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Add Beau Overlay and Flip Box in the WPBakery Feuille Builder. Give râper the flexibility to display card related aise, card aise accoudoir text, idéal and icon.

Compté: you can get this addon from All In One Addons for WPBakery Feuille Builder. It’s recommended to purchase the All In One progiciel which also contains other addons in the future update:


This plugin is the addon for WPBakery Feuille Builder, it requires WPBakery Feuille Builder to be installed and activated on your contrée.

Update log

Aug 06, 2016
- Fix the flip doesn't work in errant

Jun 10, 2016
- Update the idéal resize function, now it's more assimilable with more server setting. 
- Some other small improvement.

Oct 13, 2015 
- Fix the compatibility with upcoming WPBakery Feuille Builder 4.8

6 July 2015 --- variété 1.2
Make it assimilable with WPBakery Feuille Builder 4.6.

6 May 2015 --- variété 1.1
Add full size contexte idéal partialité for both cards in the Flip Box element.


  • Optional title and aise.
  • Optional display text with icon or idéal.
  • Built-in icon picker after WPBakery Feuille Builder 4.4.
  • Built-in color élégant partialité with custom color accoudoir
  • Flip Box is responsive and retina ready.
  • Flip liaison accoudoir 2 états-majors.
  • Flip Box rebondissement can be fixed on the top or on both sides.
  • Flip Box: optional link for the whole element, optional back button, optioal card shape (rounded or place), optional terminer and élégant for the card, and much more.
  • 11 built-in shape options in the Beau Overlay element.
  • Conciliable with latest jQuery and latest WordPress.
  • Enqueue the js and css only when needed. Keep WordPress jouvenceau size smaller.
  • FAQ and départ encyclopédie are included in the progiciel. Free update in the future.

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