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WPGYM – WordPress Gym Management System Plug-in WordPress perfect para o seu sistema de gerenciamento de academic community WordPress.

Sistema de Gestão Escolar premiado

LINK: http://pushnifty.com/mojoomla/extend/wordpress/gym

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aplicativo móvel wpgym para iphone e Android usando o react native

# 1 Plugin de wordpress do Gym
Integração de zoom - recursos do plugin Gym
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Software de inventário de ginásio
Portal de pagamento multiuso

  Sistema de gestão de ginásio de pagamento online
Sistema de gestão de ginásio Wordpres
plug-in wordpress de gerenciamento cross fit

Histórico de atualização

  • 28-06-2021
     - Compatibility WordPress Version 5.7.2
    - [Feature] Zoom Integration.
    - [Feature] Added New Virtual Membership course Module(Zoom Live Video Class).
       Quickly and also quickly make it possible for video clip conferences on your web site.
    - [Feature] All WP default Theme, Elementor Page Builder, and also Avada Theme compatibility.
    - [Feature]Updated Envato Security/susceptability Update List.
    - [Feature] Updated all most current variation collections.
        Updated Libary
        1) Boostrap (v5.0.1).
        2) jQuery (v3.6.0).
        3) DataTables(v1.10.24).
        4) Fullcalender (v5.7.2).
        5) Font Awesome (5.15.2) and so on...
    - [Feature] Update Report With information and also print /pdf.
    - [Feature] Add Field exposure.
    - [Feature] Add Multiple Delete alternative in admin side.
    - [Feature] Add import/export alternative for all individual and also item.
    - [Feature] Print/PDF for Data table documents.
    - [Feature] Download participation record.
    - [Feature] Class Booking List and also Guest scheduling listing with print/pdf.
    - [Feature] Add vedio in task listing.
    - [Feature] Admin and also personnel can modify exercise strategy.
    - [Feature] Send Mail suggestion to participant for subscription settlement.
    - [Fixed]   Responsive concern in all component.
    - [Fixed]   Minor insects.
  • 19-04-2021
    - WordPress Version 5.7 Compatibility.
    = [Feature] RTL Compatibility.
    - [Feature] All WP defult Theme compatibility.
    - [Fixed]   GUI concern in all component.
    - [Fixed]   Responsive concern in all component.
  • 22-02-2021
    - [Feature] Updated Member Registration Form.
    - [Feature] Updated Class Booking POPUP Design.
    - [Fixed]   GUI concern in Class Booking.
  • 02-08-2021
    - WordPress Version 5.6.1 Compatibility.
    - PHP Version 8.1 Compatibility.
    - Compatibility with paymaster plugin.
    - [Feature] Class Booking in Frontend Calander.
    - [Feature] Guest User can reserve course in frontend schedule.
    - [Feature] Add or eliminate course limitation in the present subscription.
    - [Feature] Set correct subscription summary in subscription listing web page and also sight subscription information.
    - [Fixed]   GUI concern in all component.
    - [Fixed]   Responsive concern in all component.
  • 11/04/2020
    - [Feature] compatibility with RTL.
    - [Feature] Added All language area recognition.
    - [Feature] Data Sanitization/Escaping.
    - [Feature] Export participant participation record in csv.
    - [Feature] send out messages with add-ons.
    - [Feature] Security Audit and also renovation.
    - [Fixed]   GUI concern in all component.
    - [Fixed]   Responsive concern in all component.
  • 01-08-2020
    - [Feature] Compatibility our plugin With Slider Revolution ,WP ERP,Business Manager and also Cherry Shortcodes plugin.
    - [Feature] Compatibility our plugin web page With Avada , WordPress Default Themes and also various other motifs.
    - [Feature] Allowed drifting worth in appoint exercise.
    - [Feature] Send settlement reminder/alert for when subscription goes out.
    - [Feature] Allowed drifting worth in appoint exercise.
    - [Feature] Added mid-morning treats and also mid-day treats areas in nourishment.
    - [Feature] Member can publish or PDF nourishment.
    - [Feature] Member can Print or PDF appointed exercises logs.
    - [Feature] Member can sign up without settlement alternative as a whole setup web page.
    - [Feature] Membership signup costs count with subscription quantity in the fronted subscription strategy.
    - [Fixed]   Membership quantity concern in frontend side.
    - [Fixed]   GUI concern in all component.
    - [Fixed]   Responsive concern in all component.
  • 20-06-2020
    - WordPress 5.4.2 Compatibility.
  • 23-05-2020
    - WordPress 5.4.1 Compatibility.
    - [Fixed] GUI concern in all component.
  • 19-03-2020
    - WordPress 5.3.2 Compatibility.
    - [Feature] Integrated With Our SMSmaster – Multipurpose SMS Gateway for WordPress Plugin.
  • 22-01-2020
    - WordPress 5.3.2 Compatibility.
    - [Feature] Added Paytm And Paystack Payment Getaways With Our Paymaster - Multipurpose Payment Gateway.
    - [Fixed] Fixed Payment concern.
    - [Fixed] GUI Issue in all component.
  • 17-12-2019
    - WordPress 5.3.1 Compatibility.
    - [Fixed] Edit Post Issue.
    - [Fixed] GUI Issue in all component.
    - [Fixed] Message isssue in message component.
  • 11/08/2019
    - WordPress 5.2.4 Compatibility.
    - [Feature] Updated Dashboard Design.
    --[Fixed] GUI Issue in all component.
    - [Fixed] Security concern in our plugin
  • 07/11/2019
    - WordPress 5.2.2 Compatibility.
    - [Fixed] Vulnerabilities - safety and security concern.
  • 24-04-2019
    - Package Update for most current Document
  • 03/12/2019
    -[Fixed] Membership Payment billing concern.
  • 03/02/2019
    - WordPress 5.1.0 Compatibility.
    -[Feature] All Users Form Organization in two-part.
    -[Feature] Staff participant can include a participant.
    -[Feature] Membership Fees and also sign-up costs access included produce a billing.
    -[Feature] Tax included subscription, shop and also earnings component.
    -[Feature] Add tax obligation components.
    -[Feature] View individual information web page.
    -[Feature] Add the team summary in the team component.
    -[Feature] Frontend course reservation alternative include a basic setup.
    -[Feature] Default gold subscription included and also this subscription shortcode included the subscription listing web page.
    -[Feature] Frontend course reservation alternative include a basic setup.
    -[Feature] Add KG and also Rest time autofill worth in include exercise.
    -[Feature] All component sight even more information in the popup.
    -[Feature] Add settlement information in settlement popup.
    -[Feature] Payment background screen in the billing.
    -[Feature] Add nourishment style transformed.
    -[Feature] Assign exercises style transformed.
    -[Feature] Member name included the membership background listing and also pay switch included.
    -[Feature] Update course reservation component.
    -[Feature] Members can reserve a course in the schedule(with all recognition).
    -[Feature] Admin can Delete a multi-select document in all component.
    -[Feature] Update Report component.
    -[Fixed] Launagre translation concern.
    -[Fixed] GUI concern in all component.
    -[Fixed] Newsletter concern in e-newsletter component.
    -[Fixed] Field recognition concern.
  • 21-01-2019
    - WordPress 5.0.3 Compatibility.
    - [Feature] Member is removed in the plugin. so participant information are removed in the plugin.
    - [Fixed] Field recognition concern in type.
    - [Fixed] Header concern in accounting professional listing.
  • 01/10/2019
    - WordPress 5.0.2 Compatibility.
    - [Fixed] Member Registration or Login Page concern Resolved in Twenty Nineteen Theme.
    - [Fixed] Frontend side subscription getting time participant authorize concern settled.
    - [Fixed] Payment concern settled in the Paymaster Payment entrance plugin.
  • 14-07-2018
     -[Feature] Update Attendence Module.
     -[Feature] Add area recognition.
  • 19-06-2018

    - [Feature] Updated earnings component.
    - [Feature] Updated shop, subscription, earnings billing layout.
    - [Feature] Ability to offer numerous items.
    - [Feature] Add settlement in-store and also earnings component.
    - [Feature] Date and also time recognition in all component.
     -[Feature] View earnings and also item sales record.
    - Fixed Email notices concern.
    - Fixed billing concern.
    - Fixed appoint exercise and also sight exercise concern.
  • 11/04/2017
    - [Feature] Installation Bug settled.
  • 13-09-2017
    - [Feature] Email notices.
  • 27-07-2017
    - WordPress 4.8 Compatibility.
    - [Feature] Added popup for including employee, include subscription and also include a course in participant component.
    - [Feature] Added popup for including the item in sell item component.
    - [Feature] Added bootstrap day picker.
    - [Feature] Added data upload recognitions for front-end customers.
    - Fixed settlement record concern.
  • 05/07/2017
    - [Feature] Plugin permit crucial enrollment.
    - Update message component.
  • 04/10/2017
    - Fixed accounting professional listing concern.
    - Image upload recognition.
  • 03/06/2017
    - Compatibility with Avada style.
  • 02/10/2017
    - WordPress 4.7.2 Compatibility.
  • 31-07-2016
    - Fixed pest with Date Format
  • 26-07-2016
    - [Feature] Email Templates.
    - [Feature] Upload participant image.
    - [Feature] Subscription background listing.
    - [Feature] Fee settlement record.
    - [Feature] Front-end participant enrollment type.
  • 23-06-2016
    - Fixed pest receptive css
  • 18-05-2016
    - Fixed pest in Invoice print feature.
  • 14-04-2016
    - Add day layout alternative as a whole setups
  • 20-03-2016
    - Plugin compatibility with WordPress 4.2.2
    - Updated assistance record
  • 03/08/2016
    - [Feature] Buy Membership from frontend
    - [Feature] Create a Membership listing web page for Users to select
    - Resolved language concern.
  • 25-02-2016
    - [Feature] Access civil liberties setups from admin.
    - Add setup alternative for message centre
    - Unread message counter in Message component
  • 19-01-2016
    - [Feature] subscription end notice e-mail.
  • 01-01-2016
    - [Feature] Set participant personal privacy.
  • 20-12-2015
    - [Feature] Added brand-new Thigh, Arms, Fat records on participant control panel.
    - WordPress 4.4 compitable.
  • 12/04/2015
    - [Feature] Add dimension device alternative in setups 
    - [Feature] Responsive all set.
    - [Feature] RTL all set.
  • 22-11-2015
    - [Feature] Membership settlement component.
    - Member can pay subscription price by paypal.
  • 11/01/2015
    - Multilanguage Supported
  • 22-10-2015
    - Initial plugin launch

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