enhancement

= 25.6 - 28.06.20 =
* Minor enhancement

= 25.5 - 28.06.20 =
* Minor enhancement

= 25.4 - 15.06.20 =
* Minor enhancement

= 25.3 - 15.06.20 =
* Minor enhancement

= 25.2 - 08.06.20 =
* Added brand-new choice to think about the "non shipment days" when calculating the following readily available delivery day

= 25.1 - 29.05.20 =
* Added Mondial relay
* Added DPD France

= 25.0 - 28.05.20 =
* The schedule picker currently shows according to the existing language

= 24.9 - 25.05.20 =
* Updated the GD Express monitoring LINK

= 24.8 - 25.05.20 =
* Updated the GD Express monitoring LINK

= 24.7 - 24.04.20 =
* Dispatch day showed in the order table is currently provided according the datetime layout established with the WordPress setups food selection

= 24.6 - 05.04.20 =
* Minor bugfix

= 24.5 - 14.03.20 =
* Updated the Australian Post International monitoring LINK

= 24.4 - 13.02.20 =
* Minor enhancements

= 24.3 - 05.02.20 =
* Minor UI enhancements

= 24.2 - 05.02.20 =
* Minor UI enhancements

= 24.1 - 18.01.20 =
* Fixed a small problem connected to the CSV import procedure

= 24.0 - 17.01.20 =
* Fixed a screen problem pertaining to customized monitoring numbers consisting of numerous codes

= 23.9 - 22.12.19 =
* Minor bugfix

= 23.8 - 19.12.19 =
* Belgium message monitoring LINK upgraded

= 23.7 - 06.12.19 =
* JNE Express monitoring LINK has actually been changed with AfterShip solution. The initial one no more licenses tracking through LINK.

= 23.6 - 07.11.19 =
* Removed the N/A message revealed when no customized message, send off day or was gotten in for added customized business

= 23.5 - 03.11.19 =
* Added "l, d.m" day layout

= 23.4 - 16.10.19 =
* Minor UI enhancements

= 23.3 - 13.10.19 =
* Update interior collections
* Updated Chronopost LINK

= 23.2 - 17.08.19 =
* Minor bugfix

= 23.1 - 12.08.19 =
* Added assistance to SF Express

= 23.0 - 21.06.19 =
* Fixed LaPoste tracking LINK
* Internal collections upgrade

= 22.9 - 21.06.19 =
* Internal collections upgrade

= 22.8 - 08.05.19 =
* Added brand-new day layout "j m" 

= 22.7 - 08.05.19 =
* Typo

= 22.6 - 24.04.19 =
* Removed the DTDC business

= 22.5 - 21.04.19 =
* Added DHL Global Mail

= 22.4 - 02.03.19 =
* Fixed a small CSS filling problem

= 22.3 - 21.02.19 =
* The [order_url] and also [additional_order_url] currently will certainly provide the order link

= 22.2 - 20.02.19 =
* Added choice conceal "Track shipment" switches in the Orders checklist table (My Account -> Orders)

= 22.1 - 13.02.19 =
* Added choice to send out energetic alert throughout mass import

= 22.0 - 13.02.19 =
* Typo

= 21.9 - 13.02.19 =
* Minor bugfix

= 21.8 - 13.02.19 =
* Updated the USPS monitoring link

= 21.7 - 12.02.19 =
* Minor bugfix

= 21.6 - 11.02.19 =
* Included .po declare spanish

= 21.5 - 11.02.19 =
* Minor bugfix

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