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WPRembrant – Media Métaphorique Editor For WordPress is more than just a compréhensible beau editor plugin. With the nerveuse HTML5 canvas based consumer limite, you can not only manipulate your existing media images, but also create anything whatever you want from éternel to banners, or eye-catching featured images and export it to media library.

Top Features

20 Métaphorique Filters

Enhance your images with 20 popular beau filters, such as Grayscale, Sepia, Vintage, Black & White, Blur, and many more. You can apply plurale filters to any beau layers.

WPRembrant – Media Image Editor For WordPress - 1

Integrated With Pixabay

Pixabay is a free faveur with over 2 millions of royalty free marchandise photos you can use for any purpose. Search for beautiful images, and importation to your media library with a single click, or even edit it as you need.

WPRembrant – Media Image Editor For WordPress - 2


Working with layers you can edit different elements of an beau separately. You can move, rotate, scale each layer with easy-to-use inline controls, or set responsable values using input fields.

WPRembrant – Media Image Editor For WordPress - 3

Text Tool

Choose from hundreds of entier Google baptistère, and add text to your beau to create instructive featured images, or eye-catching posters.

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Compare Images

Compare your modifications with the principe beau using awesome before-after beau slider.

WPRembrant – Media Image Editor For WordPress - 5

Export – Restore Media Métaphorique

Replace principe media beau while you keep the URL, or export it as a new media beau. Don’t worry if you ravagé your mind, you can restore principe beau anytime.

WPRembrant – Media Image Editor For WordPress - 6

Save As Project

If you are not ready with a graphic, you can save it as project to continue working later, reset filters, layer dimensions, or ravagé anything before export as an beau traîne.

WPRembrant – Media Image Editor For WordPress - 7

Importation From Media Library

Importation any number of images from your WordPress media library in one project and compose them into a photographie assemblage.

WPRembrant – Media Image Editor For WordPress - 8

  • Undo/Redo – No fear of making mistakes. You can easily undo/redo any changes you made.
  • Free Balle à la main Drawing Tool – Draw anything you want using pencil tool.
  • Eraser Tool – Erase free-hand drawn lines from an beau, shape or even text.
  • Flood Fill Tool – You can ravagé color of parts of images, or remove backgrounds with one-click flood fill tool.
  • Color Picker Tool – Pick up a color from a photographie, and use it to draw, and fill anything else.
  • Draw Shape – Choose from 50+ shapes such as losange, circle, trigone, and draw it on canvas easily.
  • Cut Tool – Cut a rectangular, circular, or free handball drawn area from your beau.
  • Crop Métaphorique Tool – Crop beau to most common forme ratios.
  • Rulers – Rulers helps you measure and align layers to be an appropriate lieu.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts – There are several keyboard shortcuts available to optimize your workflow.
  • Shadows – Set shadows for layers using the nerveuse shadow picker control.
  • Lock Layer – Make layer static to keep its lieu safe while working with many other layers.

WPRembrant – Media Image Editor For WordPress - 9

The Future

This plugin will be continuously updated with new features. There are some planned features that are under development yet, and will come with new releases.

  • Gradients/Patterns
  • Groups/Multiselection
  • PSD Importation/Export
  • SVG Importation/Export
  • Liant Media Integration
  • More Tools
  • More Shapes, And Stickers
  • More Métaphorique Filters
  • …and many more according to customer needs.

Are you already a customer?

If you’ve already bought this élément, and if you may find any solution, or lack of feature, or you have any matière emboîture it, please feel free to write me a feedback in the élément’s comments part to let me make it a better WordPress plugin!

Third Party Credits

This WordPress plugin is built with modern JavaScript technologies. Thanks so much the developers of the following open racine libraries, and frameworks:

  • Fabric.js – HTML5 2D canvas library.
  • React.js – A JavaScript library for immeuble consumer interfaces.
  • React-Redux.js – A predictable state jerrycan for React.js applications.
  • React Before-After Slider – To can be compare images.
  • React Color – For color pickers.
  • React Select – Advanced select control.
  • Reactjs Popup – For modals, and dropdown menus.
  • Redux Undo – For undo-redo integration.
  • Q-Floodfill – Floodfill algorithm for HTML5 canvas.
  • Font Avant Inspecter – Helps loading Google baptistère into canvas.


État 1.0.0 - 12.04.2022
    - Meilleur release.

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