WooCommerce Currency Switcher (WOOCS) is WooCommerce multi money plugin, that permits your website visitors change items rates money according to establish money prices in the actual time and also pay in the chosen money (additionally). Allows to include any type of money for WooCommerce shop! Ideal service to make the severe WooCommerce shop website in numerous money!

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Briefly this plugin can provide your store advantages: Checkout by chosen money, various GeoIP policies, various Fixed rates policies and also quantities policies, Prices based upon User Role, Prices based on Country, Payments policies, API.

Woocommerce Currency Switcher


✔ Representation
Currency Switcher is readily available as a widget and also operates in any type of widgetized location, for versatility the shortcode is additionally readily available [woocs]. You can place shortcode [woocs] anywhere of your website, also in the top menu.

Also the plugin has actually ajaxed shortcode/widget of currency converter and also ajaxed shortcode/widget of currency rates

✔ Design
Graphically WooCommerce Currency Switcher can be stood for in 3 various methods: drop-down, flags, side switcher. For each money it is feasible to establish flag.

✔ Checkout
The clients are permitted to pay in their chosen(liked) money. This function has name ‘Is numerous permitted’ and also must be made it possible for in the plugin setups.

✔ Rates
7 money collectors for automated prices transforming. Also admin can establish prices by hand if it’s required! Optionally admin can be observed concerning money prices modifications by e-mail.

✔ Rates vehicle upgrade
Update money prices per hour, twice daily, daily, regular, regular monthly, each 5 mins, each 15 mins, each thirty minutes, each 45 mins. Or you can disable it and also establish your very own money prices by hands!

✔ Price
Set cost style which fit your requirements – decimals matter, normal cash indicator or customized indicator, cash indicator placement (4 variations). You can reveal or conceal cents for every money additionally. For each money you can establish its very own matter of decimals after comma, so BTC is not the trouble for this plugin

✔ Custom cash indications
Create and also utilize your very own cash signs you require. It is feasible also make use of money which not exists in the fact!

✔ Custom cost layouts
Each money can has its very own style where cost and also cash indicator can be established on the side you desire

✔ Statistic
Collect money switching over fact for organization objectives. No any type of personal information of clients accumulates, just money, nation and also time of changing. Also fact for orders money exists.

✔ Currencies presence
Possibility to establish money as Public or as Private. In personal setting money not released in switchers and also individual cannot establish it by web link with ’?money=XXX’

✔ Light video clip to comprehend essentials
WooCommerce Currency Switcher video

Note: for today style of the plugin is various of the video clip (is boosted), see screenshots listed below!

✔ Payments policies
Rules to hide/show repayment entrances on the check out web page relying on the present money

✔ Welcome money
Allows to establish any type of cost money you desire for your website visitors very first go to. So if your store money is INR and also you desire allow your clients on their very first go to see rates transformed to USD you simply require to establish ‘Welcome money’ in WOOCS choices.

✔ Individual rates based upon User Role
Gives capacity to establish various rates for every individual function in each money. Very power function for your store clients with commitment program

✔ Individual GeoIP policies for every item
Super function which enables various nations reveal various rates in various money! This capability permits to recognize WooCommerce Price Based on Country capability

✔ Individual set rates policies for every item
Feature which enables each item established set price for every money, in this situation for the item will certainly not be used conversion by price, watch video

✔ GEO IP policies for site visitors neighborhood money discovery
This function is much more targeted and also permits to establish money of rates for the website visitors in their indigenous money when they checked out the look for the very first time. Currency modifications instantly according to the site visitor IP, and also a lot more – if to allow alternative ‘Checkout by GeoIP policies‘ your clients constantly will certainly get items in their neighborhood money!

✔ Fixed minimum quantity free of cost shipment for every money
Allows to establish minimal quantity free of cost shipment as repaired worth for every money

✔ Fixed minimum quantity for delivery for every money
Allows to establish minimal quantity for delivery as repaired worth for every money

✔ Fixed quantity for promo codes for every money
You can establish various quantities in promo codes of your look for various money. In an additional means the system will certainly compute quantities according to the money prices and also reasonably to the standard money

✔ Fixed minimum and also optimum discount coupon confirmation quantity for every money
For various money you can establish various repaired confirmation quantity as opposed to estimation by prices reasonably to the standard money

✔ Show approximate cost
Shows approximate cost on the store web page and also the solitary item web page with money of individual specified by IP in the GeoIP policies tab if such regulation exists. Works just with money prices information and also NOT with set rates policies and also geo policies. If system will certainly specify by GeoIP site visitor nation and also site visitor will certainly change money – he/she constantly will certainly see near the item cost approximate cost in his neighborhood money.

✔ Show approximate quantity
Shows approximate quantity on the check out web page and also on the cart web page with money of individual specified by IP in the GeoIP policies tab if such regulation exists. Works just with money prices information and also NOT with set rates policies and also geo policies.

✔ Compatibility with cache plugins
If your website makes use of any type of cache plugins allow alternative ‘I am utilizing cache plugin on my website’, reset the website cache and also from currently your store site visitors can change money with no issues!

✔ Orders maintains in money of the bargain
Each order in your store maintains in money the consumer paid, if alternative ‘Is numerous permitted’ is made it possible for!

✔ Price information symbol
Show information symbol near the cost of the items which while its under computer mouse hover reveals rates of items in all various other money

✔ Shortcode [woocs_price]
Allows to place an item cost (switchable) straight right into store promo short articles

✔ Prices without cents
Recounts rates without cents for such money like JPY or TWD which by its nature have not cents. Test it for check out after configuration!

✔ Ability to establish money for brand-new order which produced with admin panel by hands

✔ Ability to state order from any type of money to the standard money in multi money setting of the plugin

✔ Possible to transform money according to the language
If you you utilizing WPML or Polylang plugins in your store and also by organization reasoning you intend to establish money according to the present language it is possible with WOOCS API

✔ WOOCS comprehend money in the website web link as

✔ No OBTAIN information in the web link
Switches money without OBTAIN residential or commercial properties (?money=USD) in the web link (additionally)

✔ Selected money storage space
For website admin: WOOCS gives collection of devices to storage space individual chosen money on various holding designs: Session, Transient, Memcached, Redis

✔ Wide API
For website designer – sophisticated API functionality set which permits to adjust with rates and also their prices on the fly utilizing conditional reasoning

✔ Easy to make use of for managers and also store clients
Install, established setups for number of mins and also allow your store make even more cash!

✔ Compatible with WPML

✔ Compatible with WooCommerce Products Filter

✔ Compatible with WOOT – WooCommerce Active Products Tables

✔ 95% compatibility with various repayment entrances in multi money setting, simply attempt it!

✔ We do compatibility with our unique program WOOCS LABS

✔ PHP 5.4.x – 8.x complete compatibility

✔ Strong technological assistance which every day collaborates with tones of code!

DON’T QUESTION! Install WooCommerce Currency Switcher merely recently without acquiring!

  • Go to your website plugins web page
  • Press “Add new Plugin” switch
  • In the search input compose following string: WOOCS
  • You will certainly see WooCommerce Currency Switcher – Install and also trigger it!
  • Use it free of charge so 2 money suffices for your website – all functions are opened there
  • Read this if you desire allow your clients pay in theirs chosen money
  • Troubles? Issues? Do you require something details? ASK SUPPORT HERE AND ALSO WITHIN 24H YOU WILL CERTAINLY OBTAIN THE RESPONSE!

Woocommerce Currency Switcher free version


Woocommerce Currency Switcher backend

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Woocommerce Currency Switcher review
Woocommerce Currency Switcher review
Woocommerce Currency Switcher review
Woocommerce Currency Switcher review

v. (09-12-2020)
    - 1 jQuery repair for WordPress 5.6 compatibility

v.2.3.4 (20-11-2020)

v.2.3.3 (28-10-2020)

v.2.3.2 (02-09-2020)

v.2.3.1 (18-03-2020)

v.2.3.0 (02-09-2019)
    - some little solutions
    - brand-new money agregator included:
    - brand-new money agregator included: currencylayer
    - brand-new money agregator included: open currency exchange rate

v. (19-07-2019)
    - 1 warm repair for hook raw_woocommerce_price

v.2.2.9 (15-07-2019)
    - stack of tiny solutions
    - included money brand-new area as 'interes' which permits to include some your rate of interest to the money prices
    - included opportunity to establish money as Public or as Private. In personal setting money not released in swithers and also individual cannot establish it by web link with '?money=XXX'
    - brand-new inbuilt component Statistic: allow it in tab Advanced Options
    - 3 brand-new free skins: Style #1, Style #2, Style #3 - what is trendy - 3 money switchers with various styles can be added the very same web page
    - some brand-new design templates has its very own one-of-a-kind choices: [woocs style="2" head_bg="#ff0000" head_txt_color="#000" head_close_bg="green" head_close_color="yellow"] + [woocs style="3" head_title="Select Currency"]
    - REMAINDER API demand included:
    - brand-new alternative in tab Options 'Show choices switch on the top admin bar' - Show WOOCS choices switch on the top admin bar for fast accessibility. Very helpful for energetic job. Visible for website managers just!

v. (11-06-2019)
    - 1 repair for hook woocommerce_add_to_cart_hash

v. (22-04-2019)
    - compatibility with woocommerce 3.6.1
    - some little solutions

v.2.2.8 (21-03-2019)
    - some small solutions
    - code improving
    - google collector got rid of whatsoever
    - included 3 brand-new agregators: Fixer, MicroPyramid, The Free Currency Converter by European Central Bank
    - included brand-new area in setups which permits insert subscribed API secret for Fixer and also The Free Currency Converter

v. (21-12-2018)
    - solutions for WOOCS capability for repaired quantities

v.2.2.7 (03-12-2018)

v.2.2.6 (25-10-2018)
    - got rid of money agregators which quit to function
    - included back Google and also Yahoo money agregators
    - brand-new function: No OBTAIN information in web link - Swithes money without OBTAIN residential or commercial properties (?money=USD) in the web link

v.2.2.5 (29-06-2018)
    - small solutions, got rid of some notifications

v.2.2.4 (17-04-2018)

v.2.2.3 (07-02-2018)
    - adjustment for woocommerce 3.3.1

v.2.2.2 (30-01-2018)

v.2.2.1 (17-11-2017)

v.2.2.0 (06-09-2017)

v.2.1.9 (04-04-2017)
    - Heap of tiny pests repaired
    - A great deal of code was reprise to make WooCommerce 3.0.0 and also WOOCS suitable

v.2.1.8 (09-12-2016)

v.2.1.7 (27-07-2016)
    - Heap of tiny pests repaired
    - - settled
    - brand-new alternative in the money setups: Decimals
    - brand-new hook: woocs_drop_down_view
    - progressed API doc:

v.2.1.6 (20-05-2016)
    - Heap of tiny pests repaired
    - brand-new hook woocs_price_html_tail
    - Approx. worth on cart and also chekout web page in the money of consumer (in numerous setting just+geoip made it possible for)
    - brand-new hook woocs_get_approximate_amount_text

v. (18-02-2016)
    - Geo Location difficulties repaired

v. (16-02-2016)
    - Closed XSS susceptability. Thanks to Ben Khlifa Fahmi ; Founder & Chief Executive Officer of BenkhlifaExploit Founder & Pentester at Tunisian Whitehats Security

v.2.1.5 (12-01-2016)
    - Some little solutions
    - New switch in order to transform oder information to standard money quantities
    - New shortcode: [woocs_show_current_currency text="" currency="" flag=1 code=1]
    - New shortcode: [woocs_show_custom_price value=20] -> cost in chosen money for txt-adv-banners
    - New alternative: Prices without cents
    - New alternative: Hide switcher on check out web page
    - New alternative: I am utilizing cache plugin for my website
    - New filter: add_filter('woof_custom_format', 'my_woof_custom_format', 999, 2); - Any control with cost style
    - Hint: wp-admin/admin.php?page=wc-settings&tab=woocs&woocs_reset=1 - reset money choices - be treatment
    - Improved: cron durations included - regular, regular monthly

v.2.1.4 (09-09-2015)
    - WordPress 4.3 tiny adjustment - utilizing __construct in the widget, previous widget-API was deprecated
    - included cost popup on the front near each cost additionally
    - included body carried out money css course. Example: currency-eur
    - included money agregator for Russian Centrobank - asked by clients from Russia

v.2.1.3 (15-08-2015)
    - compatibility for woocommerce 2.4
    - included storage space additionally, short-term for websites which can collaborate with session usually due to web server choices
    - included brand-new drop-down wselect ->
    - in shortcode [woocs] and also money switcher widget included brand-new alternative txt_type which permits program money summary in drop-down as opposed to its code

v.2.1.2 (23-07-2015)
    - some tiny pests repaired
    - dark selected carried out

v.2.1.1 (21-07-2015)
    - some tiny pests repaired
    - done a great deal to make compatibility greater

v.2.1.0 (16-07-2015)
    - 1 poor reasoning insect repaired, which not state rates in numerous setting
    - AJAX freshen of mini haul repaired, currently its ok

v.2.0.9 (29-05-2015)
    - a great deal of tiny pests repaired and also a great deal of code were revised
    - compatibility with 90% of money entrances carried out
    - included widget and also shortcode - money prices [woocs_rates exclude="GBP,AUD" precision=2]
    - included widget and also shortcode - money convertor [woocs_converter exclude="GBP,AUD" precision=2]
    - 1 eur is: [woocs_get_sign_rate sign=UAH] - basic shortcode to reveal money price relationaly of standard
    - $val = apply_filters('woocs_exchange_value', $val); -> filter for designers for conversion from standard to present money

v.2.0.8 (22-03-2015)
    - YAHOO agregator capability repaired
    - Index of the costs variation transformed to 2
    - Custom cost style choices included WOOCS setups: __PRICE__ (__CODE__)

v.1.0.7 (07-03-2015)
    - a few of little pests from clients repaired + paypal quantity gross mistake
    - New function: for every money alternative - getting rid of cents on front

v.1.0.6 (18-02-2015)
    - stack of pests from clients repaired
    - Currency can be transformed instantly according to site visitor’s IP utilizing charm WC_Geoplace course
    - New setting: Show just the flags of the nations as opposed to a dropdown

v.1.0.5 (13-12-2014)
    - stack of pests from clients repaired
    - adjustment for woocommerce 2.3.x

v.1.0.4 (20-09-2014)
    - pests repaired
    - synchronization with indigenous charm cost slider
    - getting rid of cents from JPY
    - included brand-new choices in setups: Show/Hide flags by default, Show/Hide cash indications
    - included shortcode [woocs_get_sign_rate sign=EUR] loved one of standard money

v. (10-09-2014)
    - stack of pests with tax obligation set
    - Ability to comprehend relate to money:

v.1.0.3 (21-08-2014)
    - stack of pests repaired
    - WooCommerce purchasing card widget repair
    - Custom cash indications alternative
    - Currencies price vehicle upgrade alternative by cron
    - Ability to establish order money which were produced with admin panel by hands

v.1.0.2 (12-08-2014)
    - stack of pests repaired
    - welcome money alternative
    - The consumer permitted to pay in the chosen money

v.1.0.1 (04-07-2014)
    - 1 severe insect repaired: plugin affect PayChum
    - number of tiny pests

v.1.0.0 (28-06-2014)
    - launch


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