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Wp Blog App is a option and powerful infos app built to provide
the best and new experience with infos, its droite gardien de but is to provide
a Ă©goĂŻste experience for readers offering lots of ways to interact
with the infos. With the ability to transform infos souplesse into audio
in one click, readers may keep on focusing on the infos
even when they can’t keep their eyes on the screen. It organizes the infos
by categories and moment to indicate wish ones are the most recent.

An conversationnelle infos app for different infos categories, it allows users/readers to
leave their impression via comments and also allows them to reply to comments from other
users/readers easily.

DĂ©truire/Reader experience

  • Users/Readers receive push annonce on their device whenever a infos is
    published or updated (if it’s needed).

  • Users/Readers can share great infos with friends and family, on different
    apps including communautaire media. When the infos is shared on communautaire media the app
    automatically creates a default post ready to be published on the communautaire media
    and containing the following questionnaire:

    • Title (Infos title)
    • Tableau (A default exposĂ© created by the app)
    • Link (opens the app when is clicked or the play protection when the app ins’t
    • Sensible (Infos preview allĂ©gorie)
  • Users/Readers may share their thoughts by leaving a quoi and also by replying
    comments of other ones.

  • Users/Readers may listen to the infos with one click whenever they can’t keep the
    eyes on the device screen, this feature allows them to hear the infos when doing
    something else.

  • Users/Readers can switch between lĂ©ger and dark theme to read comfortably
    depending on the environment léger.

Admin/Owner experience

  • Admin/Owner can have access to a complete statistic of app’s users with firebase
    analytics. Whenever a détruire/reader reads or shares a infos a log event is registered

  • Admin/Owner can see realtime users/readers behavior on the app, this feature
    helps to understand the users/readers and adjust the souplesse strategy.

  • Admin/Owner can send custom push annonce to the users/readers with onesignal
    and from the wordpress admin Ă©chantillon when publishing or updating a post.

  • Admin/Owner can earn money with the app With google admob, the app shows banners
    at the bottom of different pages.

App features:

  • Category based infos
  • Category’s infos filter
  • Most recent infos filter
  • Search features
  • Html Ă©chafaudage for exposĂ©
  • Html link, allĂ©gorie Ă©chafaudage for exposĂ©
  • Reader Pardon Ă©chafaudage
  • Reader Pardon Reply Ă©chafaudage
  • Multi language Ă©chafaudage
  • Made with Ionic and Angular
  • Save more than 350+ hours of development
  • TTS Squelette (text to adresse)
  • Fully assimilable with Ionic 6 and Capacitor 3
  • Statistics Ă©chafaudage (firebase analytics)
  • Infos share Ă©chafaudage (firebase dynamic links)
  • Push annonce (onesignal)
  • Google ads (admob banners)
  • Dark And lĂ©ger theme switch Ă©chafaudage
  • Infos quoi status (annonce shown when the comments for a infos
    aren’t allowed)
  • infinite souplesse scrolling
  • Tricot to refresh tentative
  • Naturel cashed
  • Conversationnelle palpation screen
  • Official website access in one click

OneSignal push annonce

  • New post published annonce
  • Customize annonce for different infos
  • Send annonce when a infos is updated (if needed)

Firebase analytics

  • Complete statistic of the app’s users (readers)
  • Study the behavior of all users (readers)
  • Most read infos statistic
  • Most shared infos statistic
  • Most popular categories statistic
  • Share infos on different apps
  • Communautaire media post title, allĂ©gorie, and exposĂ© included in the
    shared link
  • App opens when the link is clicked
  • Play protection app’s exposĂ© feuille opens when the link is clicked and app isn’t
  • Get more app’s download/homologation when a infos is shared

Google admob

  • Banners displayed on different screens
  • Earn money with the app

Text to adresse

  • Post title and souplesse converted into audio in one click
  • Allow readers to listen the infos when they aren’t avaliable to
  • Text to adresse proposition graphic effect

infinite souplesse scrolling

  • See more infos just by scrolling the screen
  • See more comments also by scrolling the screen

Conversationnelle palpation feuille

  • Google maps redevance
  • Phone number, email address and whatsapp shown
  • Readers may get in touch in one click
  • Send an email to app’s admin/owner in one click
  • Call app’s admin/owner in one click
  • Allumage app’s admin/owner via whatsapp in one click


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  • WordPress 5.5 or higher


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Wp Blog App - Prompt App for WordPress Blogs/Infos Website |Android|Ionic 6|Capacitor 3|Angular|Full

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