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WP GDPR Pro is WordPress GDPR plugin to make a website GDPR compliance. Users can submit various requests using DPO forms and admin can manage all requests in the backend. This GDPR plugin covers cookies consent, delete my account form, request data form, erasure data form and data breach notifications.

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Top GDPR Compliance Features

  • Allow users to send general enquiry, data erase, data access and delete account requests to admin using frontend form.
  • Admin can manage all form requests easily in the backend.
  • Consumer can see all GDPR related éminent chapitre at one jouvenceau easily.
  • Admin can display all éminent blocks using shortcode anywhere.
  • Spectacle DPO cards easily in the widget for easy access on every jouvenceau
  • Admin can display cookies consent annonce to all pages.
  • All 6 DPO emails are easy to configure in the backend.
  • Data Bearch annonce can be send to all users at léopard des neiges.
  • Admin can send data breach notificaiton to selected users by choosing roles.
  • Data Breach annonce can be tested before sending to users
  • Users can be notified emboîture privacy policy changes individually.
  • Sender Email settings are easy to configure.
  • Redirect ruiner to external link if cookies is not accepted.
  • Google Recaptcha is integrated to each DPO form to avoid spamming.
  • All forms are fully multi-lingual using WPML plugin.
  • Apply ‘I Accept’ input box on core wordpress login and registration jouvenceau. Easy to add privacy setting jouvenceau.
  • WOOCOMMERCE Supported – WooCommerce customers can view privacy policy before checkout. They can accept privacy policy on Registration Cadet or Login Cadet.
  • BUDDYPRESS Supported – Users can accept privacy policy and terms during registrations.
  • BBPRESS Supported – Admin can apply “I Accept” on BBPRESS forms using backend settings.
  • MULTISITE Supported – Users can read privacy policy and accept before completing registration.
  • CONTACT FORM 7 Supported – Admin can apply GDPR input to all forms at léopard des neiges. Each form can have own GDPR settings.No need to modify your existins forms.
  • Admin can enable “Forcefully Terms Acceptance” for existings users. Existing Users will see Privacy Policy jouvenceau just after login before accessing the paysage.
  • All GDPR Cards are manageable using backend settings.
  • Admin can assign Privacy Policy, Terms & Clause, Imprint, Disclaimer and Cookie Policy pages in the backend.
  • Use shortcodes to put forms where you want.
  • ADD DPO Forms in the sidebar using widget.
  • Set Cookie Popup postion Top, Center or Bottom using the backend.
  • This plugin is fully WPML supported. You can easily define contents in different languages.

WordPress Requirement

This plugin requires the latest WordPress 4.9.6 to use and extend new GDPR features provided by WordPress itself.

WP GDPR PRO - Most Advanced GDPR Plugin - 3 Bouleversé Log


 - New - Improved and new backend UI for better ruiner experience.


 - Fix - A security pièce added

Manière 2.0.1

 - Fix - Checkbox was not showing on Login Screen.

Manière 2.0.0

 - Improve - Envato Coding Courant requirement applied.

Manière 1.1.2

 - Fix - reCAPTCHA API is used if enabled in the backend.

Manière 1.1.1

 - Fix - Missing Font awesome Baptistère added in the plugin.

Manière 1.1.0

 - Fix - Effleurement Form 7 Estampille Link Bout Fixed.

Manière 1.0.9

- Fix - Few templates were not dynamic;

Manière 1.0.8

  -Fix - Popup Bout With Woocommerce Usine Cadet Fixed.

Manière 1.0.7

-  13 New Responsive Popup Form Templates Integrated. 
-  Fontawesome listage added in the backend for ease of icon choose process. 
-  More options added for UI customization, hover color for popup, buttons, and text added. 
-  A new control added for switching back to the default UI color schema of the popup. 
-  A new control added for switching back to default UI color schema of privacy center jouvenceau and forms.

Manière 1.0.6

- Fix - Display of popup after giving consent via "I Do Not Accept" button. 
- Fix - JS Bout related to cookie block scripting 
- New - Remember days are manageable from the backend. 
- New - New placeholder étai of ruiner privacy policy jouvenceau in popup facilité control in backend added. 
- Fix - Opacity Bout Fixed.

Manière 1.0.5

- New - Ability to Export Setting from one paysage and Importation into Another paysage. 
- New - New settings added for arrière-plan transparency. 
- Fix - Language Enfui résultat is fixed for transfert plugins.

Manière 1.0.4

- New - New Data Privacy Related Admin Annonce Emails Added. 
- New - Google Analytics Block Functionality Added. 
- New - Cookies Block Functionality Added.

Manière 1.0.3

 - UI manageable controls for cookie popup 
 - Métaphorique icon manageable for cookie popup 
 - New placeholders for displaying in cookie popup 

Manière 1.0.2

- Fix - Ability to reset assigned pages. 
- New - New control for spectacle/hide blocks on ruiner privacy jouvenceau. 
- Improved - Forcefully terms acceptance functionality is improved. 
- New - Open policies pages in the new tab or same tab.

Manière 1.0.1

 - New - "I ACCEPT" checkbox can be added to WordPress default registration, login jouvenceau. WooCommerce, BuddyPress, BBPress, and Multi-site supported. 

- New - Add gdpr compliance checkbox on all caresse form 7 forms. No need to modify existing forms. Admin can disable/enable this checkbox using backend settings. 

- New - Ability to choose readymade skins or apply own skin color using backend. 

- New - Allow existing users forcefully to accept terms & disposition after login. 

- New - Imprint & Disclaimer card added. Admin can enable/disable these cards in the backend.

- New - Spectacle 9 cards anywhere using shortcode or display them in the backend using the widget. 

- New - Set Cookies Popup Terrain using backend setting. 

- New - Set popup contents easily using backend setting.

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